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April 10, 1912

I had never seen a grander ship than the one I saw on April 10th of 1912. Sure my current money loving family played it off as if it were just a ship, but not Cal Hockley and I. We knew the Titanic was a dream come true. I didn't always agree with him though. He and my elder sister Rose were to be married in Philadelphia on June 6, 1912. I didn't mind so much, he was awfully nice, mostly and as mother said his money wouldn't hurt a thing. I do disagree with mother on a lot including Cal's money. Stupidity is what it was. She had spent all of Daddy's money as though it were nothing after his death, and then sold my sister to the first loving rich man she could lay her eyes on. But now was my time to shine. With my mother caught up in all of my big sisters wedding B S my friends and I could explore the ship care free.

"Mother, Liz, Victoria, Beth and I are going for a walk ok?" I asked standing near the door.

"Abigail, you haven't finished unpacking yet." Remarked Cal kissing my forehead.

"Oh, yes I have. My paintings are out that's all that matters." Cal simply smiled at my childish remark.

"Go have fun Abby, while you can." I gave him a big hug and ran out into the hall to see Liz, Victoria, and Beth.

Elizabeth was wearing her long golden brown hair down in loose waves with her makeup done up in blues to match her eyes. Her dress was a sea green with white lace trimming and a white lace parasol. Victoria had bright blond hair cut to her shoulders and worn in big waves to sit close to her face. Her brilliant blue eyes were done up by pink and purple makeup with a beautiful sun dress to match. Beth had soft straight strawberry blond hair that she wore atop of her head and sea green eyes. She wore little makeup, though, when she did were it the colors were all gold's and yellows which always match her bright sun dresses. I looked nothing like my friends and I didn't mind a bit. My hair was long past my shoulders worn in curls that went well with the scarlet red of my hair and the intense green of my eyes. My dress that day was a dark green with black lace draped over it.

"Hey girls." I said friendly.

"Golly Abby, do you have enough dark eye makeup on to match that red lipstick?" Remarked Beth as we all began to laugh.

"I think it's just enough to bring out her eyes." Commented Victoria.

"Ok girls were not here to gossip or talk all that nonsense our mothers deem important. Were here today to have fun and explore a little or I am at least." I took off running down the hall, cutting corners, flying though places I'd never seen before and yet all along I knew where I was headed top deck. When I finally broke though that last door that locked me into the safety of the ship I felt as though I were free. Free of my mother my friends who were close behind and as all the thoughts of America rushed though my head I ran, full speed ahead I ran. Yes, I ran, I ran myself right into someone.

"Are you alright Miss.?" He asked looking down to where I had fallen.
I tried to speak back to him, but was so caught up in the full excitement of the moment that I couldn't stop laughing.

"Abby, Abby, my lord are you alright?" Asked Elizabeth.
I continued to laugh and took the mans extended hand that I had run into. When I was standing again, I tried to catch my breath and noticed the beautiful eyes I had been gazing into. The light green of them made me feel relaxed and at home. His eyes set in that fair skinned face only angles are said to have took my breath away, and his hair was a light brown with beautiful golden highlights glowing in the sun. I had never seen anyone more beautiful It was as though I was staring into the face of an angle. He had, but one flaw he was a 3rd class man and for that I could never even think of what my hart had already began to desire. I stumbled back taking in the shear beauty of him. He caught my are to stop me from falling and gave me the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

"I'm so sorry, really I am." I laughed again wondering why I felt as though I had this sudden high. Though he only gave me that beautiful smile again.

"Abby your mothers coming." Said Beth half frightened.

"So?" I remarked carelessly while running off down the deck again.

"Abby if your mother sees you on the 3rd class deck she'll kill you." Said Victoria running close behind me.

"Let her try."I screamed stopping to see where Beth was. I turned and looked back to where I had fallen only moments before. Beth was speaking to some gorgeous Italian man with dark enchanted eyes and black enchanted hair to match his mysterious aura that almost all Italians have.

Beth's Pont of view

When Abby started to run off with Vicki and Liz my eye was stuck on a tall dark Italian man. He didn't speak to me right away like the other man did.

"So, her names Abby?" Remarked the man Abby had so politely run into.

"Yes. Abigail Ebony Dewitt Bukater."

"Well that's a mouth full I'll have to work on."

"That's why we call her Abby for short."

"That's nice but I'm more interested in knowing your name."said the Italian man I had my eyes set on.

"Bethany Judith McGee, and you sir?" I asked him as I would any gentleman.

"Fabrizio, at your service."

"At her service huh?" Said Abby being a smart about things. Though really how couldn't she be. I'll never pretend to understand Abby because I never will. She a pure aristocrat though and through and she acts as though she has never had a day of lessons with her mother in her life. Oh, my dear best friend Abby, and her loud mouth would ruin it for us all.

"Yes, Ma'am and I'm at yours." claimed the man she had un into. Abby's eyes light up to meet his and her cheeks rosed over. I couldn't believe it my little Abby only 16 reacting to a man a real man. She couldn't fall in love not with him not with a 3rd class man at all.

"Abby, I do believe its time for us to be going. tea should be on soon and our mothers wont appreciate us being late." I couldn't help it, I didn't want to be rude but I knew Abby too well. If she stayed a moment longer we would loose her to the sharks and I could only imagine what that would mean.

"Abby I am afraid Beth is correct." said Elizabeth with confidence Abby would listen .

"I do believe so Abby." victoria stated and was soon laughed at by Abby who I knew would be smart about it.

"You girls are unbelievable, we'll never have fun on this glorious ship is you girls don't learn to relax." she said looking at the three of us. she quickly turned back to the two men. "Thank you so much Mr. ..." she seemed to faultier perhaps forgetting she didn't even know his name.

"No mister just plane ole' Jack Dawson." Abigail smiled stubbornly at him.
"Right Mr. Dawson it was a pleasure to me you and you Mr. Fabrizio. Thank you for helping me up after my fall. I am truly sorry by the way." she shook Fabrizio's hand while she said her speech and then she shook Jacks hand with a bit more of lingering touch.

"It was nice to meet you Jack, Fabrizio, I hope your stay on the Titanic will be pleasant." I said shaking Jacks hand.

"I'm sure it will be Mrs. McGee." Replied Jack showing me his beautiful sincere smile and a smart attitude in his voice.

"Its Miss. thank you." I said and ripped my hand anyway from him. Then my eyes met Fabrizio's and our hands touched. I couldn't believe it my heart had just fallen for him, a 3rd class man. I gave him my sweetest smile as he brushed his lips against the knuckles on my left hand.

"Fair well." I said in a whisper then turned as the girls and I started to walk away.

"Good Bye beautiful lady! Good bye!" I could hear Fabrizio over all the clutter and then it was ruined by another mans loud mouth.

"Good byes right boys. do you honestly think you could ever be with the likes of them."

"surely not. you'd be crazy to think such a thing." both of the later voices had Irish accents, beautiful Irish accents at that.