Chapter 40

"You have almost no psychology books in here." Sara ran her finger across the spines of Dr. Case's library.

"There's psychology everywhere, not just in text books."

A smile, a nod, "Yeah, I guess I can see that. Hey, this is a great carving, is it African?"

"My husband brought it back from his last trip. Yes."

The doctor let her roam and explore the room. Sara had been seeing her for five months but only in the last few visits had she begun to notice anything more than the window and the sofa. It was a good sign.

"Sara? How was the wedding?"

"Great. It was, great." She couldn't hide the smile.

"You want to tell me?"

Sara sat, her hands folded, her knees fell apart. She leaned forward and grinned at the doctor. "Grissom, we, uh, it seems so weird to say out loud. We went on a date."

There was no change in Dr. Case's expression. "How did this happen?"

From the wedding toast to the kiss at the door, Sara relayed the key moments of the past few days. She tried to keep her voice even, to stop the giddiness from bubbling up to the surface. It felt so good to finally be able to tell someone, someone who would understand what this meant to her.

"So you're happy?"

"Yeah, I'm happy, but before you say anything let me read you what I wrote in my journal when I got home from breakfast."

"You're journaling, that's good."

Sara pulled the book from her bag; the page was marked with a plain white napkin. There was no name printed on it, but she would always know it was from a back booth in a little Vegas dive with amazing tofu burgers.

"I was worried for nothing. It was so scary to think about being real with him because I was afraid of not being able to keep up. Crazy. Well, not crazy. Uncalled for though. It was so simple. I can't believe it. I didn't even think about who he'd want me to be. I just showed up and went with whatever and it was so beautiful. I'll admit the way he looked at me across the table made me tingle inside, it made me swell with excitement and pride because he looked at me like I was the most interesting, beautiful creature he could imagine. It was all there in his eyes. The thing that made it really special though, was that I felt it. I didn't believe it because it was in his eyes, I could see it in his eyes because I believed it."

Sara shut the book and looked up at Dr. Case, "Thank you."

"You're the one doing the work Sara. Do you think you're ready to run on your own?"

"No. I think I'm just learning walk with someone."


A/N: Forty chapters seem enough and this would appear to be the end of this part of Sara and Grissom's journey toward each other. I am toying with idea of making this into a series and have a few ideas for the next phase of their relationship. Please let me know if you feel I should continue, or if things should be left as they are. I can't promise I'll take your advice either way, but you never know. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with the story, especially when things looked bleak for our favorite couple. Special thanks to those who reviewed once or faithfully. Oh, and one last thing…

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