Hey guys, I am going to answer your questions in this author's note, and also I am going to tell you about Part TWO, in Wake my dreams. Part two is called, Wake my Dreams: Guitar strings and Southern Magnolias, (like one of the chapters), but don't worry it is picking up right where I left off…and the first question answered is if Dana and Logan went through with it or not. I am going to call it Guitar Strings and Southern Magnolias…and once again it's the same story, just the second part. Okay so I'll tell you about part two…and give you'll some glimpses….some things might change.

Sneak Peeks

Sawyer and Zoey will break up…and it will be all Meadow's fault.

Chase and Zoey will get a whole lot closer….but Sawyer will still be in the picture.

Meadow decided to go after another guy

Dana and Logan take their "Love, Hate" relationship to a new level, and it's all about the JEALOUSY.

Nicole finds out Jordan's "secret" right now nothing to big, unless you guys want it that way. But I have something that could hurt Nicole, but yet not destroy her.

Quinn and Jack might take the back burner route most of Part Two.

Also…Chase, Sawyer, and Zoey will start a band in order to benefit money for Aids research, after getting a job at children's volunteer program. That's why it's called Guitar Strings…and the Southern Magnolia…is Zoey.

But this will include everyone as usual…and I hope you guys like it as much as Part One! By the way, Part 2, should also be posted.

I wanted to thank everyone that reviewed Part 1…thanks for all your suggestions, and ideas, they were very helpful…and the support definitely didn't hurt. Thanks you'll!

Chaseismyn, hey, in Part 2, there will be a lot more of Chase and Zoey, a whole lot more.

Rica- Dana and Logan are in LOVE. Not truly yet, but they are on their way. This story is far from over, so you might still get your wish!

Louis- More vicious than ever, but they will still have their "Shipper" moments of kindness, because they do like each other.

KaileeCW- I loved your thoughts! They helped a lot.

HoTtOpIc- Logan is a man whore…but he would settle down for Dana…eventually!

Tinkaroo09- I was just kidding about the co-writing thing, because you give me GREAT ideas! But you are an excellent writer, and if we did co-write that would be awesome. But I would probably be bad at co-writing.

Mrs. Logan Reese- Hey Natalie, I love you too! More cliffies are to come, u pull them too, but I like your cliffhangers, and I am a fan of them..

Zxxbsmsgirl3148- I named it Smoke and Mirros because of Dana and Logan's situation..and since they are locked in the locker room. Mirrors…I guess because they need something to help them see their reflections…and that they really do like one another. I hope that made sense.

Jay-lo- A lot of Zoey and Chase is part 2

Yomama- They're 16…but it is fiction so…

Classic Rock n roll Fan- Upload your chaps one by one, it's so much easier that way. Just type the chapters and then save them in different folders, Chapter by Chapter, that's what I do! Also thanks for the compliment in your review!

(Thank yous to Mellerties, hersheys-kisses, Midnight Princess15, Jakusa, Kristen, and evilangel14, You guys rock!)

Wake my Dreams continues in Part 2…Guitar Strings and Southern Magnolias…