I know, I haven't updated in forever. SO SORRY! Here's the last chapter.

I was just outside the house when I heard Darry call for Pony.
'Shit, are they gonna fight again?' I thought to myself.

"In the kitchen!" Pony answered, he sounded like he knew Darry was going to come in there and yell at him. I walked into the house, ready to stop the fight.

"Listen…" Darry started. "About your composition-" I sighed quietly.

"I did it." Pony cut him off with a sigh.

"I know…" Darry said. "I read it." I couldn't believe it…Pony had shown it to me…he said he'd die if Darry read it.

"You-you what?" Pony stuttered. Darry I was listening carefully, making sure to be out of their eye-sight.

"Pon," Darry said, his tone surprisingly much softer than usual. "You really think I hate you?" Pony didn't say anything. If I know my brother, which I do, he was staring at the floor right now.

"Pony." Darry sighed. Pony still didn't answer.

"Pony," Darry said again. "Pony, I don't hate you! Far from it! I gave everything up for you! I do not hate you!" How many times had I told Pony that.

But Pony always answered that he had given it all up for me.

Suddenly, Darry began to cry. Oh, no…this isn't good…

"Darry?" Pony asked in surprise. I knew Pony was incredibly shocked. It was rare for Darry to cry. Pony's convinced he hadn't even cried when Mom and Dad died, but he had. He'd cried for hours in the car after Pony fell asleep. Darry had a weird feeling he couldn't cry in front of Pony. My brothers are weird…

"Ponyboy, I'm so sorry!" Darry said. "You're my baby brother, I love you! I'm sorry I made you think I hated you! I'm sorry I hit you that day!" I think Darry will always feel guilty about that. "I just wanted you to have a good life!" Darry kept rambling. "That's why I was so hard on you!" I tell Pony that all the time!

"I'm sorry, Dar." I heard Ponyboy say meekly. It seemed like Ponyboy suddenly realized, for real this time, why Darry was the way he was. He really did care about him and he only wanted what was best. How could he have ever thought that he hated him, I don't know. He loves us both. "I made it so hard on you; I should've realized why you were doing all this. I shoulda known you only love me." He said. I walked in at that point, unseen by them, and saw them hugging.