Chapter 11

He looked so…so weak…I've always known Draco to be strong and determined…never so helpless…what have I done to him?

Jasmine was sitting in Potions Class with her three friends, but rather than concentrating on what Professor Snape was saying about Moonstone, she had more pressing matters on her mind – Draco. She stared at his empty seat as though it were some creature she had never laid eyes on before.

Maybe I shouldn't be doing this…I mean what if he can't take it anymore and something terrible happens? I could never live with myself if –

Jasmine had now turned to Harry who had accidentally nudged her while taking down notes in class, and as she watched him closely she began to relax, she started to feel comfortable. For some reason when Harry was around, she felt safe and secure, as though no one could ever hurt her while she was with him. Jasmine began to smile quietly.

-if I ever hurt Harry. Harry matters now Jasmine. He's all that matters. Draco has already hurt me once – he deserved what happened this morning. It's Harry I love…not Draco.

Suddenly Jasmine was interrupted again.

"Miss Rai?" called Professor Snape sternly, "is something the matter?"

Jasmine sat up and cleared her throat, "No sir"

"Only you don't seem to be with us this morning?" Professor Snape questioned angrily.

A sneaky smile appeared across Jasmine's face – she just had to, she couldn't resist it.

"Actually Professor…there was something that I needed to get off my chest" she replied sultrily, while subtly leaning her chest forward. Professor Snape sighed nervously as Jasmine brought her hand to her cheek and smiled at him through the corner of her mouth. Professor Snape walked to his desk and sat down at it, as if to prevent himself from toppling over.

"Really Miss Rai?" he continued, now somewhat nervously as the whole class looked on in anticipation, "and what might that be exactly?"

Jasmine tittered temptingly. The room was deadly silent as she slowly got up and walked over to Professor Snape's desk. At first, Jasmine lingered around the table, gliding her fingers up and down the wood while biting her lip, then she spoke

"Do you mind if I sit down sir? Only I find it helps tremendously when I'm about to alleviate my worries…"

"Of course" he replied, about to get out of his seat to offer it to Jasmine, however was halted as she pulled herself upon his desk crying "Thanks!" Jasmine had positioned herself so that she was facing neither the class nor Professor Snape, but toward the door, and looked rather as though she were sunbathing – her chest pressed outward and her legs crossed seductively. The black mini skirt she had on, slightly climbing up as she shuffled to make herself more comfortable. Everyone looked as though they had stopped breathing – either because they were so attracted to Jasmine at that particular moment, or because they were so shocked at what she was doing and more importantly who she was doing it to- perhaps even both!

Professor Snape now had tiny beads of sweat trailing down his forehead and gulped as Jasmine red low-cut top seemed to have shrunk as she drew closer to him. She turned her head to face Professor Snape and smiled sweetly.

"You see sir, the problem is…well I'm sure you know that last night was very…tiresome for us all" she started, particularly glancing at Ron and Hermione whom both looked away tapping their textbooks, "yes indeed, we all had fun..and well, I don't think that any of us have really…recovered from it sir" Jasmine added looking a tad disappointed.

"Forgive me Miss Rai, but what is it exactly that you are trying to say?" Professor Snape asked trying hard to cast his eyes away from this attractive display.

"Well sir…this essay title you've got written down here for us," she continued picking up a piece of parchment while the rest of the class groaned, "I don't think that now would be the best time to set it for us…don't get me wrong sir, I mean I'd love to write an essay on the uses and methods of Veritaserum in the 1850's, but my Potion's N.E.W.T is so important to me and that is why I think we should write this later so that we can complete the task to the best of our abilities and make you proud rather than hand in a bunch of P's and D's because we were all too tired from the happening's at the Christmas Ball to do any better!" Jasmine gasped finally and pressed her right hand to her chest in order to catch her breath back properly. Professor Snape's eyes had followed Jasmine's hand as it moved to its new position, and he jumped slightly as he realised where his eyesight had travelled and looked away. There were now excited murmurs heard among the class who were in glee at escaping one of their Professor's famous Potions Essay's- or so they thought.

"SILENCE!!" Professor Snape boomed holding up his hand to the class.

He spoke, suddenly breathing heavily in aggravation, "Miss Rai, I am sure that you are perfectly capable of –"

"Please sir," Jasmine interrupted, now completely facing Professor Snape, her toe brushing his thigh gently and leaning forward enticingly, "Please…" she whispered batting her eyelids, "I'd be ever so grateful Professor…really really grateful…" she finished smirking flirtily and gazing him up and down.

Harry sat jaw wide open as he watched what was happening before him. He felt a sudden strange mixture of jealousy and desire, he was sure that she would be on fire if he touched her body now, the taste of her would be amazing…

Professor Snape chuckled anxiously at Jasmine's convincing final argument and spoke slowly, "Well…I suppose one lesson with no homework won't hurt, after all your result's do reflect my teaching standards too"

"But of course," Jasmine cried happily, "Thank you so much sir, if only all the Professor's were as understanding as you are…" she winked laughing and jumped off the desk contentedly.

"Oh would you look at that!" Jasmine exclaimed clapping her hands together, "it's lunch time sir…is it alright if we go now?" she asked twirling a strand of hair round her index finger.

Professor Snape stuttered, "W-wha…oh yes..yes go on off you go…out of my sight the lot of you…" he finished, somewhat dazed – perhaps trying to recover from what had just engulfed him.

Everyone rushed out of the lab yelling with astonishment,

"I can't believe it!"

"That was amazing Jasmine!"

"I never thought I'd live to see the day that Professor Snape didn't set any homework!"

"What the hell just happened in there?!"

"She's fucking hot I'll tell ya, if she was my girlfriend I'd scr-"

Jasmine thanked everyone and laughed heartily as she walked down the stairs to lunch with Ron, Hermione, Dean and Harry.

"I gotta hand it to you Jasmine, that was some top-class acting in there…I could never do what you did" Dean muttered quietly,

"It was gross though…" Ron spoke, "Bloody brilliant but gross!" he added as they all burst out laughing.

Harry subtly grabbed Jasmine's hand and pulled her back so that the others wouldn't notice, and whispered in her ear "I hope that wasn't just for Professor Snape Jas…"

Jasmine tantalisingly wet her lips, "Oh don't worry Harry, if I'm like that with men I don't fancy, imagine what I'm like with the men that I really fancy…" she whispered back, gently brushing his arm and winking.

Harry froze on the spot, and a broad cheeky grin spread across his face as he watched Jasmine blow him a kiss and walk off captivatingly. Life really was, fantastic.

"This thing with his dad must be really getting to him"

"Yeah I know, I've never ever seen Malfoy like that before"

"It's that Potter, seeing him so happy, strutting around Hogwart's with that big head of his, while Malfoy's father rots away in Azkaban"

Crabbe, Goyle and Zabini were sitting in the hospital wing discussing Draco's latest behaviour. After the 'incident' Madam Pomfrey had settled him down with a Sleeping Draught to get him to relax, so the Slytherin's had little to do but sit by his bedside.

Draco was in a deep slumber, snoring away peacefully, blissfully unaware of the world around him, a sensuous smile grew across his face as he fell deeper and deeper into his dream…

She looked so beautiful sitting there by the lake. Her enchanting locks glistened and blew in the wind. She dipped her toe in the water and lifted it out again, letting that trickle of water run down her firm, slender leg. Draco walked towards her slowly, with every step he could smell that rich, fruity perfume she always wore getting stronger. Suddenly he met her warm, captivating eyes and he felt his heart skip a beat as she smiled at him and waved. Draco raised his hand to wave back at her but at that particular moment he felt something move behind him and a sudden freezing-cold breezed through his body. Without warning Draco finally saw Harry appear in front of him and run towards Jasmine – he stopped in his tracks as he watched Jasmine leap into Harry's arms and kiss him passionately on the lips. Draco watched Harry's hand slowly slide up her leg, and heard Jasmine's teasing moans and stifled giggles as Harry began kissing her neck and caressing her firm, tight bottom. The monster inside Draco began to roar and he felt himself explode with rage –

"Malfoy! Malfoy!"

"Urgh-what?" Draco suddenly awoke to the cries of his friends who had been at his bedside for nearly an hour. They were at a loss as to what to do without their leader, and had no clue as to why he had abruptly stormed out of the Great Hall with no warning whatsoever.

Draco heard the footsteps of Madam Pomfrey running over to give him the once-over.

"Mr Malfoy, you gave us quite a fright you know, it took us a while to get you breathing properly again" she told him, with a worried look in her eye.

Draco saw the confused looks in Crabbe, Goyle and Zabini's eyes and immediately sat up to justify himself.

"Well I'm fine now aren't I? I must have eaten something funny or something that's all"

Madam Pomfrey raised an eyebrow, "Nevertheless Mr.Malfoy, I think it wise that you spend the night here, just a precaution you understand…I'm aware that Lucius Malfoy's son is certainly more capable than others"

Draco replied with an incoherent sort of grunt and lay back down in bed again. He didn't really know what to say to his friends, so decided to pretend that he was feeling tired and he would come and find them tomorrow after leaving the ward. As Draco lay there he began to dwell on his dream, and how he had seen Harry touch Jasmine in a way that only he thought he could. He felt a knot tighten in his stomach, and all he could feel was how soft her skin had been when he had touched her the night before, and how delicate and sweet her lips had tasted. Now those lips were being tasted by the 'Boy Who Lived', the boy whom he had despised since the first confrontation he had had with Harry where Draco had been brushed off for that blood-traitor Weasley.

"Professor Snape?"

"Good evening Madam Pomfrey, sorry to disturb you but I was wondering whether I could have a chat with a student from my house Mr. Malfoy"

Draco stirred from his thoughts and felt himself start to sweat slowly as he heard Professor Snape's footsteps walk towards his bed. What did he want?

Sitting up, and looking into those dark, empty eyes of Severus Snape, Draco said nothing, both men were silent for a while before one of them finally spoke,

"I think we both know why I am here tonight Draco," uttered Professor Snape with a stern look on his face, "let's talk about a certain Gryffindor by the name of Miss Jasmine Rai shall we?"

Draco looked at the floor and gulped. As if things couldn't get any worse.