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Hideki LaShae

Joey taps his foot against the coffee table and stares at the TV screen with a grim expression. He jumps when a pair of strong arms wrap around him.

"How's the homework going, honey?" asks Seto kissing Joey's cheek.

"Terrible!" exclaims Joey relaxing into Seto's arms, "I can't understand one word of this documentary, and I'm totally getting grossed out by all these visuals!" He shudders involuntarily. "I didn't want to ever see animals doing that! I'm going to have nightmares for life!"

Seto sighs. "Maybe I can help you."

Joey pulls out of Seto's arms and turns around on the couch to stare, wide-eyed, at Seto. "Really? You'd help me on my homework? You've always said you wouldn't help me with my school work!"

"I happen to like this assignment," says Seto.

Joey jumps over the back of the couch and throws his arms around Seto's neck. "Thank you, love!"

"Prove it…"


"Prove you love me, Joey," whispers Seto moving them around to the couch and lowering Joey onto it.

Joey gives Seto a passionate kiss. "Anything you say, love."

Seto pulls off his shirt and stares down at Joey. "Do you want me to undress you?"

"I can undress myself," mumbles Joey blushing.

Seto smirks.

Joey quickly pulls off his shirt to prove his point, and his hands move down to the button of his pants.

Seto watches with greedy anticipation as Joey lowers the zipper after flicking the button open. His eyes grope the attractive blond while the teen pushes the pants along with his underwear down his muscular legs.

Joey kicks his pants off and looks up at Seto. "You're still dressed, Seto!"

"I guess I am." Seto smirks.

"Undress now!" Joey sits up and glares at Seto.

Seto simply shakes his head and points at Joey.

"Do you want me to undress you?" asks Joey raising an eyebrow.

"Actually… yes," says Seto.

Joey smiles. He stands up and wraps his arms around Seto. He starts to kiss the brunet's neck and run his fingers over the hardening nipples.

"I love this outfit on you," whispers Seto, "You should go nude more often."

"Mokuba might complain about that." Joey kisses his way down Seto's chest and undoes the button of his boyfriend's pants.

"Yes," says Seto as Joey slides the zipper down, "That's the way…"

Joey kisses Seto's navel and pushes the pants down to the floor.

Seto moans uncontrollably at the feel of his lover sucking on his most sensitive area, an area even more sensitive than his now yearning erection. "Joey!"

"Mm-hmm…" Joey leans back and returns to his position of lying on the couch.

Seto crawls on top of Joey.

"Have I told you recently that I love you?" asks Joey looking at Seto with lust-filled eyes.

"No, you haven't… Would you like to?"

"Seto!" gasps Joey as Seto slips a finger into his entrance, "I love you!"

"You've done so much for me," says Seto slipping a second finger in to stretch Joey to accept his own length, "Yet you've never heard me tell you how I feel about you, how I truly feel."

"You don't need to say it. If you're just using my body, abusing my love, I don't want to know about it." Joey turns his head to the side so he doesn't have to look at Seto.

Seto removes his fingers and uses one hand to turn Joey's face to look at him. "Don't ever doubt my feelings for you!"

"I don't know your feelings for me," whispers Joey.

Well now we call this the act of mating
But there are several other very important differences
Between human beings and animals that you should know about…

"It's simple," says Seto, "I love you."

Joey smiles happily as Seto slides into him.

The two teenagers share a kiss as Seto pulls away only to slam back into his boyfriend's body.

Joey moans and grabs Seto's shoulders.

"Pay attention to this… you can use it in your report," whispers Seto directly into Joey's ear as he continues thrusting into the tight heat.

"Huh?" asks Joey in confusion.

"Your report is about sex. We're going to have sex like animals so you can compare them to humans," says Seto. He kisses Joey's ear.


"Are you paying attention?" whispers Seto.

Joey thrusts his hips up against Seto's. "Harder! Harder!"

"Joey… I'm trying to help you," moans Seto.

Joey grabs Seto's hand and moves it to his erection. He pulls Seto into a long kiss. "Fuck the lesson! Just fuck me!"

Seto increases his speed and pounds into Joey's compliant body with greater force than he intended to. "I am, Joey… I love you!"

"Love Seto! Only Seto!" Joey mewls and keens pleasurably.

"Good to know," says Seto. He presses his lips to Joey's and kisses him roughly.

Joey clings to Seto as waves of passion and pleasure engulf his body.

"Joey!" cries Seto as he releases deep inside his lover.

"Love you!" Joey's scream echoes throughout the mansion as his energy drains away from his body along with his ejaculation. He cuddles up to Seto.

"You're beautiful like this!" gasps Seto looking down at his sated, sweat-covered lover.

"I'm tired," yawns Joey, "Will you sleep in me?"

"Anything for my puppy," whispers Seto settling down into a comfortable position. "I do love you, Joey…"

Joey starts to kiss and nip Seto's neck until he yawns again and closes his eyes.

Seto kisses Joey's cheek and watches the blond fall asleep. He smiles before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

I'd appreciate your input…

"Oh, come on, you guys!" exclaims Mokuba keeping his hands over his eyes, "Do you have to always do this stuff out here?"

Joey opens his eyes slowly and looks over to Mokuba, who stands in the doorway, covering his eyes and blushing intensely.

"Go away, Mokuba!" Seto brushes a strand of his brown hair away from his face before snuggling even further into the embrace of the still naked boy beneath him.

"Dammit! If you're going to have sex, do it in your room!" shouts Mokuba.

"Watch your language!" snaps Joey.

"I mean it!" exclaims Mokuba angrily, "I don't care that you're fucking each other like dogs in heat! Just do it in your own fucking room so I can have my friends over and actually watch TV with them!"

"Fine! We'll try," says Joey, "Can we go back to sleep now?"

"No! Get up to your room if you want to sleep!"

"You are a pain in the ass, Mokuba!" exclaims Seto pushing himself off Joey and standing upright. He grabs his pants from the floor as Joey sits up, blushing bright red and covering himself with his hands.

Seto pulls his pants on before lifting Joey into his arms, apparently oblivious to his lover's embarrassment. "We'll be in my room then…"

"Seto… at least let me grab my clothes!" whines Joey burying his face in Seto's shoulder.

"Why? So I have to take them off you again in a few minutes? I don't think so," says Seto walking out of the living room with Joey held close to his body. He smirks at the prepubescent boy, a friend of Mokuba's, huddled into the wall with his hands over his eyes. He heads up to his room with Joey and lowers the blond into their bed. "I love you, Joey."

"Are you trying to over say that now to make up for not having said that before? Or are you just trying to say it enough to make me believe it?" asks Joey smiling at Seto and trying to contain his blush.

"I love you," says Seto kissing Joey's lips quickly, "And I'm actually saying it so often…" He blushes slightly. "To do both. I do love you, and I want you to believe that. But I am also trying to make up for lost time. I should have told you that a long time ago."

Joey sits up and looks down at his hands. "Then why didn't you?"

Seto sits beside Joey and runs his hand through the soft locks. He tilts the head so his sapphire eyes capture the saddened gaze of honeyed amber. "I couldn't… I couldn't admit to you how weak you make me."


"Love is a weakness. That's what I've been taught since I took on the Kaiba name," says Seto.

Joey pulls Seto into a close embrace.

"It was so difficult for me to say those words to you… First I had to break down my own defenses so that I would even be able to," whispers Seto, "but then there was you… who found it so easy to tell me exactly how you feel, loudly and often! It came so easy for you, and that made it harder for me to say…"

"It was hard for me too," says Joey, "When I first told you, I was scared out of my mind! It just came out though… in the heat of the moment as you took me that night. It wasn't how I had wanted to tell you, but screaming it out like that had helped it become easier to say it when it really mattered." He kisses Seto lovingly.

"Now… we were going to have sex until you had all the knowledge you needed to finish that report," says Seto with a smirk, "and you seem to be already undressed!"

"But you're not!" exclaims Joey, "I'll have to fix that!"

Sweat, baby, sweat, baby, sex is a Texas drought.
Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about.
So put your hands down my pants and I'll bet you'll feel nuts.
Yes, I'm Siskel; yes, I'm Ebert, and you're getting two thumbs up!

Joey slips his hands into Seto's pants and starts to rub his lover into hardness.

Seto moans as Joey pleasures him slowly.

Joey pulls his hands from Seto's pants with a devious smirk and quickly removes the offending material. "Now what?"

"Can you say 'doggy style'?" Seto smirks.

"Oh, hell no!" exclaims Joey jumping to his feet, "And have you treat me like a little bitch in heat! Hell no! No fucking way!"

"Come on. You've never let me take you doggy style, pup," says Seto slowly, "and this is for your homework. I swear it will only be this one time unless you request it again, and I won't treat you like a bitch."

Joey takes a deep breath and growls at Seto. "Fine! Just this fucking once! But next time, I get to screw you doggy style!"

Seto contemplates this for a moment. "Agreed. Your next time in control and you get to take me doggy style. Now on your knees, puppy."

Joey turns bright red as he gets down onto his hands and knees with his butt to his lover. He mumbles repeatedly about not being a fucking mutt and hating the implication of this sexual position.

Seto gets onto his knees behind Joey and thrusts into him quickly. He wraps his arms around Joey's hips and grips his erection in both hands as he starts up their rhythm. His arms force Joey's hips back against him as he thrusts forward. "And don't be afraid to howl when I do something you like, pup!"

"Howl my ass!" exclaims Joey with a feral growl at the end.

Seto angles his thrusts just a little deeper inside.

Joey's eyes widen and he howls in pleasure. He doesn't scream or gasp. He actually howls like a dog or a wolf… feral, primal, desirous.

Fueled by the wildness of his lover, Seto thrusts into him erratically, not setting one strict pace as he normally would but instead opting for a frenzied, frantic, have-at-it fuck session.

And then we'll do it doggy style so we can both watch "X-Files"…

Joey keens wordlessly as his lover assaults him in the most gratifying ways possible. He thrusts his hips back despite feeling the pull by the arms embracing them. When his seed shoots out from his body, he throws his head back and bays to the moon not yet hanging in the sky.

With a final thrust, Seto empties himself into his lover's tight heat.

"I hate you when you make me enjoy acting like a dog!" barks Joey as Seto disengages himself from his body.

"Bark later. Bite now," says Seto pulling Joey into a kiss, which he is too weak to dominate.

Joey kisses Seto passionately while lifting them both to the bed. He cuddles up in Seto's arms and yawns. "Homework is exhausting!"

"Get some sleep, honey," whispers Seto, "Next up is dolphin mating rituals…"

"Dolphin!" shrieks Joey completely unaware of what is to come.

"Sleep now, dolphin later," whispers Seto pulling Joey's head to the center of his chest so that the blond can use him as a pillow.

You've had enough of two-hand touch you want it rough you're out of bounds
I want you smothered want you covered like my Waffle House hash browns
Come quicker than FedEx never reach an apex like Coca-Cola stock you are inclined
To make me rise an hour early just like Daylight Savings Time…

Joey wakes to the feeling of two hands massaging his lower back, and he moans out his enjoyment. "Oh, gods, love! Did you have to be so rough with me?"

"In order for you to get the picture, I think I did. I'll be more gentle next time," says Seto, "Now… have you learned anything for your homework?"

"Animals hurt each other for pleasure?" asks Joey tilting his head and glancing back at Seto.

Seto chuckles. He lies down on Joey's back to completely cover the blond's nude body with his own. He kisses Joey's lips. "Try again?"

"Animals are fueled by feelings of pleasure rather than emotion, and they don't stop to wonder if they're doing something that doesn't feel good to their mate," says Joey, "They just focus on pleasuring themselves at all cost and…"

"And?" Seto raises an eyebrow intrigued.

"And the call of their mate while in the throws of their passion will bring even the tamest animal into a carnal frenzy," says Joey blushing.

"You think I'm tame?"

"Just a little bit!" exclaims Joey, "Now… weren't you giving me a back massage?"

Seto pushes himself off Joey. "I don't think I want to now!"

Joey sits up with a wince and pouts. "Then what do you want to do?"

"I seem to remember promising you that we get to play dolphins next!" Seto smirks evilly at his lover. His blue eyes twinkle with mischief.

"Seto… I'm too sore to be penetrated again," whimpers Joey, "You were too rough on me doing it doggy style."

Seto leans over and nips Joey's ear. "I never said anything about penetration. Some of these methods we couldn't do the exact way animals do because it's too dangerous for us, so we'll have to settle with mimicking their movements. That's what we'll do with the dolphins."

"No penetration? What's the fun of it then?"

"Oh, you'll still get off! Don't worry about that!"

Joey blushes and looks away from Seto.

"Would you like me to carry you to the pool?" asks Seto standing up and scooping Joey into his arms.

"Are we going like this?" asks Joey, "Mokuba might be upset about seeing us naked twice in one day."

"Let him be upset! He'll recover!" exclaims Seto, "Especially since I think he's down in the living room with his friend… what was the term he used… fucking like dogs in heat?"

Joey's eyes widen. "Oh this I have to see!"

Seto chuckles and carries Joey out of their bedroom and down the stairs to the entrance into the living room where they watch Mokuba's blushing friend, mostly naked, descending upon Mokuba's sex with his mouth.

"Hey, Mokuba! Can we join the party? I can show your friend a few tricks of the trade!" exclaims Joey.

Mokuba jumps and grabs the blanket from the back of the couch to throw over his friend and himself. "Joey! You bastard!"

"I was just offering to help! I could work Seto and show your friend what to do," whines Joey. "It's not like I wanted to have sex with you. That would be just wrong. You're my lover's brother!"

"I don't want help!" squeaks the boy beneath the blanket, "I'd rather just experiment for myself to see what he responds to best!"

"Hey, Seto! It speaks!" exclaims Joey clinging to the tall brunet happily, "So, kid… if you decide later you want me to try to explain some techniques to you, I'd be happy to do so! But we're going swimming now!"

"Good! Get out!" exclaims Mokuba.

Seto smirks at his little brother before heading out to the pool with Joey in his arms. "Kids grow up so fast these days!"

"You're not upset that he's having sex are you?" asks Joey as Seto sets him down beside the pool.

"Let's see… We were his age when we started jacking and sucking each other," says Seto thinking back to when they were sixteen again. "It was a full year before we took it to the next step and found the joys of penetration. We'd be hypocrites if we didn't allow him to have sex at this age. I've given him all the proper talks about restraint and protection…"

"What about the preparation?" asks Joey sitting down on the edge of the pool and sticking his legs into the water.

"We've discussed that too," says Seto sitting beside Joey, "And I've supplied him with the condoms and lubricant, so… all I can really do is argue with him over his choice of men!"

"And you can't argue too hard or you'll sound like a hypocrite. After all, you love me," says Joey kissing Seto.

"So true," says Seto shoving Joey into the water. He stands up and walks into a small room beside the patio while Joey sputters and swears. He picks up some scuba diving equipment, oxygen tanks and the corresponding mouthpieces. He walks back out to Joey. "Are you ready, dolphin pup?"

"I think so. Wait! I'm not a dolphin!" growls Joey.

"Put this on," says Seto pulling Joey out of the water and passing him an oxygen tank.

"What do we need this for?" asks Joey watching his lover slip into his harness.

"We'll be under water for quite a while, and once we start enjoying ourselves, we won't want to surface for air," says Seto, "Just remember to breathe through your mouth."

Joey puts on his own harness and mimics all of Seto's actions. He follows his love into the water.

Seto pulls Joey under the water with him and they start to make laps together as they grow accustomed to the breathing apparatus. He moves down lower in the water and swims beneath Joey, on his back so that they can stare into each other's eyes. He slowly closes the distance between them so that their chests and groins rub against each other as they swim.

Like the lost catacombs of Egypt only God knows where we stuck it
Hieroglyphics? Let me be Pacific I wanna be down in your South Seas
But I got this notion that the motion of your ocean means "Small Craft Advisory"
So if I capsize on your thighs high tide, be five you sunk my battleship…

Seto grabs Joey's shoulders and grinds himself against the other. He tries to continue kicking so that they continue to move together.

Joey feels his body go rigid and he guides their laps around the pool while Seto grinds into him. He tries to breathe normally so that they can continue this escapade longer. He knows that if he gets too excited and starts panting that he'll use up his oxygen tank faster. A particularly hard grind forces him to drag Seto to the surface. He pulls his mouthpiece away and pants heavily.

"What's wrong, Joey?" asks Seto removing his own mouthpiece to speak.

"Too much… Need you too much!" Joey spins Seto around and forces him up against the side of the pool. He forces his erect penis into Seto's unprepared channel and grips the brunet's shoulders roughly to help him thrust into the body before him.

Seto doesn't bother fighting against Joey. He knows just how often his submissive lover decides to be dominating, and he feels the love grow inside him now that he realizes why his puppy usually submits. His puppy is housebroken and tame, and for him to get the blond to be more dominating, all he needs to do is get the puppy to act more wild and unrestrained. And swimming like dolphins seems to do the trick quite nicely. His mind, the part not focused on the blinding pleasure of his impending orgasm, focuses on the next challenge.

Joey's hand grasps Seto's erection forcefully and pumps it in time with his fervent thrusts. His seed ejaculates into the yearning body almost at the same time as Seto's own pleasure center is overwhelmed. He slides out of Seto and allows the brunet to help him out of the pool. "How can you have any energy left after all that?"

"I don't," whispers Seto removing both of their oxygen tanks and tossing them aside before collapsing on top of Joey. "We'll just rest here until we have enough energy to go to bed. We'll finish the research for your assignment tomorrow."

"What research?" mumbles Joey, already half asleep.

"You never learn," whispers Seto closing his eyes.

Joey wakes up to the feeling of someone poking his cheek. He opens his eyes and turns to look at Mokuba's blushing friend. His mind snaps awake and he looks at the saddened boy wearing the blanket as a robe. He feels Seto sleeping contentedly atop him. He smiles at the boy, and whispers, "Hi."

"Could we talk alone?" whispers the boy.

"Sure… Just give me a few minutes to get him into bed," whispers Joey, "You know where the kitchen is?"

The boy nods.

"I'll meet you there."

The boy hurries into the house to wait for Joey.

Joey slides from beneath Seto and stands up. He lifts the sleeping brunet and carries him into the house and up to their room where he sets him on the bed. He pulls on a pair of pants and a loose T-shirt before heading downstairs to the kitchen where the boy sits nervously in his blanket. "Would you like a soda?"

"Um… sure," says the boy.

"So… what's your name?" asks Joey digging in the refrigerator for the sodas and a snack. He pulls out a tray that has a mixture of various appetizers and he sets it on the counter in front of the boy. He places the sodas down and sits beside him.

"My name's Derek," says the boy.

"So… what's troubling you, Derek?" Joey opens his soda and takes a long drag before peeling the plastic covering off the appetizers and stuffing one in his mouth.

"Mokuba's mad at me."


"I couldn't get him off. It was my first time trying to give someone a blowjob. I should have accepted your offer of help earlier," says Derek, "but Mokuba wouldn't have been happy about his older brother watching him get off."

"Seto wouldn't have been too pleased either," says Joey, "He's not that into voyeurism."

"Then why did you offer?"

Joey shrugs. "It embarrassed Mokuba. Besides, even though Seto wouldn't have been pleased about the situation, he would have enjoyed it. Just because he doesn't like to be watched doesn't mean that it wouldn't be a bad experience. He asks me to jack off for him occasionally," he says, "Sometimes when he's too tired to please me himself, he asks me to please myself while he watches. Sometimes he gets the energy to do me then, and sometimes we just kiss for awhile before going to sleep."

"So is it a bad thing if Mokuba had to jack himself off after I tried to give him a blowjob?" asks Derek.

"Yes. You should have jacked him off."


"He probably isn't upset because you couldn't get him off but that he had to finish himself. If you had taken your hands to finish him, he wouldn't be upset… I don't think," says Joey, "Here, eat something."

Derek smiles and lifts a small bread-wrapped sausage. "Can you give me some pointers?"

Joey nods.

Derek and Joey sit in the kitchen talking and snacking for almost an hour before Joey drags Derek up to his room to find Seto just waking up.

"Hey, Seto… lovely?" asks Joey putting on his best puppy dog pout, "Can I eat you in front of Mokuba's friend, Derek? He needs some pointers."

Seto waves his hand dismissively.

Joey smirks at Derek. "Sounds like a yes to me!"

"Um, Joey…"

Joey straddles Seto's hips and quickly pulls the cock into his mouth.

Seto's eyes snap open. "Joey!"

Derek smiles sheepishly at Seto before turning his eyes to Joey's head, bobbing up and down on the forming erection. He watches Joey work with his mouth and his hands. He hadn't been using his hands too.

Getting horny now…

Seto tries to thrust his hips up, but one of Joey's hands prevents him from moving very far.

After a long while of watching, Derek climbs off the bed and runs from the room to find Mokuba.

With a final suck, Seto releases into Joey's mouth. "Fuck! Joey, what the hell was that?"

"Mokuba's friend needed help. He had trouble getting Mokuba off," says Joey, "Are you mad at me?"

"No… I couldn't be mad at you for long."

Joey lies down beside Seto. "I'm tired now. And I'm still hungry. Should we order pizza?"

"How about we order in Chinese?" asks Seto.

"We'll have to order some for Mokuba and Derek too," says Joey.

"You place the order while I take a quick shower," says Seto.

Joey nods. "Okay… you want anything special?"

"By now, you should know what foods I like. Just order four orders of everything. I'm sure you can eat what everyone else doesn't," says Seto heading into the bathroom.

"I love you, Seto Kaiba!" exclaims Joey smiling.

"Okay… where are we going that we need a cargo plane?" asks Joey climbing into the plane with Seto.

"It's not where we're going. It's what we're doing when we get there," says Seto.

"Okay… explain."

"We're jumping."


"How do you think the Blue-Eyes White Dragon would take the Red-Eyes Black Dragon?" asks Seto sitting down in his seat and pulling Joey down next to him.

"Um… I guess I've never really thought about it," replies Joey.

"Well, I have," says Seto, "Ever since we started changing our relationship. I imagine that sex between them wouldn't be that easy because they have those long tails, and I refuse to believe that one would just lay the eggs and the other fertilizes them. That's fish. I don't believe the dragons would do that because they wouldn't get any physical satisfaction from it."

Joey nods. "Yeah. I would think that their sex organs would be on the front of their bodies, their stomachs like the dolphins."

"That's what I was thinking. But next would be how they would get those organs to line up. Any ideas?"

"Well… laying on their backs would probably hurt, and standing during sex would be too taxing. You just touch my dick, and I go weak in the knees," says Joey. He blushes when he feels a hand between his legs.

"Are you weak in the knees yet?" asks Seto.

Joey chuckles and places his hand over the one lightly caressing his manhood, but he doesn't try to move it away.

"I imagine they have sex in the air. They both fly up as high as they can into the stratosphere, then they join. They would probably freefall while they were mating because neither would have the energy to flap their wings and thrust into the other. So their mating would be rapid and passionate," says Seto.

Joey closes his eyes to imagine the white and black falling together while bound in the most intimate way. His cock twitches in anticipation. "So we're going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane so we can fuck each other in freefall? I don't think I could fucking keep an erection!"

"We'll have a parachute," says Seto.

"We'd better!"

"Come on, Joey. Let's make love right here on the plane. We'll worry about being dragons once we're done. We have enough fuel to fly around in circles for hours!"

"Oh, how can I fucking refuse you?"

A quick fifteen minutes later, Seto helps Joey back into his clothes before redressing himself. He fixes the harness upon himself before forcing Joey's body into a harness that attaches to his own. "You don't need to worry about keeping an erection. I think this is one of those positions too dangerous for humans, so we'll just be going down together. Kissing and touching and making ourselves horny as well so when we land, we fuck each other senseless."

You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now…

"Sounds great!" exclaims Joey kissing Seto.

"Master Kaiba, we are approaching the drop zone," says the pilot.

"Thank you," says Seto. "Are you ready, Joey?"

"Have you jumped out of planes before?"

"Not by choice, but yes," says Seto, "I know what I'm doing."

Joey nods. "Okay… Blue-Eyes White Dragon… time to fuck your Red-Eyes Black Dragon."

Seto smiles. "I love it when you're willing to experiment."

Joey blushes.

"Mr. Kaiba. We have just entered the drop zone," says the co-pilot stepping into the back of the plane, "Are you ready to go?"

"Yes. We're ready," says Seto.

The co-pilot opens the cargo doors for them to jump out of.

"Jump up and wrap your legs around me," says Seto putting his hands on Joey's butt cheeks.

Joey blushes and does as commanded so that Seto can carry him to the edge and jump for them both. He clings tightly to Seto for the first few minutes of freefall before his lover's kisses on his neck distract him. "Seto!"

Two bodies fall from the sky, caressing each other, kissing each other in all the places they can reach.

A loud beeping distracts them from their lust.

Seto grabs a chord and yanks it to release the parachute from the backpack on his side of the dual harness, a parachute that starts to slow their descent to the earthly body beneath them. Once he's sure the parachute deployed properly, he resumes his task of kissing the breath away from his love.

As luck would have it, their parachute snags on the only tree in sight and brings them to a sudden halt no more than five feet above the ground.

"Now what?" asks Joey.

"Well, getting stuck in a tree was not in my actual plan for the day, but I think I want to take advantage of it!" exclaims Seto smirking.

"Seto?" Joey squeaks as Seto undoes his pants and pushes them down as far as he can.

"Just because it's too dangerous to fuck during freefall doesn't mean we can't fuck suspended in the air," says Seto lowering his own pants.

"Gods, I'm so horny!" Joey kisses Seto and starts to run his hands over every part of him that he can.

Seto lifts one of Joey's legs and finishes removing the pants leg from it before winding it around his waist.

Joey gets the idea and moves his other leg around Seto's waist, leaving the material dangling from it.

"And Blue-Eyes fucks Red-Eyes," says Seto sliding into Joey's anus without preparation. At this point neither would be able to wait for preparation anyway.

Joey starts nipping his dragon's neck as the fast, needy thrusts begin.

The two boys swing in the tree as they impulsively mate each other.

It's not until Seto's limo driver comes searching for them two hours later that they find themselves lying on the ground, Seto on his back with Joey furiously pounding into him with his over stimulated cock.

Joey collapses on top of Seto after releasing his seed with a triumphant roar. "I think it's time we started thinking about a little Red-Eyes White Dragon."

"You'd better not be telling me you're pregnant," whispers Seto.

"I want to adopt, Seto," whispers Joey.

"Only if you'll agree to partake in a commitment ceremony with me," whispers Seto in return.

Joey smiles happily. "I love you, Seto Kaiba, my Blue-Eyes White Dragon."

Seto smiles warmly. "I love you, Joey Wheeler, my Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Will you take my name as your own?"

"Any day of the week!"

"Uh… sirs… we really should return to the mansion," says the limo driver not looking at them.

Joey climbs off Seto and finds his pants, which have since been removed. He pulls them on while Seto redresses himself.

You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now
You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Getting horny now…

And so the difference between the mating customs of animals and humans is that humans try to please their partner as much as they are pleased themselves and will even seek out the guidance of other humans to give them knowledge which might help them, but animals seek self-gratification when they mate and believe it is their mate's responsibility to pleasure themselves if they're not doing it properly. Joey saves the information and calls Seto to read it for errors before he prints it.