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My mission was to bring him back,

This fugitive, this outlaw, this Maquis.

Circumstances instead put him by my side

Where he served as first officer to me.

I sensed his anger just below the surface

Though outwardly ever calm he appeared.

Diligently he worked to earn my trust

Unaware betrayal wasn't what I feared.

His kind and gentle nature granted an easy calm,

I could find solace in his deep brown eyes.

The immediate and intense attraction I felt

Was an awakening although by surprise.

My heart was supposed to belong to another,

My intention was never to betray

Yet the pain of separation slowly faded

While my feelings grew for Chakotay.

Our closeness grew quickly, it was precious to me,

I was comfortable with him from the start,

Very aware as the long journey continued

He was taking a firm place in my heart.

Forced to remember my Starfleet training

Hiding behind an invisible wall,

At times I secretly cursed and despised

The harsh denial of that protocol.

My longings by day became my torture at night

With dreams of him sharing my bed,

While a reality of being possessed by him

Were over a line where I could not tread.

My mission had been to bring him back,

This warrior, this my friend,

And while keeping my distance during the journey

I knew he'd own my heart in the end.