Star Signs

Part 5: Robin The Scorpio

By Shyro Foxfeather


Robin: Scorpio

Perceptive, alert, willful, determined, resourceful, purposeful, directed, dominant, ambitious, fearless, committed, intense, obsessive, extreme, vengeful, spiteful, unforgiving, bully, menacing, possessive, and arrogant.

Living in the present moment sounds like a good idea, but you have other long term responsibilities that cannot be ignored. Use your creative imagination to envision life as you'd like it, but keep yourself anchored to your current commitments. This reality tether is actually a safety blanket, preventing you from making a bad impulsive move. Take time to decide where you are going; there really isn't any hurry. -AOL horoscope


Robin sat silently in his room as he studied the newspaper clippings and articles that he had pasted to the wall. 'I just don't get it…' He thought to himself. 'Why would this guy Slade just pop up out of no where like this and begin to plot against us? Did we anger him somehow?' He questioned, an intense look of concentration marring his almost completely masked features. 'Why is it he seems so…familiar?' He wondered.

No matter how many hours he spent studying the clippings and going over every piece of evidence he had in his possession he still couldn't solve this invisible Rubik's cube. It was unnerving.

Normally he could easily place a villains intent or origin by idle research and like magic the data would form into an easy to read background report. However, Slade was different. He was a complex, calculating mystery and a difficult yet powerful challenge.

And much to his chagrin, Robin was sucker for challenges. Just the chance to prove that he was a worthy opponent or a useful ally would pique his interest and he'd rush in without a second thought. And he'd made painful mistakes for it. Ones he would gladly go back and prevent from happening if given the chance.

His mind spun as he tried to ignore the newspapers that called his attention to its article—its puzzle—and tried to meditate into a calm demeanor. He wasn't Raven, he couldn't do it.

He wildly looked for an exit from his troubles both mentally and physically and, lo and behold, he found the door. It opened with a gentle swish of machinery and electronic mechanisms and Robin departed from his room gratefully. The fresh air of the hallway beat the stale quality his room preserved for him and only him due to the lack of circulation.

The silence of the corridor brought goose bumps to his arms and he walked down the lighted hall and into the unoccupied living room. Or, what he thought was unoccupied.

Three silent figures—two levitating, one not—sat in the corner in a half circle. Their legs were bent beneath them and their fingers were positioned together for full circulation of the body's aura. In other words, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy each sat in the proper mediation position as silence reined supreme over the room.

Robin walked forward, a look of pure amazement on his face. 'I never knew you could turn Beast Boy off…' He thought to himself dazedly.

A quiet, "Pssst." Beckoned him forward and he was surprised to see Cyborg ducked down on the couch with a bag of popcorn. Shrugging, Robin yielded to the mechaman's request and walked over curiously.

"Why?" Was the whispered one word question.

Cyborg snickered as Robin sat beside him and grabbed a handful of popcorn. "I have no idea." He murmured. "I came in here half an hour ago and found them like this. I already took a picture of it, too."

"You're going to make copies right?" Robin whispered back.

"Yup!" Cyborg snickered.


"Ya' know, I never knew BB had an off switch, did you?" Cyborg asked.

Robin chuckled quietly, "I think you've read my mind."


"So…this gets boring fast, huh?" Robin asked him.

Cyborg grinned sheepishly in return, "Yeah, it does…"


"Is Beast Boy muttering the titles of video games?" Robin asked as he strained his trained 'ninja' ears and caught the words 'Final Fantasy' in the shape shifter's mantra.

"I think so, but it'd be creepy it he repeated Raven's little catchphrase like Star does."



A manic look took hold of Cyborg's face and he grinned as he grabbed for the remote. He switched the TV on quickly and seeing as they had been playing video games recently it was turned to a blackened channel with the word 'line' in glowing green letters on the top right. He turned the volume up a level they had never dared go to in fear of… anyone's vengeful wrath. Robin caught on to his plan and grinned as he tried to suppress a small snicker.

Cyborg pressed a random number and the deafening noises of the local Music Television channel blared threw their overly large home.

The three practitioners of the art of meditation reacted the way a cat would when sleeping in a sunny patch of light from a nearby window and suddenly having an gallon of frigid water dumped upon it's head.

"Dude! Where's the FIRE!" Beast Boy screeched as he promptly turned into a turtle and tucked himself half-hazardly into his shell.

"EEEEEEEEEEEKKK!" Screamed Starfire as she clung to the roof by her hands and feet alone.

Raven yelped loudly and fell backwards as the refrigerator exploded. Luckily it was fairly empty seeing as they were to go shopping the following day.

Cyborg and Robin were in hysterics by now as the blaring Television was shut off. Robin had fallen off the couch and Cyborg looked dangerously close to falling over and landing on him.

Enlightenment dawned the other Titan's expressions as Starfire floated down from the ceiling, Raven looked up from her sprawled position on the carpet, and Beast Boy shifted back to his human form with befuddlement. Narrowed eyes watched the unknowing wonder boy and mechanical man as Beast Boy shifted to the form of a fearsome tiger, Starfire's eyes burned green and the same emerald energy drifted off her hands, and Raven shook with an intense anger.

Robin caught this first and tapped Cyborg as laughter bellowed from deep inside his metal exterior. He paused, and seeing what Robin had seen, gulped.

The furious Titans pounced them.

"I'm sorry, man!"

"Hey, I didn't even do anything-ouch!"

Robin realized that, for the present, he should focus on surviving his friends rather than Slade.

And currently, he thought his friends were much more ruthless than the masked maniac was…

…Although he'd kick himself for thinking that later.


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Long silence.

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