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"Ginny, Ginny, Ginny!" a voice was whispering in the room of fifteen years old Ginevra Molly Weasley as she twisted and turned in the covers, her Charms book was open beside her.

"Ginny, Ginny, GINNY!"

"What? What happened?" the redhead jolted from her sleep.

"Good Morning, sunshine. Dress up quickly and get your trunk ready for Ron and Harry so they can get down." Ordered her best friend and her older brother, Ron, long time crush, Hermione Granger.

"God Hermione, its only 9 o'clock, I could have slept a little bit more."

"Don't start Ginny, your stupid brother and his best friend are still snoring."

"Aren't they supposed to take my trunk?"

"Once they'll wake up, yes. In the meantime you can help me!"


"Get dressed and go down for breakfast, then will go and wake up your prat of a brother and his stupid best friend."

"Hermione, do I need to remind you that Harry is your best friend too? And what about my brother, you know, the one you're in love with since third year?"

"Shut it , Ginny." And with that the bushy haired girl left the room and Ginny laughed quietly to herself and started to unbutton her pink flamingos' pajama, after she finished undressing and was only in her bra and finally her denim pants as she looked after her shirt in her trunk and luckily found it, she turned to wear it and then she saw it. A man was standing on the Burrow front yard and was watching Ginny.

"DADDY!" She called and began running out of her room and down the stairs with her wand out in total hysteria. "DADDY THERE'S A STARNGER OUTSIDE WATHCING ME!" at those words not only Arthur Weasley ran out of the house but also Ginny's older brothers, Fred, George, Bill (he was staying at the Burrow for a few days), and Charlie (he was visiting her parents) along with them a very tired Ron and a confused yet alert Harry.

"I'm sorry, dear, but there isn't anyone out here." Said Arthur and walked around the yard. "Are you sure you weren't imagining?"

"He was right here, a tall man with a black cloak. I saw him right there!" she pointed at a spot close to where Bill was now standing, checking to see if there are any feet trails.

"Harry, Ron take Ginny back inside and eat your breakfast, we have to take to King's Cross in an hour." Ron and Harry exchanged looks between them and walked inside with a shivering Ginny.

"Do you think she just imagined that, Dad?" asked Charlie as he walked towards the house with his father.

"I really want to think so, but it just that…"

"Just what?"

"She hasn't called me Daddy since her first year."


The large group of redheads and the two not so redhead teens was running along the platforms and rushed over to the barrier between platform 9 and 10.

"Ron and Hermione you go first." And the two ran towards the barrier and vanished. "Harry and Ginny now's your turn." After a second of complete dark platform 9 3/4 revealed to the two and it was packed with students and parents.

"Don't do too much trouble and behave a good as you can." Said a teary Mrs. Weasley. "Send me a letter once in a while."

Then just after Ron, Hermione and Ginny got on the train, Mr. Weasley pulled Harry aside. "I want you to keep an eye on Ginny." He said in severe tone.

"Why me Mr. Weasley? Not that I won't do it, but why me?"

"I trust you, Son, that's why." And with those words he placed Harry on the train and wished him good luck.

Meanwhile, since Ron and Hermione had to go the prefects meeting Ginny looked for a compartment to sit and wait for the two along with Harry, when he decides to show. Just as she set the compartment door opened and a young boy that seemed to be at her age peered through the crack.

"Is this sit taken?" he didn't wait for an answer and set opposite her. "Lovely day isn't it?"

"I'm sorry, but I didn't get your name." Ginny said in a harsh voice.

"Don't be funny, Ginny, you know who I am."

"How did you know my name? Who are you?"

"Well, that's quite easy Ms. Weasley. I'm God." Ginny was quiet for a second and then she burst into hysterical laughter.

"Nice to meet, God , I'm Queen Elizabeth the II, How do you do?"

"You can laugh as much as you want, but I am God."

"And I should believe you just because you said so? I don't think so and even if you were God, aren't you supposed to come with loads of smoke and flames?"

"I did it one time and that's how people remember me by." Ginny gave him a questioning look shrugged.

"If you are God, tell me something about myself, enlighten me, Oh Holy One!" she smirked and the brown haired and brown eyed boy in front of her.

"You were born on August 10th-"

"No Duh."

"-Youngest of seven and only girl-"

"Every one knows that, come on I'm a Weasley! Tell me something I don't know."

"As I said before I was rudely interrupted. You love your parents very much although you'd never show them because you're brothers will think you're being a child-"

"How did you know that?"

"-You love them so much, that last Christmas while your father was being rushed to St.Mungo after being attacked in the Ministry of Magic, you begged me to let him live and swore to do anything I'll tell you to do."

"Oh My GOD!"

"You are correct, do you believe me now?"

Ginny was astonished, she was so astonished that she could get even one word out of her mouth, she just set there in a complete shock.

"I don't know if it'll make you feel any better, but it was me out if your window this morning."

"It was you! So I'm not crazy after all."

"No you are not. You are just as sane as I am."

"You do know what that means do you?"

"No. What does it means?"

"God is a pervert."

All of a sudden the compartment door opened and Harry walked in together with a (surprise, surprise!) bickering Ron and Hermione.

"Hay Gin, who were you talking to?" asked Harry as he set next to her, Ginny felt the famous Weasley blush creep to her cheeks.

"I was talking to G-" but when Ginny looked in front of her she saw that God was gone.

"You were saying, Gin?" at this Ginny pondered, since when Harry called her Gin? She pushed that thought away and collected her coolness to answer him a reasonable answer.

"Oh you know, I was talking to God." She smiled at him and began humming to herself…

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