Chapter 1-

"Zoey, you have to participate in the family psychology experience," Nicole said stealing one of Zoey's olives off of her plate.

Zoey glanced up at Nicole, and then scowled, "Nicole, did I say you could have an olive?"

Nicole shrugged, "I don't know. I was hungry."

Zoey smiled as Chase and Michael walked over to them. "Hey guys."

"Hey, can I have a sip of your juice?" Chase asked Zoey.

"Yeah sure," Zoey passed her juice over to Chase, their hands touched, and Chase smiled.

Zoey grinned and then looked down. She took another bite of her salad, and then pulled her blonde hair out of her face.

Nicole stole another olive.

"Nicole!" Zoey exclaimed.

"What, I'll buy you some olives later." Nicole said breezily.

Zoey shook her head and focused back on Michael who was fixated on a girl that she knew as Skyler, who was sitting with Dana. "Michael, do you like her?"

Michael nodded, "Yeah, she is hot."

Chase grinned, "Zoey, Michael is obsessed. I found a book of poems that he had written for Skyler. He's truly sick."

Michael playfully hit Chase, "Man, why do you have to be telling my secrets like that."

"It's just Zoey, she'll keep your secret safe."

Zoey nodded, "I will, don't worry Michael."

Michael pulled some chips out of his bag. "Let's change the subject. So who is down for the psychology experience?"

Chase shielded his green eyes from the sun and focused on Zoey. He hoped she would say yes. So that way they could be partners.

"I don't know, I have a lot of things going on. I have to organize the upcoming PSA modeling show, my school work is piling up, and I also have to work on my advice column."

Nicole frowned, "Zo, you know what I think."

"What Nicole?" Zoey asked.

Zoey smiled and then waited for Nicole to answer but Nicole shifted her attention towards a butterfly flying by. Zoey smiled at Chase and Michael who also seemed to find Nicole's aloof behavior entertaining.

"Yohoo, Nicole?" Zoey said waving her hand in Nicole's face.

"Oh hey," Nicole answered.

Zoey smiled, "Um…you were trying to tell me something about…"

"I don't remember, anyways I am going to sign up for the psychology experience. Hopefully I get paired up with Sawyer Holloway."

Zoey watched as Sawyer rode his skateboard over to them. She pinched Nicole.

"Oww Zoey!" Nicole screamed.

Zoey's eyes widened and she looked down embarrassed as Sawyer stopped at their table.

"What's up guys," He said.

"Hey," Zoey said. She then glanced at Chase and Michael who were busy listening to Michael's Ipod.

"Um..hi…Sawyer. My name is Olivia." Nicole stuttered.

Zoey gasped and then gently nudged Nicole.

"I mean my name is Nicole,"

Zoey winced. Poor Nicole.

"Zoey, Logan and I are trying to make a band for the battle of the bands a couple of weeks from now. We need a lead singer and we were wondering if you would audition."

Chase elbowed Michael. Michael continued to nod his head up and down with the latest 50 cent song. Chase sighed and then stared back at Sawyer in disapproval. Who did this Sawyer guy think he was. Chase didn't like the way he was smiling at Zoey.

"Um, sure Sawyer," Zoey said.

Nicole looked down slightly hurt.

Zoey noticed Nicole's reaction. "Well Sawyer, can my friend Nicole audition to?"

Sawyer nodded, "Yeah, of course she can."

Nicole squeezed Zoey's hand under the table. Zoey smiled relieved.

"Okay, well see you guys later." Sawyer said winking at Zoey and then skating off.

Chase frowned, "Who is he?"

"Um… just a guy in my Psychology class, we study together." Zoey then focused on Nicole who was still giving her the viper grip, and staring off dreamily. "Nicole, are you okay."

"Sawyer, talked to me! I am in Heaven!" Nicole grabbed her book bag and then jumped up. "I am going to sign up for the Psychology experiment, do you want me to sign you up Zoey?"

Zoey took a sip of her juice. She was way over her head. "I…sure, why not."

"Yeah," Nicole clapped her hands together excitedly and then ran right into Logan. Zoey gasped as Logan's tray of food went backwards into his shirt.

"What the f…" Logan started. He dropped his trey to the ground and then glared at Nicole. "Do you see what you just did!"

"I'm sorry," Nicole apologized.

"You should be. This was a new shirt, your buying it back for me, and your getting my lunch again."

Nicole crossed her arms, "Geez, I said I was sorry."

"I'm not kidding."

"Logan, leave her alone." Zoey said rolling her eyes.

"Shut up Zoey," Logan growled.

"Don't tell Zoey to shut up." Chase defended.

Logan rolled his eyes in Chase's direction, "What are you her bodyguard?"

Chase squinted his eyes at Logan but remained silent. "Just back off, Leave Nicole alone."

"I'll by lunch, but I want cash up front for my shirt by this weekend."

Nicole sighed, "How much is your shirt."

Logan smiled, "Well considering that I don't shop at the thrift store, and I always have to look nice for the ladies…seventy eight dollars."

Nicole gasped, "I don't even have twenty dollars."

Zoey rolled her eyes, "Your shirt is not seventy eight dollars Logan."

"Oh really, this is silk Zoey." Logan said. He leaned forward and reached for Zoey's hand.

Zoey felt her heart beat, but she quickly ignored it. "What are you doing?"

Logan placed Zoey's hand against his shirt. "It's silk…see"

"I think she's got it." Chase said reaching for one of Michael's chips.

Logan let go of Zoey's hand. "Seventy eight dollars."

He simultaneously pulled off his shirt as he walked away. Some girls whistled and Logan tilted his chin up in their direction.

Zoey pouted at Nicole, "You don't have to pay him Nicole."

"Um…yeah, I do. If I don't then he's not going to even let me audition for the band."

Zoey looked down. "Seventy eight dollars is a lot of money for poor students without money."

"Well, my parents send me thirty every week, and I guess I'll have to figure out how to get the rest." Nicole glanced at Quinn who was stealing student's milk.

"What is she doing?" Zoey asked.

Nicole shrugged, "Maybe Quinn would pay me to be an experiment?"

Zoey shook her head alarmed, "No Nicole, I want you to come back to us alive. After all what good is money if Quinn kills you."

"I guess your right. Well I'm going to go sign up for the experience, and I'm going to sign you, Chase and Michael up to, toodles."

Michael turned off his Ipod and then turned to Zoey.

"Hey," Chase playfully pushed Michael. "I was listening to Kelly Clarkson."

Zoey giggled. "Breakway?"

"No, You found me." Chase said staring into Zoey's brown saucers.

Zoey smiled back at him and then focused back on Michael who was starting to drool after Skyler. She reached for a napkin and handed it to him.

"What is this for?" Michael asked wiping at his hands.

"It's for the drool on your chin."


Zoey shook her head, "Well you guys I have to go. I have Food Nutrition with no other than Logan. He's so self absorbed I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up to class shirtless."

"Zoey, I know you got a lot going on. But I need to ask you a favor." Michael asked.

"Anything." Zoey said stuffing the rest of her books into her bookbag and then standing up.

"Well, I want to Skyler to notice me. And I think there is only one way to get her to pay attention."

"Okay?" Zoey asked tilting her head to the side.

"I think it's time for a new look." Michael said.

"No, you look good." Chase said.

"You're my best-friend you wouldn't say otherwise."

"Your right…I did keep quit that time you wore that god awful tie die shirt and puke green shorts." Chase replied.

"Your not helping…Hey, hey, my mom made that shirt."

Zoey grinned and then looked down at her watch. If she was late one more time then her teacher would give her detention. Which she definitely didn't want. "Michael, how about we talk about this later at the cyber bean?"

"The new coffee shop on campus?" Michael asked.

Zoey nodded, "Yes,"

"Well alrighty then."

"Okay, well I have to go." Zoey gave Chase the rest of her drink and then headed off.

Chase turned around to watch Zoey walk away. "Michael, I have to figure out how to make Zoey my partner for the experience."

"I hear Mr. Walsh is in charge, maybe we could pay him a surprise visit and ask him to pair us up with our hotties."

"We'll do equal talking, both of us works together to persuade him."

Michael nodded, "Of course."

"Deal, so what are you going to ask Zoey to do for you?"

"I'm going to ask Ms. Brooks to make me over. I want her to tell me what she likes in a guy and then help me pick out some clothes…and the rest is shady, but I'll figure it out. I have history next and that's my sleeping class."

"Don't you want to know what Skyler likes?"

Michael placed his hand on Chase's shoulder, "Chase work with me. I am trying to kill two birds with one stone. I will never get the chance to talk to Skyler on my own, so I have to trust Zoey's opinion. And second of all, if I find out what Zoey likes then you can use that information to make sure you are what she's looking for."

Chase nodded, "Okay I see."

"Looking out for you brother." Michael said with a laugh.

"Well, I have to get to work, so I'll see ya later."

"Still working at the cafeteria?" Michael asked grabbing his tray, and the tray Nicole had left earlier.

Chase frowned, "Unfortunately, yes."

"Well we have to get you another job. I know Zoey is accepting, but Chase do you expect her to take you serious in a hairnet?"

Chase watched as Sawyer skated pass them once again. "I guess not."