From the wise words of LilYasha: I know what you all are thinking. Why in the hell is she writing a NEW story! Dammit, update your other ones! Well...let me answer with one simple word...writer's block! This story has been tumbling around in my head for weeks, along with The Silent Hanyou and Always There. But the inevitable has happened, and I can't put my thoughts into words on my poor other stories...but this one has been coming easily so I just started writing it. It's strange and confusing butI already have three chapters! So enjoy and be patient.I know you guys love do right...: ) Just kiddin' see ya soon!

Something was wrong.

He couldn't really explain it.

There was just something….amiss.

Maybe it was that constant humming in the background of his thoughts. It wasn't really something he could hear. But he knew it was there. And besides when he concentrated too hard on it, he would lose complete track of his thoughts and not remember what he was even trying to do.

Or maybe it was how he was starting to space out.

And that, in itself, was really strange because he wasn't spacing out kind of guy. Well, yes, he would sometimes mull about problems in his life or go over memories or his day, whatever.

But he did not daydream.

And lately he had been doing just that…. a lot.

But…he never remembered what he was daydreaming about. When something in reality would grab his attention and the fog would fade…he couldn't remember….anything.

He couldn't even grasp how long he had been floating in that hazy darkness.

Everyone was starting to worry about him too. They were constantly asking him questions and trying to strip him apart to know what was wrong.

Hell, he was starting to get worried as well.

But, come on dammit, that was damn annoying!

Sometimes he wouldn't even realize he was slipping into that fog again. Sometimes…he would just…wake up. And that was all, no hint or warning that those choking hands would wrap around his mind and rip him free of his physical body. It would just happen.

And that was the most frightening part out of it all.

He tried to pick and probe the inside of his mind to see what could be wrong. He tried to think over any past events that could have possibly triggered it. But no answer could come to mind.

Not would…could…

For even thoughts had been hard to grasp.

Words, ideas, memories…caught and strangled in the spider web floating outside the dark chasms of his mind. Nothing could break in. But things could definitely fall out. And when they did…

They didn't come back.


Something was definitely wrong.

But what was it again?

"I…ya….In…sha….Inuy….a, Inuyasha? Inuyasha! Inuyasha!"

The sharp wail pierced the walls building up around him and in a blink of an eye the fog whistled out. Eerily, he could almost hear a scream of protest and frustration echoing in his head. Blinking rapidly, Inuyasha looked up at the person responsible for bringing him back to reality.

And…he had no idea who it was.

A trickle of unease and panic chilled into his chest as he racked his mind for a name. But like all the other contents that were once residing in the many files of his head…that piece of information had been stolen from him.

A name…a name…he had to find a name. Come on, think, you should know this person.

And he knew he did. There was a feeling of familiarity but there was no damn name!

Ah shit…

Okay, the young man was starting to look at him weird. His violet-blue eyes crinkled in a look of concern and confusion as the awkward silence stretched out.

Oh come on, think, think….

Oh thank God, a letter was coming…a first name…. floating towards him, drifting down in front of his mind's eye to allow him to read. M….Mi…

In an electric jump start, Inuyasha gasped out with relief, "Oh, Miroku! What, what do you want?"

Miroku's eyebrows scrunched into a "V" and he took a step back, "Yes, um….I was going to ask you which flavor of ramen you wanted." Before he could answer, Miroku went on in with that same wary, suspicious tone, "Inuyasha? Are you alright? We've been yelling at you for ten minutes."

"You have?" Inuyasha turned and stared at the concerned faces of the rest of his pack. Luckily, the names came easily this time.





And of course….Kagome.

You see…you didn't forget. You just need to get more sleep. Now start talking or they'll get even more suspicious.

Inuyasha made a show to cross his arms and glare at them in a defensive stance. "Feh, so I was daydreaming. What. Is that not allowed? Sheesh, what the hell is your guy's problem? You're looking at me like I have two heads or something." His act appeared to work for everyone smiled in relief and shook their heads.

"We apologize, Inuyasha. But ye were frightening us. It is not like ye to drift off in thought like that." Kaede went back to mixing her potion of medicinal herbs.

The response was reflexive…even though, he didn't really understand why he was acting so defensive.

That knowledge had been stolen from him as well.

"What? I can think if I want to! What the hell is wrong with that? You do it too!" The irritation was immediate as well when the little kitsune….no, Shippo, his name is Shippo….began to laugh and twirl his finger in circles beside his little orange head.

Before he could even realize what, or why he was doing, Inuyasha had jumped up and began to chase after the fox pup. Growling and screaming promises of pain the whole way.

No one paid any heed to the death chase making around the tiny confines of Kaede's hut and all instead made a tiny thanks for a hint of normalcy. Inuyasha's little day dreams had been lasting longer and longer for the past couple weeks. In some cases he dropped all that he had been doing to have his eyes glaze over and to stare off into the middle distance. Or, like just now, would blink in confusion and stare dumbly at people as if seeing them for the first time.

It was starting to get worrisome for everyone.

They had spoken for hours before on what could be wrong, asking or pleading for Kaede for any theories. The only answer the old village priestess could provide though was that Inuyasha must just have a lot of stuff on his mind. That was all. However, even the old hag was starting to be concerned.

A dog hanyou with such fine hearing would have responded to Miroku's yells the very first time. But instead the half-breed's little ears hadn't even twitched, completely straight and unmoving atop his head. His amber eyes seemed faded somehow as well, as if the gold sheen that shown in them was being slowly sucked away. And when he finally came back to them, there was an innocent confusion in his gaze. His orbs had exploded with their vibrant color once again but there was a wide naïve….childish look to them.

And that was something Kaede had never seen before.

Inuyasha in his young life had seen many hardships, cruelties and horror. That she knew of what little she did of him. There was no child inside him. Sadly, Kaede thought that perhaps Inuyasha had never even experienced a childhood. His eyes were hard and solid, never wavering with pain or anxiety, always keen on his goal. Sometimes, Kaede believed, that with Inuyasha's experiences….he may be considered much older than she, in body and spirit.

Yes, there was something amiss about their young hanyou.

Miroku sat down beside her and whispered coolly for all to hear, "That was strange. I've never seen him act that way before. It almost looked…."

Sango and Kagome inched closer to him while at the same time kept their eyes on their conversation topic of choice still lunging after a certain fox demon. "What, Miroku?" Sango asked.

His blue eyes narrowed and his voice depicted news of impending doom, "It was almost as if he couldn't recognize me."

Kagome chuckled nervously and waved her hand, "Nonsense, I think you just surprised him that's all. Inuyasha has a lot of things to deal with what with defeating Naraku, the fact his own brother wants to kill him and…and well." Kagome tried to hide the pain she knew were clear in her eyes, "Kikyou and everything. You're all just jumping to conclusions."

Sango nodded and placed a friendly arm around Kagome's shoulders. A womanly sign silently asking if her young friend was alright; Kagome smiled at her reassuringly. "Kagome's right. Like Inuyasha said, he can day dream if he wants to. I mean I do it all the time. There's nothing strange about it."

"Yes but unlike us Inuyasha has those sensitive dog ears of his. I was practically screaming at him. He should have heard me." Miroku ruffled his bangs, his eyes deepening in quizzical thought.

"Maybe he was just trying to ignore you. You know how he is." Kagome tried to laugh once more. But it sounded forced even to her, own ears. She knew Inuyasha better than anyone. And her hanyou never drifted off so deeply like that. He hadn't even blinked or winced or had shown any sign of hearing Miroku at all. And that was not like him.

"I suppose…" by his tone, it seemed Miroku didn't believe it either.

Kagome pushed away the feeling of unease creeping up her spine and decided to finally save Shippo from his punishment. "Inuyasha! Sit, boy!"

The hanyou yelped in surprise as he tasted hard wood floor. There was a disturbing crunch and creak of the boards while his rosary pulled him deeper and deeper. Shippo sniffed in distaste and trotted over Kagome, smiling smugly. She rolled her eyes and ruffled the boy's bright orange hair.

After a few seconds Inuyasha was able to lift himself off the ground, indents from the wood imprinted on his face. But instead of spouting off with curses and indignation, he remained silent, with his eyes stunned and fingering at his necklace in a horrified awe. Kagome tilted her head and ignored another wave of apprehension and quietly asked, "Inuyasha, are you okay? What's wrong?"

He slightly jumped by the sound of her voice and turned to her, that same childish confused look on his face." Wha—oh yeah, sure I'm okay." He stroked his nose, grimacing in pain.

You baka, she sat you! Get angry!


He glared at her and growled, "You baka that hurt like hell! Shit why did you have to do that?" He rubbed his face and kept mentally throwing daggers at her.

Kagome tried not to smile by how normal his reaction was and instead allowed her own anger to bubble forth. "You're the baka! Chasing after poor Shippo like that. He's just a kid!"

Inuyasha squashed a bizarre notion of apologizing when that tiny voice yelled at him once more.

Hey! He started it, the little Brat!

"Hey! He started it, the little Brat!" Inuyasha growled at the fluffy orange ball sticking his tongue at him. Kagome tightened her hold around Shippo and gave him that look. The look that meant "If-you-don't-behave-I'll-SIT-you again" it was a look of promises and warning.

The tiny voice inside his head knew it well. If it hadn't been for the instinct of what it meant Inuyasha might have attacked at the annoying little brat again. Luckily the voice had warned him that it would be best if he edged away and sulked instead. He did just that and lounged in a corner of the hut, never keeping his eyes off the pup.

Don't worry…you'll get him back.


The hut quieted down to a serene thrum, watching passively at the bubbling pot of ramen dinner simmering in the middle of the floor. Inuyasha's mouth began to water as the contents sweet wafting smell filled his nostrils. His stomach growled in impatience, begging for sustenance.

Inuyasha gave no attention to his body's pleas.

There was that hum again.

It was starting to fill his head.

He wanted to tap into it and find out what it was. But at the same time was afraid to do so. There was something he didn't like about that noise. He mentally inched away from it….but like a ravenous wolf stalking a lamb, it followed him; engulfing more and more of his mind. He was being trapped inside a corner; darkness flowing in around him, choking him, swallowing him whole.

The laughter grew louder.

Kagome picked up the steaming bowl of beef flavored ramen and walked over to Inuyasha. Her hands tingled by the heat and she smiled to herself by the wonderful smell. This was Inuyasha's favorite.

"Hey, I got you some r—Inuyasha?" Kagome knelt down beside him and stretched out her hand. His eyes were glazed over once more but there was a terrified, trapped look to them. His mouth had dropped open and his breathing had become erratic pants. "Inuyasha, what-?"By then everyone else had noticed Inuyasha's bizarre expression and was inching towards him and Kagome.

They were stealing them.

They wouldn't give them back.

They kept taking more and more. No matter how much he screamed and begged and threatened.

They kept going.

No. Stop. Please. Don't take them. Not those. Please. Anything but those.


Her hand was mere centimeters from his face when suddenly Inuyasha's head flung back in a silent scream and his body began to shake in uncontrollable spasms. Falling to the floor, a white froth dribbled past his pale lips.


The bowl filled with the hanyou's dinner shattered to the floor and Kagome gripped Inuyasha's shoulders trying to keep him still.

"What's going on?"

"His eyes rolled back in his head!"

"He's possessed! Quick Miroku grab your—"

"NO!" Kagome gritted her teeth and pushed Inuyasha to his side, allowing his throat to open and struggle for air. "He's not possessed. He's having a seizure!"

"A what? I have not heard of such a thing!"

Tears of fear trickled down her cheeks and Kagome looked over to an equally fearful Kaede, "Of course not, it's something from my time."

"Is there something we can do?"

She struggled not to break down into sobs and shook her head, "No. We just have to wait till they're over."

Oh my God, Inuyasha…what's happening to you? Oh please, please be okay.

They all stared in horror as Inuyasha continued to writhe on the floor, eyes blank white, foam spouting out his mouth.

There was nothing they could do.

He was drifting in a choking sea of blackness. There was nothing there. Nothing existed.

They had stolen them.

Something was now missing. There was a deep hole inside of him. A piece of himself, a vital part…missing.

But he didn't know what.

Once he realized that they had taken his precious…something….the knowledge of what and how….was disappearing.

In a slow suction, everything was disappearing.

They took it…

But what?

Won't give it back.

Give what back?

What happened?

Why is it so dark?

Why am I so sad?

What is missing?

Who is calling me?

Piercing through the black prison blanketing around him, there was a gentle voice; casting away the fog and the rumbling sound of sadistic laughter. It called to him, for him, begging him and lulling him to come to it.

He was helpless to it.

And so he followed.

It was a soft hypnotic siren's song. Filling him with the feeling of warmth and safety, it calmed the roaring waves of confusion inside of him and kept the hopelessness, the sadness, and the despair at bay.

He was addicted to it.

Don't stop. He begged voicelessly into the dark. Please don't go away. Help me, please save me. Don't let me stay here. Don't….go…

His hand was reaching out, pleading for comfort and hold. He felt weak, pathetic and worthless but at the same time knew that it was safe to be vulnerable to this voice. It wouldn't hurt him and it wouldn't betray him.

It would keep all his secrets.

It knew that it would hold him close and protect him from that laughter.


Warmth enveloped him, wrapping around him in a lover's embrace, tugging him with it, leading him out in a seductive lullaby. He cared no longer for the questions bubbling in his mind, he cared no more for his fear and hopelessness; he followed it dependently, trusting it to make everything all right.

Come back to me…


Wake up…

His seizure had ended hours ago but he had not yet regained consciousness. Kagome continued to cradle him close and whispered useless nothing in his ears, stroking his hair and skimming her fingers along the pale outline of his jaw. His body was deathly still. Cold to the touch, even as the morning sun danced along his body. His breathing had stayed regular, a slow inhale and exhale that never missed a beat, but there was a ragged quality to it such as if he had ran a great distance. And though she cooed in his puppy ears and splayed kisses along his temple, nothing had roused him from his grim death like sleep.

Her tears had long since dried, though the lump in her throat was too stubborn to leave. She couldn't even imagine falling asleep. Everyone else was able to succumb to a disturbing slumber, but not she. That would be impossible with the haunting visions of Inuyasha with his eyes rolling in the back of his skull and bubbly foam spilling forth from his mouth.

No…she would not rest until her love was awake.

And she prayed, with all her heart, that he would do so soon.

"What if he's in a coma…what if he has another seizure and his heart stops…oh, there's nothing in my first aid kit that could help him then. What am I going to do? Oh, Inuyasha…please…please, wake up…"Her eyes stung with unshed tears and she hugged her hanyou's upper half to her chest, his forehead lying snugly on her shoulder. Kagome sniffed and squeezed her eyes painfully shut, "Please…Inuyasha, come back to me….please wake up…"

The voice had led him out. Securely holding him and keeping him from falling back into the darkness and to be strangled by that laughter; to watch helplessly as more and more of his precious….something…. was taken away. No…the voice was protecting him, making the darkness recede. Drifting off to hover on the outside of his mental walls, the hum along with it…but they were still there…waiting…waiting for the right moment to steal again.

But wait…steal what?

He wasn't certain anymore…but he knew…they were taking something important….something precious.

And with the knowledge, the knowing, that something was missing but he could not name what….filled him with a despairing sadness and pain.

But he ignored the feelings, the sadness, fear and confusion, swamping him and instead fully concentrated on the voice and…

The smell.

He knew that smell.

Lilacs….and vanilla….sweet and warm….he remembered that.

He liked that scent.

It filled him with ease and relaxed him to the point of lethargy.

It made him feel happy and that all would be well.

He breathed it in as deep as he could, marking it forever onto his memory, filling up the hole and becoming one with his soul.

He had to have more.

Something deep inside him, a voice who now whispered so very gently, said he must always remember this smell. Should always know the feelings he got when breathing it in and to keep it close to his heart and soul.

And to let no one take it away.

For if they did…

He knew…

That he would break.

He wasn't sure why he felt this way. He wasn't sure why he felt any of this. And he didn't know…why he was in this situation in the first place.

What in the hell had happened?

Slowly memories and common sense came back to him, a drying up stream, and he struggled to open his eyes as he realized that the source of this smell and that….beautiful….melodious…ugh, that voice was not supposed to be this close!

He groaned as he became aware of his physical body, the soreness and the dull ache of pain at his temples, he became antsy and panic-stricken when he wasn't able to move.

What had happened?

He didn't remember falling asleep!

He didn't remember passing out!

When he tried to think back, tried to remember, that hum got louder, the needles in the back of his eyeballs got sharper, and he was swamped by darkness. There were holes in his memory; he didn't know how he had gotten there!

Why was Kagome holding him?

Why…oh why in the hell was she crying?

Why couldn't he move or speak?

Why couldn't he remember!

"K…nnnng…Kago….meee" his body broke out into a sweat and fear clawed at his insides.

This was Kagome holding him and he did trust her, he did know that she would never hurt him although he had not known her long but he was still…still so vulnerable.

And he did not like to be vulnerable.

Kagome took in a sharp inhale when Inuyasha choked out her name and began to squirm. She loosened her hold on him to look down on his face and frowned in worry by the fear and discomfort on his pale skin. He whimpered and twitched every part of him but only seemed to get more panicked and frustrated when he wasn't able to control his body.


He couldn't even open his eyes! What had happened to him? Was he poisoned? Did he fight with Sesshomaru or Naraku or something? How long had he been floating in that darkness? He couldn't even talk that well. His throat was dry and raspy and…oh…air! Air! He couldn't breathe! He was trapped! Too dark! Too dark! Can't move! Kagome!

He managed to grasp at the hem of her shirt and he pulled himself closer to her, gasping for breath. His face had drained of all color and his ears were swiveling mad in the mussed strands of his moon white hair. He mouthed words incoherently and trembled uncontrollably.

Kagome's chest chilled with the thought that perhaps…he was having another seizure. "Kaede! Kaede! Everyone wake up! I think Inuyasha's going to go into another attack! Kaede, Miroku!"

All in the room jumped out of their dreams and stumbled over to her, their eyes wide and the fog of fatigue disintegrating into the air. Kaede grabbed Inuyasha's arm that had a death grip on Kagome's shirt and tried to settle him down.

It only served to alarm the already frightened young boy more.

He had forgotten this fear.

That knowledge had not been stolen, only hidden and pushed away for years. But it attacked him now, chilling him to the core.

The darkness….the prison…trapped…and he couldn't get free…

Once he had found a description of his feelings in one of Kagome's "spell books", it was a strange word and it shocked him to find that it was something of a disease…


It had been hard to read and say aloud and to this day he was worried on asking Kagome to explain it fully to him for the book did not tell of a cure. All he knew was that he possessed this claustrophobia and it was not a good thing. Nothing with such a large name possibly could be. But he was scared….he felt stupid and pathetic… embarrassed on telling Kagome, of asking for her help and opinion.

So he had locked the knowledge away.

Besides he had had this fear all his life. The feeling of being trapped and held against his will, the feeling of the darkness slowly suffocating him….as it was now…He had lived with it for years and he would forever. He could and would live with it just fine. He had done well with avoiding dark secluded tiny places to make sure that the disease would not be made known to the rest of his companions. He had done well with keeping it closely hidden and guarded.

But now the fear and the panic, the terror was killing him!

He couldn't get free!

And he couldn't call for help!

He was going to die!

The laughter echoed deep in his mind.

"Ka-Kagome…" Ah, blessed air passing through his voice box! Talking! Call for help!

Even in the midst of terror….there was a feeling of embarrassment on admitting such a thing…he was scared….and he needed help…


He still did not like that feeling.

But nor did he with this.


He whimpered and shied away from everyone into her arms. He still couldn't grab a good lungful of air and his heart was beating itself on the brink of commission. Kagome, now confused, held him closer and rocked him back and forth, patting his back and trailing her fingers through his hair.

"Inuyasha? Inuyasha, can you hear me? Can you talk to me, what's wrong?" He wasn't having another seizure but she had never seen him so terrified before. What could possibly scare him so bad? A dream perhaps?

"Too dark….trapped….claustro… ….can't breathe…help…" He had gone to the level of pleading now…he could just hear the names and the teasing. This would never be put down.

Suddenly fresh memories flashed in his head. When he was a tiny little pup…falling into a ditch…dirt and grime covering him, choking him…couldn't escape…couldn't breathe…no sun, no air, no freedom…Momma….please Momma….someone help me, save me….can't get out.


His heart leaped to his throat and tremors snaked through his frozen ligaments. Just like before, he couldn't move and he couldn't dig out past the muffling darkness. No one could hear his screams for help because when he opened his mouth….dirt would strangle him and would push him down lower to the very pits of hell. Air wouldn't come, light couldn't come…no one would help him…


Kagome's eyes widened a fraction and then everything made sense. Well, not really but enough for her to know what to do. She lifted him up a bit until he was almost on his knees and securely wrapped her arms around his middle, planting one hand to massage the tenderness of his neck. To say the truth, she didn't know what the hell she was doing. But Inuyasha was in a living horror and needed comfort. And she knew she could try to do that.

"Inuyasha, listen to me. Everything is okay. You're not trapped. You're in Kaede's hut. Nothing can hurt you." She ignored everyone's quizzical stares and continued to whisper in his frantic little ear.

No, wrong…the darkness…it was still there…he still couldn't move, the very black was strangling him and keeping him immobile. Why couldn't she see that he was going to die?

"Can't move…dark…can't breathe…" He struggled not to pass out.

In a patient and loving tone, she continued to massage gently up the sides of his neck, and whispered, "Yes you can, Inuyasha. There's air. You can breathe. You just have to relax and lay still. I'm right here….I can breathe…now relax…the air is there…"

No it's not! Frustration made itself known through the fogs of panic. It wasn't there and how could he possibly relax when fighting to stay alive? Kagome…please…listen…help me….the darkness was swallowing him….he grew very tired…

"Inuyasha…I know you're scared…I am too. But listen to me, pay close attention to my voice, do what I'm saying, do you understand?"

Yeah…yeah he did…he did…oh so tired now….black all around him…trapped…no air…

"Listen closely Inuyasha….do you hear that…." She made a big effort of inhaling….and then exhaling….inhaling…."Follow my lead, Inuyasha. You'll find the air. Do what I'm doing…" Exhale….inhale….

He did as he was told. Now working on full instinct. He could no longer form thought and the terror was still wrapped around him. But he tried to rise from it and concentrated on the magic of her touch on his neck, relieving the stress in his muscles and the compelling command in her lulling voice.

Okay….i-inhale…It was working, slow and strangled but his throat and lungs were cooperating…now exhale…oh blessed air….the black lost power….inhale….exhale…faster now, deeper….drink the air….the vanilla and lilac…breathe…it was working…

Kagome smiled in relief as his chest expanded and the erratic pulse on the pads of her fingers began to calm and slow. "That a boy, Yasha. You see now what did I tell you? Don't stop now okay, pay attention to what I'm doing. Follow me."

He groaned in dizziness as the air soaked into his blood and dispatched his horrific headache. He followed Kagome's command and refused to think, listening to the beat of her heart and the melodic rhythm of her breathing. I guess she was right….there was air…damn bitch…He smiled and allowed himself a moment of peace and relished in her scent and warmth.


Feeling much better, oxygen fueling strength and movement to his body, Inuyasha regretfully detached himself from the protection of Kagome's arms. He felt sheepish and stupid and didn't look into her face, feeling the heat of embarrassment flooding his cheeks and down his neck. He mumbled something incoherent, a thank you more like, and rubbed his eyes tiredly.

Kagome ignored her own blush and cupped his face to lift his gaze to her own, she noted somewhere….of that childish look deep in his orbs….but in a flash it was gone and she couldn't find it again. Shame had flooded his eyes and he tried to look back down, but Kagome refused to release him. "Inuyasha, are you okay? You had us all worried. How are you feeling?" She kept her tone light and whispered, knowing of his awkwardness.

"I'm fine," he said gruffly and he shrugged away from her. He had liked the feel of her velvet soft hands on his face….but did not care for the vulnerability that came with it and the humiliation of her seeing him with one of his weaknesses. And helping him through it as well….he felt so stupid…he could take care of himself dammit.

Sniffing cautiously, he knew that his face had taken the shade of a ripe tomato…

He had an audience.

Growling to himself, he turned towards the inevitable teasing he was going to have.

And was attacked instead.

Shippo had flung himself to the hanyou's chest, tears in his emerald green eyes and was hugging him tightly. Inuyasha blinked, embarrassment forgotten and looked down at the little kit. "Shippo….what the hell are you doing?"

The pup sniffed and shook his head from side to side. "You scared me, you baka. Your eyes rolled in the back of your head and you were shaking on the floor and…."

Inuyasha was dumbfounded and he cut the kit's words to pull him up to his gaze. "I did what? What happened now? What the hell is going on?" He pointed his confusion to everyone else in the room. A strange new panic welling up inside of him. "What happened to me? How long have I been asleep? Why are you all looking at me like that and…"

He frowned in frustration and bewilderment, staring at Sango. He pointed at her and yelled, "Who in the hell are you?"

From the great mind of the oh so modest LilYasha: Now you are probably thinking...why in the hell is she writing an amnesia story line? Well, I'm sorry,I love drama andI love that plot, but mine is twisted in a way as you can see. I hope you won't mind and will keep reading. See ya soon...and don't worry I'll keep trying to jump over that hurtle in my brain and update The Silent Hanyou.