By Henrika

Henrika- Inspired by a very popular FMA pic that is running around the net. It can be found on a lot of sites. If you can't find it, try going to fullmetal-alchemist. com. Enjoy!

Scieszka had taken to sneaking into the library during the rare moments when she wasn't re-creating the investigation department's lost cases or listening to the Lieutenant Colonel cooing over the latest photos of his daughter. (She honestly thought Elysia was a cute kid, but having her photo waved under your nose all day got tiring.) So she'd take her breaks in the Central Library, burrowing into every book she could get her hands on.

She was happily enjoying "Moles! Not Just a Ground Rodent", when she heard the soft 'thud' that echoed down between the heavy shelves. She looked around, seeing that she was alone. She considered going to check it out, but she went back to her book before giving it too much thought.

It was the heavy breathing that finally wrenched her back into the moving world. She put her bookmark in place before cautiously edging among the stacks toward the sound. She finally came out in an alcove she had never seen before, surrounded by books she hadn't read. She suppressed her squeal of joy when she spotted the other occupant of the room. The deeply-breathing, sleeping occupant. An occupant she recognized.

She snuck up as stealthily as she could, realizing that Ed had fallen asleep while writing a letter. His head rested on his metal arm (That can't be comfortable.) his pen still in his hand. She couldn't see who the letter was addressed to, the second page covering up the scrawled script on the first. She spotted two photographs next to the alchemist and nervously checked around when she realized one of them was of Lietenant Colonel Hughes and Elysia. When she didn't see him, she looked at the other photo: a shot crammed with her boss, Ed, and Al (who had ducked down to fit in the shot.) She smiled; it was a goofy photo, something that was rare in the military.

Ed shivered in his sleep and Scieszka nearly jumped out of her skin, but the blonde didn't wake up. The girl's face softened. He looks almost…vulnerable. She realized, also coming to the conclusion that she was probably one of the few people who had seen him like this. Noticing his cloak on the back of the chair, she silently tucked it around his shoulders, lifting his braid up so it rested on the outside.

She debated on waking him up, but decided to leave him when he nestled back into his cloak. Of all the people she had met in Central, she was most grateful for meeting the Elric brothers. They had saved her life, helped her with the money to care for her mother, and gotten her a job. She brushed Ed's bangs back from his face, taking one last look before stepping away, heading back to her secret reading corner while she was still on break.

Though not before she perused the shelves and staggered out with a stack of books larger than herself. You never know when your talents will come in handy! She smiled to herself. It was yet another thing the Elrics had done for her.

So she graciously ignored the soft snoring as she buried herself in a new book.

Henrika- That pic is just so cute and with his cloak the way it was, it made me think someone had to have put it there. And our resident library buff is… Scieszka!