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Part 6

By the time that the Greek warrior had dragged Thalassa against the hard desert and reached the camp, Thalassa had been struck unconscious. The warrior thrusted Thalassa into a dark tent and pranced in and casually flushed water in his face.

"Who might you be?" He asked with his words sounding like gritting sand.

Thalassa had woken up and she was still in a small daze.

"Answer me, girl!" He roared.

Thalassa looked at him with cold eyes and spoke through clenched teeth, "Thalassa."

"Well, Thalassa," He mocked. "Would you like to have some fun?"

Thalassa looked at him with wide, horrified eyes. Her hands began to shake wildly and she felt as if something was caught in her throat. He walked over to her and gripped Thalassa's robe until the clasps at the shoulder broke, revealing a naked breast. Thalassa held her arms across her chest trying to conceal her modesty but he grabbed at her and pushed her onto his bed. She tried kicking but he held her down more tightly with each kick, he was just too strong.

Thalassa knew she couldn't give up now so she screamed as loud as she could and he jumped off of her and paced out of the tent. Thalassa lied there, clenching her broken gown but proud that she saved herself.

When Thalassa had gathered up the courage and figured out what to do, she quietly crept to the opening of the tent and peered outside. Most of the men that were there were passed out among each other and the others were to drunk to notice anything but the wine bottles.

Thalassa looked out into the darkness. Oh how she longed to run and run but the courage had fallen from her and she shrunk into the corner hoping someone would save her. She knew it was low and cowardly but she was just too scared.

By the time the soldier had returned Thalassa had fallen asleep in the corner, with stains of tears on her cheeks. This man was violent, loud, crude and vile. His voice boomed and woke Thalassa from her fitful sleep and she looked up at him with dazed eyes.

"Oh you wanna sleep do ya?" He snarled

Thalassa didn't answer.

"Answer me!" He demanded as he kicked her hard and strong on her side.

"No sir." Thalassa said looking down at the soft sand.

He laughed loud and it was raspy and hoarse. Thalassa cringed at the sound of it.

"Get up and go fetch me Achilles. Move fast or I'll start where I left off!" He threatened as he pushed her out of the tent.

Thalassa froze; Achilles was the man that killed her father. An evil murderer and she were supposed to treat him with respect like all servants must. It plagued her with anger but worse things would happen to her if she refused his orders.

Thalassa gazed up at the night sky. It was brilliant. So dark and velvety and the stars looked like tiny diamonds sprinkled over a gown she use to wear. Thalassa tried running but the pads of her feet ached and were blistered and the sand swarmed her feet.

When she reached the tent which she was told belonged to Achilles she didn't bother to wait in front of the doorway but walked in. There he sat on a bed of pelts sipping at a globlet of wine and popping sweet grapes in his mouth.

"My master wishes to speak with you, my lord." Thalassa said emotionlessly as she stared at her feet.

Master that word stuck on her tongue like plague. She had heard her servants say it so many times and she realized she was no longer a princess of Troy but a servant of a Greek warrior. It sickened her with sadness and anger. She didn't even get to say 'good bye' to her family. Perhaps if she had left with them she wouldn't be there. Tears began to make small pools in her eyes.

Achilles stood and walked to where Thalassa stood, still staring at her feet.

"What is your name?" He asked lifting her chin and making eye contact with her.

"Thalassa." She stated as she pushed her chin down.

"Look at me when I speak to you." Achilles demanded softly.

She looked up at him with her watery aqua eyes.

"You look very familiar." Achilles said quietly.

" Perhaps you may know me. I am the daughter of Hector, a prince of troy or at least was." Thalassa's words were venomous and when she looked deeply into Achilles eyes she saw sadness and grief.

"Who is your master?" He asked sternly.

Thalassa paused. "I am unsure of whom he is but if you will follow me and I will take you to him."

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