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Chapter Seven

If Only

Ginny was released from the hospital wing three days after Percy left. To her great luck no knew about her injury besides her, Madam Pomfrey and Percy. She didn't want to have all this fuss and attention around her. Her only problem was how to explain her absences to her brother, if he'll ever bother to ask to notice that she was missing for a whole three days right after a brutal attack at Hogsmeade. Ron never asked her.

Soon Ginny was back in her daily routine and alone as always with small talk with Hermione and Luna one in a while. She was at the library when she stumbled upon a very interesting book. It had a silver and green cover and a serpent on it. She knew who the owner was in a split of a second. She placed the book in her schoolbag with watchfulness and as soon she finished her duties and bid Madam Pince goodbye she was on her way to the Great Hall in hopes of seeing the owner there.

"Ironic, don't you think Ginny?" Ginny jumped around as the startling voice called her name. "Well? Don't you?" asked the young boy God.

"Ironic how?"

"You find all this mystifying books in the library and in the end get involved with its owners."

"Why would I ever get involved with the owner of this particular book? I hate him and as you must have known the feeling is mutual."

"God works in mysterious ways, Ginevra."

"Save me the rubbish, please. and don't go all philosophical at me."

"Of course but remember Ginny sometimes there is then meets the eyes." Ginny waved him off and entered the Great Hall heading to the Gryffindor table. She will return the book to its owner after dinner.

"You didn't read anything did you?"

"No. I swear I didn't." he looked rather troubled when she called him after he finished dinner and chased him half way through to the Slytherin dungeons. "What's in there anyway?"

"Nothing that you nosey little Gryffindor should know about." His cold silver eyes where shooting daggers at her. "Now go away or I'll hex you, you little blood traitor."

"You are the rudest person I've ever met, Malfoy." And with that she was gone not before she snatched the book out of Malfoy's hands and ran away.

She was gasping for air as she looked behind her shoulder to make sure he wasn't fallowing her another moment has passed and she heard loud footsteps and cold, "Weasley!" and again Ginny began to run as far as she could. Her goal was closer then she thought she was mere steppes from the Fat Lady portrait when a strong grip closed on her arm.

"Give it here Weasley!" he pushed her against the wall hold her tightly. "It's mine and I want it back."

"Get your paws off me Malfoy or you'll never see that book again in you life!" she squirmed under his grip in hope off getting out. "Let go of me!"

"No! Not until you give me my book back, Weasley!" he pushed her again against the wall only much stronger this time and Ginny head got most of the hit and a moan of pain came out.

"Malfoy you bloody bastard!" she felt something worm dripping down her neck she could only guess what it was. "Let me go! I'm injured you little prick!"

"Give me my music notebook back!"

"Music notebook? You write music?" she felt his grip loosen and was able to move a little. "Do you?"

"It's none of your business." He said harshly but Ginny notice the sweat forming on his forehead. "Please, G-G-Ginny-" Ginny eyes widen as he said her name in an almost pleading whisper. "I just want it back." He let her go and ran a shaky hand in his blond hair.

"You said my name." she panted out and swallowed hard she closed her eyes and felt her heart thumping way to fast. "Take it and leave." She pulled the silver green notebook out from her school robe pocket and handed it to boy in front of her.

"Ginny I-"

"Don't ever say my name again!" she hissed and opened her eyes just to see that he was getting closer to her. "Don't…what are you do-?" he shushed her with his finger on her lips and looked intensely.

"I like you." He leaned closer to Ginny that she was able to feel his breath in her lips. "To be honest Ginny, I think I'm falling in love with you."

"You're insane Malfoy. You don't even what you are saying." She became angry at him. First he calls her names and torment her and then he confess his love to her. "If this your way to get back at me-"

"I'm not joking Ginny-"

"Stop saying my name like that!" she released herself from his hands and walked over to the Fat Lady portrait that was much aware of the conversation before her. Just when she was about to say the password Draco caught her and spun her to meet his gaze. "I'll scream if you won't let go of me, Malfoy-"

He captured her lips with his and kissed her solemnly. She didn't react for a few seconds but her instincts kicked in and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he pulled her closer to him. His tongue asked her for permeation and she willingly allowed it in. she felt his hands caress her back and kissed him with intense as a retort. They broke apart from the kiss both with flushed faces and a strong need for air. Slowly with shaky hand Ginny touch her sensitive lips and felt them burning and stinging.

"I have to go." She hurried to face the Fat Lady which gave her a very disapproving look. "Password?" she asked her with an angry tone. "Lioness Flu-" but Draco pulled her away before she completed the sentence.

"You seem to be dong this a lot today, Malfoy."

"Doing what?"

"Pulling me away. Can't you use a more civil manner?"


"Alright, then goodbye Draco."

"You just called me Draco. Doesn't it mean anything to you?"

"It means as much to me as it means to you."

"Which is a lot I assume?"

"No. not one bit Draco. Because to you it's just some sick twisted game for you to get back at me and I'm not playing at it."

"Are you always this suspicious?"

"When it comes to you Malfoy, yes."

"What about the kiss that just happened?"

"What about it? We just kissed there's nothing to it."

"There's always something to it! You have to bloody insane to not notice what went on here!"

"Would you keep it down someone might hear you." She hooted angrily at him and felt her blood boiling. "You made enough mess for one day!"

"I'll go but I want you to know I was serious about what I said." He approached her closely and grabbed her hand Ginny couldn't not to notice how gentle he was with her it made her stomach lurch. "Take the notebook there a few things there that I think will interest you." He gave her the notebook back and kissed her on the lips with tenderness. "Give me an answer whenever you make up your mind Ginny." Ginny nodded slowly and stared at her shoes but Draco placed a finger under her chin and her eyes met his. "Promise me you'll read it?"

"I promise, Mal-Draco." She answered in a small voice.

"Good." He smiled at her caressed her cheek. "Goodnight, Ginny." He kissed her again ever so softly that she melted and had to hold to him whom he took as complement and wrapped his arms around her figure. They departed after a few more small kisses and Draco laid his chin on top of Ginny's head. "I have to go. It's almost curfew. I'll see you tomorrow after breakfast." He let go of their embrace and walked away.


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