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(Chapter 1: Who the hell is she!)

Yugi walked home from school, his backpack abnormally light. Of course, it was the last day of school. Yugi chuckled at the memory of what Joey had done.


Joey whooped as soon as the last bell rang and raced out of the classroom, along with most of the student population. Stretching his arms over his head, Joey yawned and said, "Man am I glad school's over."

Yugi smiled and nodded, whileTristan yelled, "Yeah!"

Soon, their lockers were cleaned out and they were heading for the gate. The three walked together for a minute, thenTristan said, "I'll catch ya later, Yug, Joey."

"Bye Tristan!" Yugi yelled.

"Smell ya later!" (you can guess who that was.)

"Bye Joey!" (You have 2 guesses.)

(End flashback)

Yugi opened the door to the game shop and set his stuff down, walking upstairs to get a snack. To his surprise, there was a small, neat-looking envelope on the table. Curious, Yugi opened it and read:

Dear Mr. Yugi Mouto

I am pleased to invite you to a sleep-over starting tonight at 5. Please bring extra clothes and a sleeping bag. You may bring your deck if you want. See you later, Yugi and Yami!


Crystal K. Evans

Yugi grinned at Yami, who had read the letter over his shoulder.

"Isn't she the American transfer?" Yami asked curiously.

"Yep!" Yugi said. "She's really nice and she's well on her way to becoming a good duelist."

Yami nodded silently and looked at the adress on the envelope. "She lives in the same area as Kaiba?"

"Yeah. Apparently, her parents pay for the house and her schooling and everything, but I've never heard of them," Yugi said with a small frown. "But, can we go?"

Yami sighed, smiling. "I suppose. Go pack your stuff."

Yugi was on his way to his room before Yami even finished his sentance.

(With Ryou and Bakura)

Ryou set his backpack down near the front door and walked into the living room to see his yami sitting on the couch, watching TV. Ryou sighed softly and walked over to the kitchen, finding a small letter on the table adressed to him. Getting curious, he opened the letter and saw his friend Jennier's neat handwriting in the letter. It read:

Dear Mr. Ryou Bakura,

I am pleased to invite you to a sleep-over starting tonight at 5. Please bring extra clothes and a sleeping bag. You may bring your deck if you so wish. See you later, Ryou and Bakura!


Crystal K. Evans

Ryou grinned and headed upstairs to pack his stuff. He had half an hour to get over there.

"RYOU! Where are you going?" Bakura asked, leaning on the doorframe to Ryou's room.

"Over to Crystals's house. You remember her, right?" Ryou glanced over his shoulder to see Bakura nod curtly. "You wanna come?"

"I was invited?" Bakura asked, blinking.


Bakura shrugged and went back downstairs.

When Ryou came down, he found Bakura on the couch, watching him.

"What reason do I have to go?" Bakura asked.

"...I'm sure thatCrystal will have invited everyone. Including Yami. And she said we're allowed to bring our decks, so..." Ryou paused and blinked when he saw that Bakura wasn't there any more.

Bakura came down the stairs a moment later, a duffel in his hand. "Well, come on!" he said to Ryou, opening the door and starting towards Crystal's house.

Ryou smiled and followed, locking the house after him.

(At 5, Crystal's house... mansion... place!)

Ryou looked around and saw that everyone was there. Everyone included Joey, Tristan, Tea, Malik, Marik, Yami, Yugi, Seto Kaiba, Mokuba, Crystal, Bakura, and himself.

Crystalgrinned and stood up on a table, shouting over everyone's talking. "All right people, listen up! You may find any room you want on this floor to stay in. Once you have found your room and settled in, report to the kitchen."

Crystaljumped down and went to the kitchen

Ryou nodded and went in search of a room. He found a nice one that had soft green walls and bedspread, with a desk in one corner, a few bookshelves across from the bed, a big window that looked out on the backyard, and a mirror, as well as a bedside table and dresser. Everything was differend shades of green, and there was a design on the wall that had a small forest-like look and a black panther weaving its way through the trees, deep gold eyes seeming to stare at you out of the painting.

Ryou set down his stuff on the bed and headed towards the kitchen, where he found everyone except Joey and Tristan already there.

"Ok, ok, quiet down. Hello and welcome to my house! Now, as I... forgot to mention in the letter each of you recieved that you will be staying here for a week." At the outburst of complaints, Jennifer continued, "HOWEVER, you will be able to do what you would normally do every day... well, most of you."Crystal sent a rather dirty look to Malik and Marik, who smiled innocently.

"Why do we have to stay? What's preventing us from leaving?" Kaiba asked coldly.

"You of all people should know that by now, Seto Kaiba. Everyone, meet Kino."Crystal motioned to a small, white fluff ball with three tails.

The fluff ball gave a little bark/yelp and trotted over to Jennifer's side, golden eyes surveying the people with a certain intelligance that was not normal.

"She will bring you back here if you try to leave... rather uncomfortably, I might add," Jennifer said, grinning. "Now, I have three basic rules: 1. You are allowed to fight, but there is to be no killing, maiming, or otherwise seriously injuring another person,"Crystal said, glaring at Bakura and Marik. "And no soul stealing. Got that?" After various nods and mutters, Crystal continued. "The second rule is that you may not leave my property. And the last rule is no blowing up my house, parts of my house, trashing rooms or a series of rooms, and/or setting things on fire." She seemed to be glaring mostly at Bakura and Marik again, though she did shoot Malik a glare. "Ok, you guys can go do whatever!"Crystal jumped down from the chair she had been standing on and started to walk from the room when a voice stopped her.

"How old are you?" Marik asked, seemingly innocently.

"Sixteen, why?"Crystal said.

"No reason," Marik said.

"I can't beleive i'm being held captive by a sixteen year old girl" Marik said under his breathe.

After a few moments of silence, Joey said, "Come on, Tristan, let's go find the arcade!"Tristan nodded and the two raced off, most of the others trailing behind.

(End chapter 1)

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