Star Signs

Part 1: Raven The Libra

By Shyro Foxfeather


Raven: Libra

Emotionally complex, elegant, refined, easily offended, balanced, diplomatic, dependent, distant, and argumentive…

You may be tempted to make sudden changes in your daily routine or in your diet, but this might just be a reflection of your boredom. Look for ways to add excitement into your life without turning it upside down. For now, be creative, yet work within the restrictions you've already accepted. –AOL Horoscope


Raven walked into the common room with a distasteful look gracing her features. She was sick of the day to day routine they'd been stuck with which was an effect of the recent lack of villains in Jump City. She sighed and slipped into a seat at the dining table with a hardbound, coverless book. She propped open her book—Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe to be precise—as the cries of victory and/or defeat littered the air while the boys pounded mercilessly on their Gamestation controllers.

She had gotten a few sentences into it when a wave or irritation overlapped her calm spirit and she had to close the book immediately. She sighed and pondered her current situation. 'It's unlike me to be so…restless. I never thought I'd say this but… I really wish Starfire were here. We could meditate or… go shopping. Maybe.'

She laid her head down in her arms and sighed. She hadn't slept well the night before and she'd even woken an hour or so later than usual.

Beast Boy walked in through the sliding doors and Raven wondered, as she glanced at him through her dark tresses, why she hadn't noticed that it was only Cyborg and Robin playing their mindless video game. She tossed out that useless thought and went back to just resting on the table.

She felt his presence draw near her and she paid it no heed, assuming that he'd continue on and join in the virtual reality battle game. Her calm trance-like nap was interrupted as he stopped directly in front of her.

"What?" She asked darkly as she looked up a little.

Beast Boy suppressed a nervous grin as he realized she looked like a miffed cat that was attempted to do what cats do best; nap. And it was adorably cute. "Um. Well, I got this new game and I wanted to know if you would play it with me." He stated in a hopeful tone.

She eyed him a moment before opening her mouth to answer and what came out wasn't what she meant to say. "Fine." She muttered. Truthfully, she had nothing better to do. Which was really kind of pathetic.

What Beast Boy had assumed would be a definite 'no' surprised him and he grinned widely before scurrying over to the television. Without warning he flipped off their game and began the time consuming task that all bubble-headed game junkies face when getting a new game; hooking it up.

"Hey man! I was winning!" Cyborg yelped indignantly.

Robin just groaned. "No you weren't, I was." He muttered.

Beast Boy just went about his work. He had seemed to ignore them when he victoriously cried out, "Raven's gonna play me in our new DDR game!"

"No way!" Robin exclaimed, not letting on to whether he was surprised about the game being there or that Raven was going to play it. Cyborg just gaped and turned to Raven—who was waiting impatiently for Beast Boy to be done while leaning against the couch—with wide eyes.

A small spark of interest was piqued in Raven as Beast Boy struggled to pull a large mat out of the box. It had two large squares on it with four arrows on each… 'Wait,' She thought to herself as the wheels began turning in her head, 'haven't I heard of this somewhere?'

Beast Boy clicked the on button and the music and lights flared up on the screen. The title came on and it stated in big bold letters 'DDR' with smaller letters that—much to Raven's horror—announced 'Dance Dance Revolution'.

"No." Was all Raven said.

Beast Boy looked back, shocked. "You said you would!" He wailed. "No going back on it now!"

She looked at him, looked at the curious Robin and Cyborg, and looked back with a defeated look. She had agreed after all…

She placed her feet on the neutral zones of the mat and waited as Beast Boy set up the song and dance. "I'll put it on easy since you've never done it before." He told her as he selected exactly what he said he would. "Now get ready!" He announced and Raven just stared at her feet mournfully.

The game announced 'Ready. Set. Go!' and they were off.

Okay, they were really off. Raven had no enthusiasm and Beast Boy was just a plain klutz. Thirty seconds into the game the green changeling regained his comfortable ease and the dark girl began to enjoy the game more than she'd ever let on.

It was easy seeing as there was a pattern to it. Once you got the pattern—which didn't take long for her—it was simple to predict the upcoming moves and plays that you'd have to perform.

By the end of the song Raven had most certainly won and Beast Boy just looked happy to have played with her at all. "Good game." He said as he stuck out a hand to have a friendly shake.

She paused a moment and decided to allow a very small smile to slip through. "Yeah… Just never ask me ever again." She said darkly as she shook hands with him.

He grinned and laughed and she didn't attempt to figure out why he was laughing.

She walked past the boy wonder and the cyborg—who were grinning idiotically at her for reasons she wished not to go into—and retook her place at the dining table.

Now, with a calmed soul, she really began to enjoy her horror filled and gruesome book.

Sometimes friends were nice… Sometimes.


Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans, DDR, AOL horoscopes, or any info from Horoscope dot com. Simple as that. Now that that's over I'm going to lock Beast Boy in basement and stuff him with food until he becomes something other than a stick… Heh.

As the disclaimer reads I got the horoscope (May 3rd, 2005) from AOL horoscope and the characteristics of each sign from Horoscope dot com. I was going to write this yesterday but didn't have the info…so nyah!

I've never played DDR, never seen it played, and don't know what the system looks like except for the mat thingy. The trick is to seem like you know what you're talking about!