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I lie very still watching my Kathryn

While she sits by me brushing her hair,

Though a simple thing she does every day

These eyes find it hard not to stare.

Once the thought of living without her

Filled my very soul with great fear,

Now I thank the spirits every day

For the privilege of of having her near.

Slowly she turns and looks down at me

With her smile that still makes my heart soar,

Though it's been years since we made it back home

She still makes me hungry for more.

Long behind us are the years of denial,

The necessity of concealing our need,

These years have been filled with exploration

Of eagerness, abandon and greed.

She stretches herself out beside me,

This mere closeness beginning the heat,

Hands and lips begin their travels,

No need to hold back or retreat.

The passion is intense and immediate,

Familiar, yet each time it feels new,

My feelings for her quickly engulf me

Then sweet Kathryn comes to my rescue.