Behind Blue Eyes

I have had a positive response to my other poem about Joey Wheeler, so here is one from Seto's POV. May or may not turn into a collection, haven't decided yet.

DISCLAIMER: Warning, shake before you open.

Shards Of Ice

Shards of ice have pierced my heart
They poison me
Rendering my mind numb.
Intoxicating white fire burns through my soul
Then freezes.
I am locked in a block of unforgiving ice,
Can't you see this in my eyes?
How I long for my heart to just melt
And feel.
But I know this will be too much for my soul to bear.
How I wish for you to believe me
When I say that everything will be all right,
But I know my mind will not allow this,
My prison of a soul that has trapped my very essence.
My strength has been my iciness
And if I lose it now,
If I step too close to the fire,
I fear that it
may kill

Like the stalactite shape of the poem?