By Henrika

Henrika- Angst bit inspired by Ed's frequent train rides. Short and sad.

The rhythmic clacking wasn't soothing, but it was familiar. The seats weren't comfortable, but they were familiar. The smell was acrid and choking, but it was familiar. The piercing whistle wasn't sweet, but it was familiar. And familiar things were things he needed, clung to, since so many of them were already destroyed.

He'd spent hours here, huddled on the concrete-like seats. It was painful, but like the dull ache from his auto-mail, it was comfortingly familiar. He'd sleep when he could, but there were times when all he could do was stare out the train window into the distance, watching the landscape slip by. The train rides were his only comfort; all other things that would have provided that had been taken away, burned to ash, or had simply changed with time.

Sometimes he talked to other people on the train or played card games with his brother. But oftentimes he found it was just easier to stay silent, taking in the familiar sensations and occasionally enjoying the ride.

There were times when Ed thought a little too much though; started analyzing why he took joy in something that had no attachment to him when he had family right in front of him. And Edward Elric would realize that the familiarity wasn't comforting at all.

Henrika- Poor Ed. It's just way too easy to torture the guy.