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Her mission was to find and bring me back,

Her duty to turn in the Maquis.

How could I have known this small, fiery woman

Would come to mean everything to me?

Though indeed we found ourselves thrown together

She was not forced to resume the chase,

Instead Starfleet and Maquis alike

Became stranded in that distant place.

When she had asked and I had given my answer,

Standing as tall as her small frame would allow,

She smiled and led me through the words

As once again I took Starfleet's vow.

She thought herself hidden behind a captain's mask

Yet it was not at all difficult to see

The kind and caring, gentle nature of

This woman who stood before me.

I found myself enjoying her company

More intensely with each passing day,

My mind, my heart filled with words unspoken

For they were inappropriate to say.

At times her presence nearly drove me mad,

Standing so close I could smell her hair,

Wanting desperately to touch her, to hold her,

Forbidden needs almost too much to bare.

Though no declaration of love was ever spoken,

Not one kiss or embrace ever shared,

The silent words in my actions and eyes

I pray told her how much I cared.

Her mission had been to bring me back,

Instead she became a loving friend

Until the time came I could present to her

My heart and love at journey's end.