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Hideki LaShae

The blonde haired girl walks into the restaurant and looks around at all the arcade games in dismay. She turns to Joey who enters behind her. "Why would you bring me here? Is it because I'm young?"

"That's not it. I really like being here. I don't come often and normally Seto's with me. Can we at least give it a shot?" replies Joey.

The girl huffs but walks further into the kiddie wonderland. "So far I'm unimpressed!"

"Yeah. Seto said that on our first date here," says Joey guiding the girl to a fairly secluded booth.

A waiter approaches and passes them two menus. "Can I get you anything to drink right away?"

"Coffee," says the girl.

"Hot cocoa," says Joey.

The girl looks over the menu in disgust. "Um… do they have anything edible here?"

Joey glances at the waiter's retreating back. "Of course they do. I think you would like Seto's usual. It's not on the menu, but it's very good."

"Fine. You can order for me." The girl looks around. "It's quieter than I thought it would be."

"Well, it is the middle of the day, but this booth is usually like this."

The waiter returns with two cups and two carafes. He sets them down along with a bowl of sugar cubes, a pitcher of cream, and a bowl of mini-marshmallows. "The red lid is cocoa, and the black is coffee. Are you ready to order?"

"The young lady will have the owner's special, and I'll have Pasta Puttanesca," says Joey.

"Very good. I'll be back with your food shortly." The waiter turns and leaves.

"Owner's special?"

"Kaiba Corps owns this place. So Seto makes sure that they serve something he likes… The owner's special is a hot ham and cheese sandwich with a chef salad. The Pasta Puttanesca I'm getting is made in a true Puttanesca style," says Joey, "They throw leftovers in a pot and cook it!"

The girl raises an eyebrow.

"It uses macaroni noodles from the Mac and Cheese… sausage, bell peppers, olives, and tomatoes from the pizza, polish sausage and onions from the hot dog counter… and they make a sauce for it from the marinara and garlic alfredo that they put on pizza," says Joey, "It's good. I like it."

"What else do you have planned for today?" asks the girl as the waiter returns with their food. "That was quick!"

"We pride ourselves on prompt service," says the waiter before asking if they needed anything else and leaving.

"We have a few options actually," says Joey, "The art museum, the science museum, the aquarium, or we could go see a movie. There're two movies in the theater I think Seto would like, so I figured you might as well. One's a foreign film with subtitles and the other's an independent arts film."

"Do you usually have trouble planning your dates with Seto?" The girl takes a bite of her sandwich. "This is very good."

Joey smiles. "I don't have any problems planning dates for Seto… well, except for occasionally having to book time with his secretary if I want to do something during the day. I know Seto well enough that I can plan dates we'll both enjoy."

"If he were here with you, instead of me, what would you do today?"

"Well… if he wanted to go to the art museum, we would go look at the paintings. He would tell me his impressions, and then we'd take a lesson in painting or pottery or whatever they were teaching today in the side gallery. He would enjoy looking at all the art, and I would enjoy making art! Plus we'd be together!" Joey pushes his plate closer to the girl. "Would you like to taste the pasta?"

"Oh. Thank you." The girl lifts her fork and lifts a bite of the food to her mouth. "It's nice. Not great, but it's okay."

"Both Seto and I would have fun at the science museum," says Joey pulling his plate back and starting to eat, speaking between bites, "He likes to figure out how things work, and I like to test them to see if they do!"

"So he let's you push the buttons on the displays…"

Joey nods. "Yeah."

"And at the aquarium?"

"I love the dolphin and whale shows, and he loves to relax and watch the fish swim above us in the underwater tunnel. It's very tranquil," says Joey, "We've stayed down there cuddling for hours."

"Okay. So I can understand that, but what about the movies? You two don't like the same type, do you? How do you choose a movie?"

"We talk about it. We don't like the same type of movies, but we're willing to compromise. He'll watch an action flick with me, and I'll watch a French film with him. As a general rule, the person who plans the date picks the movie," explains Joey, "so when he plans the date we go to a movie he likes."

"Do you like that?"

"I might not enjoy the movie, but I do like having his arm around me when we watch it."

"Have you ever fallen asleep during one of his movies?"

"No. If the movie bores me too much, I watch him," says Joey.

"Can we go to the aquarium?" asks the girl finishing her sandwich.

Joey grins. "Yeah!"


The young boy fidgets nervously when Seto leads him into an upscale restaurant. "Am I dressed okay for this place?"

"When you're with me, there is no dress code," says Seto with a small smile.

"Mr. Kaiba, sir! Right this way. We have your usual table waiting," says the Maitre D' guiding them into the restaurant. He seats them in a moderately well lit booth. "Would you care for something…?"

"I'll have my usual," says Seto briskly. He turns to the boy. "What would you like to drink?"

"Um… I don't know?"

"He'll have Joey Wheeler's usual."

"Very good, sir," says the Maitre D' heading off to place the drink orders.

"Do you bring Joey here a lot?"

"Frequently enough," says Seto, "He loves to eat, and the food here is delightful."

The boy opens his menu. "I can't read this."

Seto smirks. "Neither can Joey."

"So…" Brown eyes widen when he realizes that Seto's moves to sit beside him.

"I'll translate the menu for you," says Seto, "This first part is the appetizers. Liver pate…"




"A fruit and cheese plate…" Seto continues to translate the French words for the boy.

"What does Joey like here?"

"The Niçoise salad, steak au Poivre, and all the desserts. Joey's tried everything on the menu at least once. I have to commend him on his willingness to experiment with food," says Seto, "He'll try anything once. That way he can decide if it's good or not."

"Doesn't he feel out of place here? I mean, this is a fancy establishment…"

"Sometimes. Our first time here, he was wearing tattered jeans and a faded T-shirt. He didn't feel like he belonged because everyone else was dressed so nice. He didn't believe me when I told him no one cared about what he was wearing so the next time I brought him we were both wearing some of his more 'well worn' clothes. He finally realized that no one cared what he wore," explains Seto, "He was simply seen as a wealthy eccentric."

"So what else do you have planned for us today?"

"I wasn't sure what you'd like to do so we have some options," says Seto, "The art museum has a hands-on pottery demonstration. The science museum just opened a new astronomy wing. The aquarium has their dolphin and whale show. We could go see a movie, or there's always Kaibaland amusement park."

"Kaibaland!" exclaims the boy.

Seto smiles and nods.

The waiter comes up. "Are you ready to order or do you need more time?"

"I don't know what to get," says the boy.

"Would you just start us with a sampling menu of appetizers, and we'll continue discussing meal options?"

"Of course, sir…"

"You can order anything you like," says Seto as the waiter walks away, "even if it's not on the menu. If you'd like spaghetti, order it."

"I'd like pizza," says the boy.

Seto smiles.

"Just like Joey, right?"

"Yeah." Seto nods to the waiter who hurries up to take their order. He quickly places his order of oysters on the half-shell.

"And for you, sir?" asks the waiter smiling at the brown-eyed boy.

"I'd like a cheese pizza!"

"Absolutely," says the waiter, "Anything else?"

"No. Just that."

"I will be back shortly then," says the waiter walking away.

"You and Joey don't seem to have much in common. How have you managed to stay together all this time?"

"We love each other. We've learned to compromise. We do have a lot of differences, but we share a common foundation," says Seto, "We both give a little and meet half-way."

"Do you ever fight?"

"All the time, but then we work through it together."

"So have you ever asked Joey to marry you?" asks the boy.

"Not yet." Seto smirks.

"Not yet?"

"I'm going to. I have his engagement present ready, and I have an idea of how I want to ask him. The time just hasn't been right," says Seto.

"Then you need to make the time right! Plan out a romantic evening and just ask him!" exclaims the boy.

The waiter steps up and deposits the appetizer sampler in front of them.

"Feel free to try anything you want. If you don't like it, spit it out into your napkin," says Seto.


"How do you think I should propose to Joey?"

"At the top of the Ferris wheel at Kaibaland. It gives a great view, and it's a romantic enough ride," says the boy, "It would be a nice ending to a day where you two did all the things Joey likes to do."

"Joey hates the Ferris wheel. He likes the fast rides, which would be near impossible to propose on. I was thinking of asking him at the aquarium. We've spent hours together watching the fish in the underwater tunnel. I'm thinking of asking him there."

The boy's eyes light up. "I know what would be cool!"


"If you have a diver swimming down there with a sign asking Joey to marry you! It can read 'Joey. Will you marry me? Seto.' That would be so cool!"

Seto smiles. "Joey would love that."


Brown eyes bore into blue. "What do you think?"

"I'm still unsure."

"Alyssa! What's to be sure about?"

"I don't want to get in a worse situation…"

"Do you like Seto?"


"Do you like Joey?"

"Surprisingly, yes."

"So what's to think about? You like them. I like them. I think we should work with them!"



"I still think more research is needed, but we can continue…"

"Alyssa! Teddy! You have visitors!"

Blue eyes and brown glance at each other in confusion before their owners get up and head into the living room.

"Hi!" exclaims Joey, "I know we didn't have anything planned today, but I talked Seto into being spontaneous."

"And you want us to join you?" asks the girl.

"Yeah. You've spent time with us one-on-one, but not together," says Joey.

"Would you like to join us today?" asks Seto.

"Can we?" asks the boy. He looks at the girl with a puppy dog pout on his face.

"Please?" asks Joey also laying down the puppy dog eyes.

"Yes. We'll come," says the girl, "Now put away the eyes!"

"Don't worry. We'll have you home early," says Seto, "It's a bit chilly. You might want a jacket."

The boy and girl grab jackets before following Joey and Seto out to the limo.

"So what are we doing?" asks the girl.

"I know! Let's grab the gang and head to the park! We can play touch football!" exclaims Joey.

"I am not playing football," says the girl.

"That's okay. You and Téa could cheer or talk or whatever girls do when boys are being stupid and macho," says Joey.

"Téa never joins the football games," says Seto, "The boys do sometimes forget that it's touch and not tackle."

"Yugi only tackled her once, and he's so small she couldn't even have felt it!" exclaims Joey.

"How about we play a different game?" asks the girl, "A board game? Card game?"

"Yugi does have a nice collection of games at the shop," says Seto.

"Okay," says the boy.

The limo soon pulls up in front of the Kame Game Shop, and its occupants hurry into the shop's back room.

"Hey, guys! I was just closing up," says Yugi popping his head into the back room. He sees the kids and smiles. "Hi! I'm Yugi! Make yourselves at home! We'll do the formal intros in a few minutes."

"Do you need any help, Yugi?" asks Joey.

"No, I'm fine!" exclaims Yugi ducking back into the shop to finish closing the shop for the afternoon and night.

"Come on. The living area's upstairs," says Joey leading them all up the narrow staircase.

"Hey, Joey! Seto! You made it!" exclaims Tristan seeing the group arrive, "And you brought more friends! Cool! I'm Tristan Taylor."

"Nice to meet you," says the girl politely.

Yugi runs up the stairs behind them. "All done!"

Téa comes out of the kitchen with a tray holding a pot of coffee, cups, and some canned sodas. She smiles. "I've got the drinks!"

"Okay. Introductions! I'm Yugi Motou, co-owner of the Kame Game Shop! My Grandpa still owns half, but he's away visiting friends right now so I'm left managing the shop," says Yugi smiling at the kids.

"Right! I'm Tristan, and I work at a motorcycle repair shop."

"I'm Téa Motou, Yugi's wife. I'm going to school to be a dancer, ballet mostly," says Téa, "What would you like to drink?"

"Soda!" says the boy.

"Coffee, please. I'm Alyssa."

"Oh, and I'm Teddy!"

"We thought we'd play a game," says Seto.

"Okay," says Yugi, "Alyssa, Teddy, would you two like to pick?" He waves his arm at a closet filled with games.

"Yeah!" exclaims Teddy sliding the door open. He smiles happily.

Téa smiles as she passes Alyssa a cup of coffee. "It's nice to have another girl around."

"Are you close to Joey and Seto?" asks Alyssa.

"I'm closer to Joey, but I know Seto well enough. They're good guys. They've only gotten nicer since they've found love in each other," says Téa, "What do you think of them?"

"I'm not sure what to think," says Alyssa, "Teddy seems to really like them."

"How about Clue?" asks Teddy.

"Only six people can play that," says Alyssa, "There are seven of us."

"You all could play, and I could make dinner," says Téa.

"Are you sure, Téa? We could order take-out," says Seto.

"Next time, okay? I have the meat defrosted already," says Téa, "Is spaghetti okay for everyone?"

"That would be fine," says Alyssa.

Teddy quickly gets the game set up. "Okay! Let's play!"


"Your friends are very nice," says Alyssa.

"I really like Yugi," says Teddy.

"They're a great bunch of friends," says Joey, "I'm lucky to have them!"

"We'll contact you soon," says Alyssa before climbing out of the limo with Teddy.

Joey and Seto watch them head into the building.

"What do you think, Joey?"

"It's amazing you think that I think…" Joey sighs. "Sorry. Old habits die hard."

Seto pulls Joey into his arms. "I love you, Joey."

"I love you too, Seto. I want kids!"

"I know. I want to be a father as well. Although I think you'll be much better at it than I would be," says Seto.

"You'll be a wonderful father," says Joey snuggling into Seto's arms.

"So what do you think?"

"I'm hopeful, but I'm still scared."

"Scared? Why?"

"It would be a big change. When we get kids, we won't be able to do it all over the house anymore. We'll have someone else in our lives to take care of. There will be sports and recitals and parent-teacher conferences and meetings with the principal when they misbehave!"

"It's an awful lot to deal with."

"But I think I'm ready for it," says Joey, "You?"

"Well… It might take a while before I'm ready to give up ravishing you wherever I find you, but I'll try." Seto smirks. "I am ready for a new addition…"

"Good. I love you."


Joey whimpers with need as Seto slides a hand into his opened pants. "Take me, Seto… please!"

"Oh, don't worry, baby. I will!" Seto fumbles in a drawer one-handed and pulls out a tube of lubricant.

The phone on the desk buzzes before Seto's secretary comes through it to announce, Mr. Kaiba, Mr. Wheeler, your one-thirty appointment has arrived.

"What?" asks Joey glaring at Seto, "You made another appointment?"

Seto presses a button. "What one-thirty appointment?"

Miss Alyssa and Mr. Teddy.

"Shit!" Joey scrambles off Seto's desk and dashes towards the bathroom.

Seto hurries to hide the lubricant and toys from his desktop. He straightens his clothes before pressing the button. "Send them in."

Joey steps out of the bathroom fully dressed before the door opens so Alyssa and Teddy can come in.

Alyssa smirks as she walks up to take a seat in front of Seto. "We weren't interrupting, were we?"

"Not at all," says Joey, "We were just discussing a few things."

"Like how to get in each other's pants," says Alyssa, "but we didn't come here just to interrupt your office sex."

"We've made our decision," says Teddy.

Joey walks over to Seto and grips his shoulder apprehensively.

"We've decided that more research is necessary," says Alyssa.

Joey's shoulders slump.

"However! We see no reason that we can't do that research while living with you," says Teddy smiling.

"You mean…?" Seto looks at the kids hopefully.

Alyssa and Teddy look at each other and smile.

"Pleased to meet you. I'm Theodore Kaiba. Call me Teddy."

"It's an honor to meet you. I'm Alyssa Wheeler."

"Can I hug you?" asks Joey quickly.

"You may…"

Joey nearly jumps over the desk in his rush to embrace both Alyssa and Teddy at once. Tears fall from his eyes as he pulls away. "Welcome to the family."

Seto walks around the desk and sets his hand on Teddy's shoulder.

Teddy throws his arms around Seto's waist. "Can we call you both Dad?"

Seto's heart melts, and he embraces Teddy warmly. "I would like that."

"There is one thing, Alyssa," says Joey timidly.

"What is it… Dad?" asks Alyssa.

"Your last name should be Kaiba, not Wheeler. Seto and I have already decided that I'll change my name when we get married," says Joey, "and I want you both to have your father's last name."

"Yes, Mommy!" exclaims Alyssa.

Joey blushes beet red. "Why you little scamp!"

"Sorry, Dad, but you have to admit… you kind of asked for that!" Alyssa smiles.

"Now we just need to get you two married!" exclaims Teddy, "And Joey could wear a Cinderella wedding dress!"

Seto eyes up Joey for a moment, picturing the dress upon his lover's lean form. "I wouldn't ask him to do that."

"Too bad. I think it's a great idea!" exclaims Joey, "I'd dress up like a girl for you, Seto…"

"So it's decided. Joey will be Cinderella and Seto will be the Prince for the wedding!" Alyssa smiles. "But one of you has to propose!"

"Believe me. I'm working on it," says Joey, "Now! Who wants to go out for lunch?"

"You're thinking of asking me to marry you, Joey?" asks Seto, "Why haven't you yet?"

"Poor timing," says Joey.

Seto pulls Joey to his chest, and he wraps his arms tightly around his waist. "There's never a poor time to tell me how much you love me."

"I love you so much, Seto. Marry me?"

"Better," says Seto, "This proposal was much better than your last."

"So what's your answer?" asks Joey.

"I'll give it to you later." Seto runs his hand down Joey's side suggestively.

"How about that lunch?" asks Teddy.

"Then maybe a trip to the aquarium," suggests Seto.

Teddy smiles knowingly. "Let's go!"


Teddy and Alyssa move closer to the glass to watch the fish swimming by while Seto and Joey sit down on a bench.

Joey leans back against Seto and looks through the glass. "I love doing this…"

"I love you," says Seto pulling a box from his pocket.

Teddy nudges Alyssa and points back at Seto. They smile at each other as they watch Seto and Joey.

Seto passes the box to Joey. "This is something I've wanted to give you for a long time, but I've never thought the time was right. I realize now that it was always the right time as long as you were with me. I love you, Joey, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I will marry you. Will you marry me?"

Joey opens the box and looks at the thick chain of the necklace. He smiles. "Yes, Seto. I'll marry you."

"He said yes!" exclaims Teddy.

Alyssa smiles. "There's a lot that still needs to be done before we're a real family."

"The paperwork is mostly done," says Seto, "It just needs to be finalized now that you've decided to become our son and daughter."

"Do you think the orphanage headmaster would let them come home with us tonight?" asks Joey.

"Not if we tell him we don't want to go with you tonight," says Alyssa.

Joey gasps. "Why wouldn't you…?"

"Yeah. Why wouldn't we?" asks Teddy.

"Because we interrupted them this afternoon, and they just became engaged. They need some alone time," says Alyssa, "If the headmaster allows it, we can go over this weekend."

"That is very considerate of you," says Seto, "Although we've ensured our privacy in our room."

"Soundproofing, huh?" asks Alyssa, "Cool!"

"We'll still let you have tonight to yourselves," says Teddy, "We can start being a family this weekend! You can have tonight to… well, you know!"

Joey smiles. "Yeah. Sounds good… Anyone want to see the dolphin show before we go?"

"Not today," says Teddy, "Take us back to the orphanage. We'll start packing so that later, you can take us home."

"Home… that sounds nice," says Alyssa.

"We think so too," says Seto, "How would you like your rooms decorated?"

"Warrior Duel Monsters!" exclaims Teddy at the same time Alyssa says, "Fairy Duel Monsters!"

"Fairies and Warriors. Got it!" exclaims Joey, "I'll see if I can find some stuff for your rooms then. When you move in we can finish the decorating."

"Okay, Dad!"


My family is not the most conventional. We're all orphans. My dad, Seto, was orphaned as a child alone with my uncle, Mokuba. My other dad, Joey, was orphaned when he fell in love with Seto. My aunt Serenity disowned her parents for disowning Joey. The other member of my family is my sister, Alyssa. We were both orphaned when our parents died in an accident. My family isn't the most conventional. We're not a family by blood. We're a family by choice. We choose to love each other. I miss my old family, but I love my new family just as much. – Teddy Kaiba

The end.