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Andrea's POV

I took out a big bowl and dumped a bag of sugar in it, and then I put some eggs, a skull, flour, baking soda, a chuckie doll, some chocolate chips, some blood, and some butter. I took out a big spoon and started mixing, I looked in the cabinet, there was this small old bottle with a label with a skull on it. It was shiny…and it glowed…so I took it out and dumped it into my recipe. I mixed it, and for some reason my bowl started glowing. I stared at it for a few seconds, and it exploded in my face.

"Um…" I licked it off of my face. "Hey taste pretty good…"

"Ewww…you are sick," Crystal said walking by watching. I shrugged.

"But, it taste good." I whined. I took a towel and wiped the goo off my face, and felt my face; it actually felt really soft, like a baby's skin.

"Okay…now to bake it…" I said as I put it on a cooking sheet and put it in the oven. I watched the cookies intently as they started boiling, which I hoped was natural…as I stared I noticed Brianna going flying on my skateboard…it must be my possessed one, I should get an exorcist for that…I watched my cookies again only to see them to start turning into huge bubbles. I stared at it…daydreaming of what the hell was it…

"Um…guys…?" I said pointing to my cookies. No one paid attention, so I shrugged and got the hell away from there. 5 seconds after I got out of the room, I heard something explode, I flinched and looked at the kitchen, there stood my really pissed off brother with a trench which was not turning green, Mai was looking at her beautiful hair and started crying in denial and ran into the bathroom to save her hair, Serenity was disgusted…Duke and Tristan still looking at Serenity…Valon and Alister didn't get smothered with goo for some reason…Malik was looking really pissed off, Ryou was now looking at his greening white hair. Ishizu had seen it coming so had ducked under a table. Crystal was turning green like she was going to puke…or maybe that was just the cookie dough. Everyone looked at me, I laughed nervously.

"Hehe…um…Marik did it...?" I said as I started running.

"Your paying me for a new trench coat damn it!" Seto said calling me, no harm done…I'm going to get money out of his bank account anyways…

Ryou's POV

'Hm…okay…lemme see…some flour…eggs…baking soda…sugar…a pinch of salt…some butter…and some fudge…mmmmm fudge…'

I thought as I mixed all the ingredients, tasted the cookie dough and almost puked. I looked at the brownies I used and poked them. They hissed at me and slowly walked away…I looked at it strangely and sweatdropped.

"Um…" Mai said behind me, "I'm not going to ask…"

I picked up the plate of brownie and was about to throw it away before it said something again.

"We'll be bbbbaaaacccckkkkkk," It hissed before I threw it away I sweatdropped. After I had just threw away the brownies, something had exploded, and I felt some kind of goo all over back and the backside of my hair, I took some goo out of my hair and looked to see what it, I was about to puke, I took a mirror that Mai was using and saw that my hair was glowing, and turning green. I touched my hair and the green goop oozing through my fingers, I shook my hand to get the goop off, but only to have it land in Malik's hair, getting him more pissed, I laughed nervously. I looked around as to why there was green goo everywhere. I spotted Andrea with a huge bowl of the green stuff in it, and Kaiba yelling at her, and Andrea seeming to shrink under his height. I got a towel and wiped it all off and went back to making the cookies.

"Okay let's start over…" I whispered to myself as I made the cookie dough again, but using a different plate of brownies. I mixed it up, and tasted it, and this time I checked if the brownies were alive before I tasted it. I was satisfied and put it on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven, I waited about 15 minutes and took them out and let them cool, which was about 5 minutes, I tried it, and once I approved of the taste I put it on the table and went off into the living room and watched whatever they were watching.

Mai's POV

I looked at everyone else, and followed there instructions…well maybe except for Andrea, and Bakura, but everyone else seemed to be making cookies, normally. I took a bowl out, put some flour, sugar, baking soda, eggs, some salt, butter, and some baking soda. I thought of what to put in it, I didn't really like any sweets since I always watched what I ate, because I have to keep my figure…but I did have the white Swedish chocolate which I ate occasionally…I grabbed my bag and got a few out I unrolled them from there wrapping and put then in, I mixed them together, and put it on a cookie sheet, and then I put them in the oven to bake, I sat down on the chair and waited for them to bake, and out of nowhere Andrea makes some kind of explosion that landed on me…and I slowly put my hand on my hair and felt what was on it, I could've just thrown up there, I quickly ran to the bathroom trying to save my hair, because the green goo did something nasty to my hair, I don't want to be walking around with my hair green. I put my hair in the sink and ran warm water over it. I took the first towel I could find and dried my hair. I looked in the mirror, my hair still had tints of green in it, damn my blonde hair, it was pretty, but whenever I get color in it never comes out, great…then I smelled something in the air, kind of like smoke…then I realized that my cookies were still baking I ran out the bathroom and looked around in the big kitchen there I saw the oven that I was cooking cookies in, smoke was filling up the whole room.

"Shit…" I swore as I watched the kitchen be engulfed by fire. I saw Valon go and grab a fire extinguisher, he quickly tried putting the fire out only to have more smoke and a huge fire to form.

"What the hell…?" Valon said clueless. He took some of the white stuff that was coming out of the fire extinguisher he sniffed it then tasted it I got a little disgusted.

"Damn it this is whip cream! Who puts whip cream in a fire extinguisher!" Valon yelled angrily throwing the metal thing on the ground causing a loud sound.

"Well looks like she does," Alister said pointing to Crystal. She waved nervously.

"HI FRIENDS!" Tea yelled coming out of the basement door.

"Use her!" Crystal yelled pointing at Tea. Valon shrugged, picked Tea up and threw her in the oven, and instantly the fire went out.

"Well that takes care of that," Valon said as he went to eat some of his cookies. I shrugged.

'Oh well I never like cookies that much anyways…' I thought as I gave up trying to make anymore cookies since Tea was stuck in it…I made my way to the living room to watch any show that was on.

Tristan's POV

I wasn't really good at cooking…but I wanted to impress Serenity…so I'll do what I always do…copy Joey…HEY! Duke and is looking at her again! I'm going to go teach him a lesson…I crept up behind him with a large wooden spoon, and was about to hit him when he started talking.

"Isn't Serenity beautifully…" He said still staring at her, I looked at her too and started staring again, then I snapped out of it, and I thought of a plan, I went toward Joey and whispered something in his ear, he got angry and grabbed a rolling pin and…well I don't really care but Duke won't be staring at Serenity for a while. I watched Joey make him cookies and copied him, and basically did everything he did…well except wearing that idiotic apron. I sat staring at Serenity when I noticed Andrea was doing…something, and her bowl looked like it was about to explode I ran to Serenity to block the way so she wouldn't get dirty from that thing.

"Noooooooo!" I said as I went in front of Serenity, but I tripped and landed on the ground, and Serenity got hit with the goo. I got a towel for her but Duke beat me there, that son of a- then Brianna was on a skateboard and Kaiba was on it too, and they headed for the basement, but Kaiba jumped out in time, Kaiba and Pegasus were fighting. I wonder why I'm here anyways…I'm going to drive myself insane, I swear…I thought about the cookies again and saw that they were ready, I took them out and offered Serenity one, she smiled at me and I smiled back goofily. She went into the living room and sat down on the couch watching TV, I followed her.

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