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Grand Line, somewhere close to, but not at Arabasta

On the small ship Ming Shu, a wedding was taking place. The groom was a tall man dressed in a black suit with a white collar shirt. The groom's hair was brown and combed nicely. A wide grin was plastered on his face. In his coat pocket there was the flower Bird of Paradise. Next to him stood his best man the bride's brother. The best man dressed in beige cloak with his white hair upheaval. His face wore a smile.

The Den Den Mushi began to play music as the ring bearer walked up to the bow of the ship. Following the little boy was the bride and the bride's maid. The little boy wore a miniature of the groom. His hair was tied back to show his small charming face. The bride was dressed in an elegant white dress. It was not a typical wedding dress due to the location of the wedding, but it was a wedding dress. The bride's purple hair was down in large curls and cascaded down her back. The bride's maid wore her normal attire as Captain of the Ming Shu: a blue corset with a suede jacket and long dark blue pants. Her black hair was plaited back in a long braid. Her right arm was bandaged in a cast.

On the previous island, there was a skirmish with bounty hunter. He had a death grip and when he grabbed the captain, he crushed her wrist. Malik took care of him in one shot.

The captain gave the bride away to the groom before stepping on the platform. She laughed, "I know I'm not an official priestess, but this is a celebration between the union of Osito and Sakuya with witnesses Malik and Nikola." She looked down at the bride and groom, "Osito, do you take Sakuya as your lawfully wedded wife. To hold and to cherish, to love and to protect, to put up with and to annoy until the day you die?"

Nikola coughed to hide his laugh as Osito replied, "Yes, I do."

The captain repeated to Sakuya, "Sakuya, do you take Osito as your lawfully wedded husband. To hold and to cherish, to love and to protect, to put up with and to annoy until the day you die?"

"I do."

"The rings." Nikola gave a ring to the captain. "Does any one here object to the union between Osito and Sakuya? Speak now or forever hold your peace." She held the rings out and looked around at then empty ship. "If no one objects," she said while giving the rings to the bride and groom, "I now—"

"I object to this wedding." A man jumped on the deck of the ship. He had short brown hair in small curls; his face was sharp and clean cut. He was dressed in blue vest and tan breeches. Another man jumped on the deck on the other side of the ship. This man was tall and had dark tanned skin. His grayish hair was cut short around his head like a cue ball. He wore a long open sleeveless coat with grey pants. On his chest it said the number one in an archaic character. "This is the ship of Bloody Amy isn't it?"

Amy jumped down from the platform and crossed her arms, "Who are you?"

"I'm the bounty hunter Frost and I'm going to collect your bounty."

"What?" Nikola complained, "We're having a wedding. Can you take a rain check?" But Sakuya and Malik already drew their weapons. Sakuya unsheathed her short sword and Malik pulled away his cloak.

Frost replied, "Ten seconds. Prepare."

"Nikola, go get my lance." Osito commanded. Nikola rushed passed Frost and went under deck. A silver lance flew from the over the cabin at Osito who caught it. When he caught it, a blood curling scream pierced the air.

"Nikki!" Sakuya shouted as she leaped over the cabin in one jump. She froze when she saw the sight before her. "He was just a child!" The boy lay on the deck slain. The dark skinned man stood over the boy's corpse.

"Das," Frost said to the man, "I ask for your help on only Amy. The others don't have a bounty."

"It's Mr. One, Frost." The man replied. "Pirates are pirates. They all must be dispatched."

"Of course, but you're not working for Baroque Works right now... Alright, just dispatch everyone. I want to kill Bloody Amy myself."

Sakyua charged at Mr. One and the two engaged in battle. However, it was futile for Sakuya. Every attack she made didn't have any effect on Mr. One. But in return, none of Mr. One attacks hit her or mark her in any way.

Frost had his eyes set on Amy, but Osito stood in his path. Although Osito tried his best, he couldn't harm Frost. The man was too fast and he was slow. Unlike Malik or Sakuya, he did not train hard enough to keep up on the Grand Line. Frost played with Osito until he grew tired of the charade. Frost balled his hand into a fist and his hand formed an ice blade. In a split second, he rushed at Osito and embedded his blade into his stomach.

At the same time, Mr. One made contact with Sakuya. She was distracted and that was her downfall. She was flew through the cabin and landed on the bow. There was a large cut across her chest.

Amy's eyes widened at the sight of her dead companions. Anger in her boiled as the air around them grew cold. Frost only smiled and transformed his body into ice. "You cannot defeat me with your measly power."

As she commanded the wind around her to form a tornado, Mr. One dashed at her with his blade arms. Malik rushed in front of him and blasted him with his arm cannon. Mr. One flew back and landed somewhere near the stern.

While Malik was attacking Mr. One, Frost took the chance to get him off guard. Using his ice devil fruit, he formed a vacuumed ice cage around Amy.

"MALIK!" Amy slammed her fist onto the thick ice walls.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. There's a limited amount of air in there." Frost sat down on the railing, "I'm going to enjoy the show. Try and escape."

Amy took out her fan and waved wind gusts at the walls with her left hand, but it had no effect. It was too weak. Her dominate hand was in a cast.

"Stop," Malik said to her as he knocked on the ice cage. "I can break this, but it'll take all my energy."

"No," Amy commanded, "I will not lose you too!" She gasped for air after her sentence.

Malik gave her a small smile and whispered, "When I break it, you have to run to the sail boat. That's your only chance. You will not be able to defeat him in your state. I live to protect you. There is no point in life if my Princess is dead."

"Malik!" Amy gasped, "No."

Malik turned the knobs on his cannon to maximum and leaped in the air. Without another second wasted, he unleashed his cannon blast at the ice cage. The blinding light filled his eyes and his pupils closed to prevent the light from hurting his head. Frost covered his eyes from the large explosion that appeared before him.

Malik crashed onto the deck. He had labored breathing, but he was alive, just barely.

"You," Mr. One appeared over him, "You have a monstrous power. Baroque Works would love you in the organization. However, you are a pirate and all pirates must be executed." He balled his hand into a fist as his knuckles became blades. In one swift movement, he slammed his fist into Malik's face. Malik fell below deck from the blast while crashing through the hull of the ship. Water splashed up.

"Nice, Das," Frost rubbed his eyes, "The ship is going to sink."

"Did you get the bounty?"

Frost laughed, "One second." He sprinted to the edge of the deck while he created an ice javelin in his hands. He threw the javelin across the ocean to a figure on the surface. "Yes, I did." He said as he saw the figure fall into the ocean. "Amy's dead. Tell your boss, you might get promoted to Mr. Zero point Five"

"It's your kill. Go get your reward."

Days Later…

East Blue, Baratie

"Hey Carne," Patty slowly turned to his friend, "Remember when Sanji was still here?"

"What about it?" Carne replied.

"That girl, Amy was her name right?"

"Yes, what about her?"

"She's dead."

Carne turned his head and grabbed the newspaper, After reading it to make sure Patty was telling the truth, he ran to the chief's room. "Chief Zeff! AMY IS DEAD!"

The chief had his own newspaper in his hand, "I don't believe it."

Grand Line, some where on the sea, on a small ship with green candles

A man screamed, "WHAT?" as he read the newspaper. "That bastard's son!"

Grand Line, Going Merry

"NEWSPAPER!" Luffy shouted, "NEWSPAPER!" The seagull landed on the railing waiting for the navigator to come.

"I'm here," Nami gave some change to the seagull and it flew away. She went to her lounge chair and opened the newspaper to the first page. "WHAT!" She screamed.

"Nami-swan!" Sanji appeared from the kitchen, "What's the matter? Do you want another drink?"

"Nami?" The Arabasta princess Vivi asked, "What's the matter?"

"Everyone come here! NOW!" Luffy stretched over the railing to be on the bow deck. Vivi, Usopp, Chopper, and Sanji ran to be beside her. Nami saw that Zoro was sleeping. "Dammit, Zoro. It's important!" She turned to Sanji with a smile, "Sanij, wake him please. Make sure to kick him hard."

"My pleasure." Sanji replied and kicked Zoro into the mast of the ship.

"What the Hell!" Zoro shot up wide awake.

"Shut up, Zoro." Nami held up the newspaper. "Amy's dead!" On the front page, there was Amy's bounty picture crossed out. "Bloody Amy is dead," Nami began reading, "The greatest bounty hunter Robert Frost Jr, has defeated her and her crew. He refused to collect the bounty money and says, 'It's what I do. To rid the world of pirates is my goal.'" Namie read on about how he defeated Amy and her crew.

"It's not true is it?" Usopp asked, "Amy can't be defeated. It's not possible."

"Who's Amy?" Vivi asked.

"She is our Nakama from when we were in the East Blue," Zoro replied, "She was our friend. I don't believe it. Malik wouldn't fail to protect her."

"I don't believe it too." Nami added.

Luffy smiled, "Yeah! She's alive. I know it! Dagger's alive!"

"Dagger?" Chopper asked, "I thought you said her name was Amy."

"Her name is Dagger!" Luffy shouted to the sky. "Dagger's alive!"

Somewhere on the Grand Line, farther from Arabasta, on two ships

"Why are we going to Arabasta again?" A young man asked. The man had mid length green hair. He was dressed in a white robe. In his lap was a small bonsai tree.

"Black Beard has been sighted there." Another man replied from the next boat. This man had short black hair. He wore no shirt and exposed the large tattoo on his back. To protect himself from the sun, he wore an orange hat with goggles, one lens with a smiley face and the other an unhappy one.

The green haired man looked over to the horizon, "Hey Ace, is that half of a row boat?"

Ace peered over the side of the boat, "It looks like it. There's someone on there."

"Hey Sis," the green haired called. His twin appeared from below deck. She had a khaki jacket over her green tank top with khaki shorts.

"What? What do you want?"

"Go save that person," he pointed to the figure in the water.

She growled, "Why don't you save her?"

"I can't swim." He shurrged.

"Could you go, please?" Ace asked.

Rolling her eyes, she took off her jacket and jumped over board. She swam out to the body and pulled it back. "A little help please?" She shouted to him. "She's really heavy for some reason. It's lucky she was floating on the plank of wood."

The green haired man waved his hand over the tree in his lap. The bonsai tree began to grow and two branches went down above the water to where his twin and the body were. His sister grabbed onto the branch and it pulled them up.

"Sis," He said slowly, "She looks familiar doesn't she?"

She sat beside the body, "She's… she's injured. I'm surprised that no Sea Kings are here especially the catfish. She's bleeding too."

"I'm on it, but look at her, Remember when we were children?"

Ace jumped from his boat to the twin's ship, "Help her first, and when she wakes, we can ask her questions."

Fin... or To Be Continued...

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