The same night, Ran's POV:

I freeze as I feel the impossibly pointy ears. Then I yank my hand back as if it's on fire.

I can see the ears now, larger and definitely canine in shape, poking through his hair. His hands clench the bedspread, claws creating small rips in the fabric. Conan's breathing has just become more ragged, his small chest rise and falling more rapidly. I can see small fangs in his mouth as he gasps for air.

I want to scream, but I can't seem to find my voice. Instead I back away as the word impossible runs through my head over and over.

I don't really put it together until the fur starts sprouting. Fur- human- change- monster The Monster- human like wolf- full moon-Conan –bite- werewolf




Conan seems to relax. He's no longer breathing as hard and he's released the bedspread. He props himself up and looks at me with amber wolf's eye and I feel another stab of fear.

"Ran-neechan" he asked in a pained whisper, "What's happening to me?" His strength apparently not fully recovered, he collapsed back on the bed. And catches his reflection in the mirror.

Do you know what it's like? Watching someone's whole world fall apart? The horror and despair in his eyes?

He turns towards me again, yet this time somehow I can't bring myself to be scared. "Don't go nee-chan. I'm scared"

For a moment I don't move. I'm scared to. I hate this side of myself, the side that freezes in terror whenever I'm scared. I hate this part of myself. It's the same part that almost got me killed be the ax killer at Serena's Villa. If Conan hadn't saved me, I'd be in two pieces. Then Nee-chan part of me came out of nowhere and gave the scared part of me the beating of it's life, screaming it's head off about how dare I let Conan think I was scared of him after all he'd done for me.

I go over to him and hold him in my lap and tell him it's going to be okay, running my hand through his hair, carefully avoiding the ears. I can still feel the warmth of the fever through the fur on his forehead and I can feel his limbs shake slightly. This isn't a monster. This Conan, the little boy who came out of nowhere. Conan who saved my life and never let me despair about Shinichi's disappearance. Conan, my little brother/confident/sort of son. Conan, of whom I'm so proud.

And it's my turn to save him.

AN: Shift part 2 is up. And yes I know Conan seems OOC in this but there's a reason. When Conan's in his transformed state, his wolf side is more present than otherwise, and his wolf side's still a cub. Therefore in his transformed state he will tend to think and act more like a child than he normally would. Yes, this ties in with the "Mom" comment in FAF chapter 4, and also show that it goes both ways.

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