Chapter 30: Planning

Mara rubbed the bridge of her nose. The stress of wedding planning was starting to get to her. She had no idea just how much went into planning on of these things, especially when her soon to be sister-in-law was involved. Mara would have been more than happy with a simple set of vows in front of one of the ship's officers, but Leia was thinking on a more grand scale. She was going to kill Luke for agreeing to let his sister take charge. Shouldn't he be here for this planning session too? "No wonder Luke and Han made themselves scarce. This is harder than it looks. Needed to change the repulsors on the Falcon my…"

Leia laid her hand on Mara's in an attempt to settle her. She had quickly realized that Mara wasn't a fan of wedding planning. Thankfully, Leia knew a thing or two about putting together an event of this magnitude. She would have preferred something more elegant, but what they had come up with had to do. They were still fighting a war and couldn't throw away valuable resources on an extravagant wedding. "Relax. We have everything taken care of now. We found you a dress. We managed to get Han to agree to wear his new dress uniform for likely the only time in his life. The ceremony is planned out. Ackbar and Mon Mothma agreed to preside. Lando even managed to come through with the rings. Everything is covered. All you have to do tomorrow is show up and repeat the vows."

Mara took a deep breath and called on the Force to take the tension away from her body. After tomorrow, the wedding would be over. She would be Mara Jade Skywalker. "You're right. Thank the Force I only have to go through this once."

Brea drew Leia and Mara's attention as she got up from her seat across the table. She had agreed to help in the planning the wedding, but had done little more than smile and nod while keeping her sister from killing the Skywalker twins. However, that didn't keep her from working out something special to reward the two women for their work. "That reminds me. We're late."

Mara looked at her sister like she was crazy, while Leia shook her head hoping that she wasn't talking about what she thought she was. "Late for what?"

"This is your last night as free women. If you think the girls on board are going to let you get married tomorrow without a proper send off, you're out of your minds." Leia shook her head as her fears were confirmed while Mara looked at her sister skeptically. Knowing that the women would need a little convincing, Brea smirked. She knew just the thing to get her sister going and Mara was sure to drag Leia along as well. "Besides, we can't let the Rogues show us up with that little bash they put together for your future husbands."

Mara's competitive streak got the better of her as she grabbed Leia's arm and made her way for the door. If Luke was going to be spending an evening with those lunatics, nothing was going to stop her from having some fun. The droids would just have to watch Ben a little longer than expected. R2 could handle it. "What are we waiting for? We can't let those flyboys have more fun than us."


Luke was drawn from the Jedi lore he was studying when he heard two sets of boots and a third set of padded footsteps coming up the Crystal Blade's ramp. He turned in his seat to see Han and Cort enter the room with Chewbacca following just behind them. Han looked at his best friend and soon to be brother-in-law with a smirk on his face. That did not bode well for Luke's continued studies. Han made a show of looking Luke over before asking him with mock curiosity "Aren't you ready?"

Luke's face was puzzled by the smuggler's comment, but he knew that smirk. Han was up to something. Luke sighed, knowing that it probably was already too late to get out of whatever Han had planned. He looked up at his best friend, already feeling defeated. "Ready for what?"

Cort's face turned into a smirk to match Han's and Luke knew that Han had a second partner in crime this time. As if Han needed more than a Wookiee to back him up. "Your bachelor party of course."

Luke put his face in his hands and shook his head. He had a bad feeling about this. Han grabbed Luke's arm and pulled him to his feet before pointing a finger right between Luke's eyes. The kid needed to lighten up. This Jedi stuff was starting to go to his head. "If you think that you're spending your last night as a free man and mine sitting in here reading Jedi philosophy, you are sorely mistaken. Come on. It'll be fun."

Luke began dragging his feet, remembering the last time Han had insisted on taking him out for some 'fun.' He still had a scar on his forearm to remind him of that trip. Maybe he would be lucky and Han would have slipped up in his planning. "What about Mara?"

Cort came up and grabbed Luke's other arm, seemingly preparing to lift Luke off the ground with Han and forcibly take him with them. Luke Skywalker was going to have a good time tonight whether he liked it or not. "Brea has that taken care of. All the girls on board are throwing the brides a little soiree of their own."

Luke was about to open his mouth to protest once more when Han cut him off. Luke should have known that his best friend would have cut off any possible argument. "R2 and 3PO are watching Ben. Your son may end up rewiring Goldenrod or something, but I'm sure R2 can handle the situation. Any more protests? No. Good. Now come on. The Rogues are waiting."

The two men finally let go of Luke's arms and walked down the ramp, knowing that the Jedi was beaten. Han stopped, however, when he reached the deck and noticed Luke was still standing at the top of the ramp like a stubborn child. The Kid just didn't know when to give up sometimes. Han couldn't help but smirk at his friend. "If you insist on doing it the hard way…Chewie, you know what to do."

Luke's eyes went wide at the sound of a Wookiee howl behind him. He was done. There was no getting out of this one. Luke grudgingly followed the two men as Chewie followed close behind, keeping a close eye on the reluctant Jedi. As they reached the makeshift party room, Luke just shook his head at the sight before him. "A bachelor party with the Rogues. Mara's gonna kill me."