-Rock The World-

Well, this is my new fanfic, hope you all will like it. First chapter doesn't say that much really, but this fanfic will feature original songs written by me (don't run!) and some pairings... Won't tell you which, though.

Anyway, for the first eight chapters, there will be a profile sort of for each character, giving you a bit more info about them.

First out is Raine, the bands manager. Anyway, enjoy and don't forget to review.

Celebrity Insanity- Issue 104-

Name: Raine Sage

Age: 20+

Weight: Don't you dare write it!

Occupation: Manager, producer and song-writer for the so far nameless band.

Instrument of choice: None.

Pets: None.

Favourite possession: All my books. My eyes just glow when I think... this was cut down to fit in

Last thing you bought: A book. It was a book called...bla bla bla bla four minute ramble

Favourite band member: It most certainly isn't Lloyd, that malignant mischief maker, and Zelos is as annoying as it gets. But I like the rest of them, sort of.

Favourite movie: The Ancient History Of Books- Reloaded. I loved it, it contained so much... interviewer dozed off somewhere around here

Favourite book: I love all my books, but a few more than others. For example... censored

What I do in 10 years: Then I have an own library full of every book in the world! Can you imagine the shelves, the polished wood... interview had to be interrupted due to nightfall

Motto: Read a book, and earn knowledge for life! There's nothing like... yawn

Well, thanks alot, Raine Sage. Good luck with managing the band, and the library thing. Now, let's get the hell out of here.


-Meet The Band-

"Okay... How about: La Bamba Rock And Roll!" Lloyd Irving exclaimed, but recieved nothing but sceptical looks from the others.

"We need something better" Sheena Fuyibayashi said, as she was making a card spin around in mid air. "Something catchy..."

"What about Pink Lloyd!" Lloyd yelled. "That's a great name! But I'm not pink.."

"Nah" Zelos Wilder said, gently combing his long red hair with his hand. "I'd say we need something that get the ladies to come see us... Maybe Zelos The Boss?"

Sheena intentionally coughed and glared at him.

"Eh, sorry my lovely Sheena.. Let's make it Zelos The Boss And The Band!"

She kept staring at him.

"Or maybe Zelos The Boss And The Band and Sheena?"

"No" Genis said. "I think our name should be Students Of Glory!"

"Genis, that sounds so cheezy" Lloyd muttered. "Let's make it School Of Fool!"

"Too bad you're the only one qualifying for that" Zelos said and laughed. "No, I think we should call ourselves Van Zelos, or maybe..The Strolling Bones! Haha!"

"Well...What do you think, Regal?" Genis asked.

"Or even better: The Symphonic Demonic Orchestra!" Zelos said, smiling. "Wow, that sounds so tough, the chicks' are going to love it... Yeah!"

Regal himself didn't answer, he was sleeping, snoring loudly.

"Uh...I think..." Presea started, looking for the right words. "What about The Chosen?"

"Well, I..." Colette started, but Presea shook her head.

"I mean, the name The Chosen would sound good, I think..."

"Yeah, good job, Presea." Genis said, obviously blushing a bit when he looked at her.

"The Chosen?" Lloyd exclaimed. "We're not just a one man band!"

"Chosen, Lloyd Irving. It's pluralis." Raine said, waving a finger in front of his eyes. "You and I are going to have some private lessons, boy..."

To his defense, it can be admitted that he tried to escape. Raine whacked his head with her staff before he even reached the door.

No harm done, though.

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The band gets their first gig, but it doesn't go as planned. Interview with Lloyd Irving and find out why

Regal suddenly can't play the keyboard anymore.

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