For the love of the game…

"How did you convince me this was a good idea again?" Sam asked as she sat through what had to be the dullest hockey game ever, "I like to skate and all, but this is just a circus…"

"I said we needed to do something as a group that didn't involve adverting an apocalypse." Jack shot her a poisoned look, "This is the only way to see the Charlestown Chief's play."

"You call this a game?" Teal'c looked at the rink, "I see very little in the way of competition. The Omaha Icebreakers are obviously far superior to the Super Chiefs"

"Yeah, well, I book the tickets before I heard about all the changes, and I couldn't get a refund." Jack moaned, "This is nothing like it should be: back in the day, the Chief's were the most feared team in the Federal League. Ever since that Claremont guy bought them, they've been nothing but clowns."

"I like it." Daniel smiled cheerfully, "Ice hockey's always been too violent for me."

"You do remember what we do for a living, don't you?" Jack grumbled again, "Right, halftime: I'm off to the concessions stand…"

"He is taking this way to personally…" Sam sighed as she watched her friend walk off.

"God damn over priced Better America crap!" Jack muttered as he made his way back to the seat, "Can you believe they don't sell regular coffee because caffeine is 'bad for you'? Those guys should never have been allowed near a hockey game…"

"Jack, you're taking this way to personally." Daniel looked at his best friend, "It's not like they did it just to annoy you personally…"

"You want to put money on that?" Jack sneered, "This entire 'made for TV' league pisses on everything that made hockey the grate game it is: the challenge, the competition…"

"The fights, the broken bones…" Sam continued sarcastically.

"Keep that up and I'll bust you back down to Captain!" Jack warned, "Now let's just keep quite and watch the second half of this…" He stopped mid-sentence, his jaw hanging agape.

"Is something wrong O'Neill?" Teal'c asked.

"Those are the Hanson brothers!" Jack pointed at the three skaters who had appeared on the rink, "Those guys are legends!"

"Why weren't they in the starting line-up?" Sam asked, just seconds before the first punch was thrown.

"YES!" Jack was already on his feet, "OLD TIME HOCKEY!"

The End...