Hey guys! Here's a new story. Hebrew class was actually productive today! That's where I wrote this! lol. In a lot of fics, it says that Darry had secretly read Pony's composition. Well, here's Darry reading it and confronting Pony about it.

Darry's POV

I sighed as I closed the book. I couldn't believe it! How could my baby brother think I hate him! After all I gave up for him! I don't mind that I gave it up. I'm happy I van be here for my brothers, but he thinks I hate him! I shouldn't have read it! If he wanted me to read his composition, he would've given it to me. What do I do! Should I confront him? After long thought I decided the best thing to do was confront him.

"Pony!" I called, not knowing exactly where in the house he was.

"In the kitchen!" He called back.

"Listen…" I started, walking in. "About your composition-"

"I did it." He cut me off. He thought I was getting on his case about doing it. Great! Just great!

"I know…" I trailed off. "I read it." He looked horrified. I inwardly groaned.

"You-you what?" He stuttered. I sat down next to him.

"Pon," I said, my tone much softer than usual. "You really think I hate you?" He didn't answer. He was suddenly really interested with the floor.

"Pony." I sighed. How could I let this happen? How could I have lead my baby brother to think I hate him!

"Pony," I repeated. "Pony, I don't hate you! Far from it! I gave everything up for you! I do not hate you!" I know what he was thinking though. He was probably thinking something like

'Yeah, you gave it all up for Soda.' That's somewhat what he had said that day he went to the movies. The day he ran away. The day I hit him.

All of a sudden, I felt tears, begging to be released. He was so close to being killed that day. So damn close! All because of me! Because I hit him! I almost killed him! He could be dead right now! I couldn't hold it back any longer. It was too overwhelming. The tears won as they began to fall.

"Darry?" Pony looked at me surprised.

"Ponyboy, I'm so sorry!" I hugged him. "You're my baby brother, I love you! I'm sorry I made you think I hated you! I'm sorry I hit you that day!" I was just rambling on and on. Pony stood up and hugged me back. "I just wanted you to have a good life!" I continued, trying drastically to explain my past actions. "That's why I was so hard on you!"

"I'm sorry, Dar." Pony answered. "I made it so hard on you, I should've realized why you were doing all this. I shoulda known you only love me." I hugged him tighter. We stood there for a really long time. Just hugging. Secretly agreeing to resolve our feuding. I was incredibly shocked. This was so out of character for me. I'm not usually like this. I'm supposed to be this big, tough guy who never cried. I didn't care though, as long as Ponyboy didn't think I hate him.

Okay, that's that! The next chapter is going to be the same thing in Pony's POV. If you want me to, I mean. All right, so please review!