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Part 1

Thalassa sat obediently at the table being as silent as the wind. Like the other girls in Troy Thalassa was given a set of rules that would be followed and never broken. Thalassa's rules were stricter because of her title. She was the daughter of Prince Hector and Princess Andromache, the granddaughter of King Priam.

Thalassa was beautiful and demure. Her eyes were the color of the deep aquatic blue. Some would say her eyes were as captivating and majestic as the beautiful sea. Though she were only 14 winters Thalassa had the curves of a grown woman and they were shown through her gowns that clung closely to her body. Her long wavy hair went to her hip and was the color of rich soil. The farmers believed that she was a muse, one of Demeter's or Poseidon's because of her hair and eyes.

Her mother, Andromache sat next to her gossiping with her ladies. It felt like that they didn't even care about the war which was fought outside of the city walls. Deep inside Thalassa knew her mother was crying but was holding it in. Thalassa was strong like her mother but both of them seemed to be breaking. They both knew that this war would bring more then the fall of the city but a loss, one greater than any building, a father and husband.

Thalassa returned to her room. Her breathing was heavy and her heart beated faster than any humming birds wings ever could. Tomorrow was the day, the day where her father, Hector and the hero, Achilles would battle. Tears slid down her cheeks and reached her mouth spilling on to her tongue and releasing a salty flavor. She knew she shouldn't cry and her father wouldn't want to see her like that. Dispite her attempts the tears flooded her eyes and poured down her face without stopping.

Thalassa pulled her gown off and traded it for her nightgown. The fabric was gauzy and felt smooth and soft next to her skin. She was alone in her quarter and it gave her time to reflect and think. She remembered the time she was 8 and her father had returned from war with Athens. Before that Thalassa didn't even remember what her father looked like.

She laughed at how scared she was of him until he handed her a terra cotta doll, then she remembered him. It took quite a bit of time for the realization that that night might be the last for her father. Thalassa cried quietly as she fell asleep wishing that it was all a dream.

Morning came swiftly and to Thalassa's disappointment yesterday wasn't a dream. Reality was taking place and before she was even dressed in her white and gold toga her father was saying his good-byes.

Thalassa could feel the tears welling up in her eyes and a lump in her throat forming. Beyond the walls mighty Achilles yelled her father's name over and over. Thalassa followed behind Andromache who held baby Astyanax in her arms. Everyone was quiet and the silence was unbearable. Thalassa wanted to scream at the top of her lungs and scare Achilles away but it would do nothing except hurt her throat.

The time came when Hector reached Andromache and Thalassa. He had worry in his eyes but trembled with no fear. This made Thalassa even more worried. Those who do not fear are the ones likely to die, or so Thalassa thought. But it was none of Thalassa's business to get caught up in the matters of war.

"You don't have to go," Andromache said fighting of the tears.

There was pleading in Hector's eyes but he refused to stay.

"Do you remember what I told you?" He said ignoring her comment.

Andromache nodded and kissed the top of a fussing Astyanax's forehead. Then Hector turned to Thalassa who gazed up at him with watery eyes.

"My dear sweet Thalassa, remember I will always love you and I will see you again, in this world or the next." Hector said caressing his daughters head.

Thalassa nodded slowly and quickly whipped the tears that fell from her eyes away. She stood there watching him walk down the steps to the large wall which would allow him out of the safe walls of the city.

Thalassa walked slowly to the edge of the wall where her grandfather, King Priam stood watching. Like the others his eyes were watery too as he watched the two men duel. Hector was weakening and Thalassa finally broke. She knew that she would be seeing her father, in the next life. She finally broke down into tears and slid to the ground in a heap of sobs.

After what seemed like an eternity the clanging and clashing of swords stopped and the silence stood still in the atmosphere. The torture was over, at least for Hector but it would forever torture the hearts of his loved ones. King Priam cried out as he watched his first-born dragged across the sandy ground. Thalassa knew it was over and in shock and pain she cried out.

"NO, no, NO!"

Her words were spoken with a mix of sobs and blurred words. Paris could see that Thalassa was in pain and shock, as was he and he swept her up in his arms and carried her to her chambers. Paris was strong and kept from crying but really his insides were aching and his heart was breaking.

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