AN: Just like Gemini is (going to be) a series based off a short story (Try it On), this will be a series of short stories base doff what is currently tied as my most popular series (FAF). Each Chapter is going to take place from a different characters point of view on the some subject, namely their thought s and reaction when they find out about Conan/See him transform. First chapter goes to the chibi-ookami himself. Next up will be Ran, then Agasa and/or Ai. There will be others but I can't tell ya, cause that would be spoiling the surprise

AN2: Today (May 4) is Shinichi/Conan/Jimmy's birthday!

Shift: Conan

I feel a small sense of satisfaction as I watch Antonia Garcia get hauled away. This is what I love I about being a detective. It's not the rush from figuring things out, but the sense of satisfaction, the feeling of a job well done when it's all over. The hope that one lost soul can rest in peace knowing justice has been done.

I feel something twist in my stomach, I had been a little nauseous all day. I put my hand to my belly, as if this would somehow settle the contents.

If there's one thing I have to be thankful for in the child's body, it's its resilience. Those horrible wounds have healed up without a trace, thank Kami. If I had to see scars from that every time I changed my shirt or took a shower…

I'd go insane. No doubt about it. I've seen so much in this life, experience things no one should have to experience. And yet nothing has shaken me up as much as when that wolf-thing had me in it's teeth. The Monster. Heh, the newspaper apparently heard my name for it and it caught on. Just last week I saw a report of 'The Monster's latest victims.' Another family, no survivors this time. Although seeing the look on Hirota Mihai's face when The Monster was concluded to be a wild animal, I think maybe the families who all died might be the lucky one. When your dead, your dead. But he has to live with the memory of seeing his wife and children being eaten by that thing.

I'm going to throw up.

The wave of nausea passes. Which is good, since Kogoro would kill me if I threw up in his stupid rental car. As soon as we get back home, I go straight to my room and lie down. I send a silent 'Thank You' to Ran. She insisted on using some of the money from Mom's check to fix up this room for me, so the whole thing didn't go to the 'Mori Kogoro Drinking Fund'. I don't think I can deal with him any more tonight.

I slip on a nightshirt and crawl into the bed. Nice Bed. Comfy Bed.

Ran calls me for dinner. It smells good, I really don't think moving is a good idea. I'm not exactly sure what I say back. It must have been rude, cause she looks pretty mad.

Her anger quickly melts into concern. Oh Ran, is making you worry all I can do?

She tucks me in and walks out. One day she's going to make a great mother. Hell, she already is one. I wonder if I'll be a good father. Guess that depends if I can still be a father after Ran finds out the truth.

She brought me some cold medicine. The yummy orange kind. Another good thing about being a kid, medicine tastes a heck of a lot better.

I lay back and rest. Ran runs her hand through my hair. It's very relaxing. Yet another good thing about being a kid. Dern it, not supposed to like being a kid!

I feel her hand freeze, her whole body turning rigid. I want to ask her what's wrong, but breathing just became a whole lot more difficult. All the muscles in my body ache. Vaguely I sense Ran backing away. Why is she so upset?

Then the itching starts, not in one or two places, but all over my body. It doesn't even feel like an itch really, it's almost as thought my skin is buzzing,

I hear the word 'Impossible' being whispered, yet it sounds as long as thunder.. I finally manage to open my eyes. Kami, she looks as terrified as I feel. "Ran-neechan" I whisper, "What's happening to me?"

I turn my head slightly and I see what's going on. One of the things ran decorated my room with was one of those full-length mirrors hanging off the back of my door.

Oh God, I'm….I'm….furry! My ears, my eyes, they aren't human!. I raise my self up for a better angle and feel my tail brushing across my legs.

Hold up. Rewind. My WHAT!

I have a tail, holy Kami-sama I have a tail. I have claws. I'm furry. There's a full moon out…

…Oh Hell no…

AN: He's wearing a nightshirt instead of pajama's because, well, pajama's + tail not comfortable .'