Author's Note: This is actually a Twinsfic I started in 2004, but never got around to publishing until 2005. I was saving it until I got some of my other fics finished so I wouldn't have so many going at once. Finally I decided to drag out the notes I had jotted down and start on it and here it is for everyone to enjoy. I hope I can go somewhere with this story in the future. It takes place at some point before The Matrix Reloaded and is just a random fic that came into my mind.

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Rated PG – mild violence and action

It had been awhile since any kind of excitement worth talking about had happened around the chateau. The Twins moped around the rooms in search of something to do, fearing that they would die of boredom before they actually found something. Nothing new ever happened around there and they hated it. The last big excitement was when the Merovingian decided to kidnap the Keymaker. The newness of that soon wore off though. Everyday they hoped something would happen where the Merovingian would have to send them on a chase through the city. They hoped something would happen that would call for them to use their guns or razors. All this waiting around and moping around the chateau was causing their killing energy to build up within them to the point of almost driving them mad!

Two roughly turned the page of the book he held while gazing over the top of his glasses at One, who was seated across from him. The Twins didn't mind reading all that much, although they only gave into it when they couldn't find anything else to do. I mean, whoever heard of a ghost assassin reading a book on a lazy afternoon? The Twins had their dignity and assassin pride so reading a book, to them, was considered lowly even though others around the chateau read books. Just so long as no one caught them reading, it was okay.

"Hurry up! It's almost here!"

The Merovingian's French voice could suddenly be heard through the chateau as he and several other henchmen ran down the hall at stampeding speeds.

"What on earth is the Master up to now?" Two looked up from his book at hearing the sounds coming from down the hall.

"Sounds like a new exile is about to be born." One glanced toward the door.

"Wonder what it's going to be this time? A vampire, werewolf …another ghost."

"There can't be anymore ghosts!" One snapped. "We're the only ghosts here!"

"Where are those Twins!" The Mero roared through the halls. "One! Two!"

The Twins exchanged glances from behind their dark glasses.

"You go see what he wants." Two turned his attention back down at his book.

"Uh uh, you go see."

"Not on your life. He sounds madder than a werewolf with his tail caught in a door."

"One! Two!" The Mero again roared before appearing in the doorway to the room where the Twins were. "So, here you are loafing about when I need you!" The Mero's nose flared. "Get your sorry rears up and help us!"

Two and One did as their master commanded, too afraid to do anything else. They followed the Merovingian out into the hall and down into the dungeon where all of the exiled programs came into being. It was much safer down there and it couldn't hurt anything if it turned out to be a wild one. Two and One hated coming down into the dungeon. It was so filthy and damp and rats roamed free everywhere. Both of them cringed at the thought of getting their clothes dirty and soiled. What was worse is that the Dobermen (werewolves) lived down there, and so did Cujo. The place was dark and musty smelling. The Twins wrinkled their noses at the stench, but continued on following their master, more out of fear than anything else.

Two jumped suddenly when Cujo snarled at him as both he and One passed by. The Doberman leader bore his fangs and growled until the Twins went on by him.

"Ah, here we are." The Mero gleamed in excitement at the bright light in the middle of the room. "Get those restraints ready!" he motioned over to Cain, Abel, and a couple other vamps and werewolves that were standing around in the shadows.

"Why do you want us here?" Two asked.

"Shut up!" the Mero snapped, too intent on the light in the middle to answer questions.

The Twins sighed and turned their gaze on the light as well. It was the same sight they saw each time a new exile was about to join their world. And just like the others, it would turn into either a vampire or a werewolf and join the others of its kind that the Mero allowed to roam free through the chateau's halls.

Bored, Two yawned lazily.

As the others had done, the light grew brighter and brighter with each moment, then flashed and died. In its place, a figure stood and collapsed to the floor with a massive thud.

"Get those chains on it. Hurry!" The Mero shouted to the henchmen.

Immediately chains from every direction of the dungeon room flew over the figure, clinking and clanking as they did. Each vamp and werewolf tied the chains to strong metal stakes stuck in the dungeon floor and locked them tightly. Afterwards, the exile began to move. It snorted and nickered and began to rise. The Twins, backing up slowly, watched with great interest. This exile didn't sound like any ordinary exile they had seen before. When the program got to its feet, gasping and murmuring could be heard all over the room.

"Would you look at that?" One whispered to Two, who was much in awe as his brother was. Their eyes bulged from behind their shades while watching the exile.

The exile stood erect and stared at the Merovingian. The Mero, in turn, did the same to it. The creature turned its head to look at the strange people around it and twitched its ears in wonder before snorting again.

"A unicorn." The Mero finally got out. "Most extraordinary! I've never seen an exile like this yet."

The unicorn was coal black with silver mane and tail and had a long, sharp blood-red ruby horn protruding from its forehead. Its eyes had no pupils and glowed a soft red, making its appearance somewhat haunting and ghoulish. The creature was enormous in size, much bigger than a normal horse. As the onlookers remained silent, the animal opened its mouth to pant and revealed a massive set of sharp looking fangs along with a red glow that matched its eyes, reminding one of a hollowed out jack-o-lantern.

"Very interesting. I haven't seen an animal exile yet, especially one that is known not to exist." The Mero walked around the dark unicorn and eyed it carefully and curiously. "But I can tell it has great power."

The unicorn reared and jerked and neighed as if it was ready to battle anyone who dared to step too close to it. Unlike most unicorns that are usually pictured as peaceful creatures that maidens sit upon, this dark demon was pure evil in more ways than one and it wasn't afraid to show it. It was definitely a unicorn gone wrong. As the Merovingian made his way around the horse, careful not to get too close, the creature constantly kept its eyes on the strange man and tried jabbing with its horn several times.

"It's a wild one that must be tamed if it is to remain here." The Merovingian finally said.

The Twins huddled in one corner of the dungeon and shuddered at the sight of the animal. They weren't going to admit it to anyone, but the newcomer gave them the creeps.

"What if it can't be tamed?" one of the vamps asked.

"Then it must be returned to the Source. No since in keeping it locked down here if we can't use it in some way or if it can't enjoy the freedom I provide for exiles."

The unicorn narrowed its gaze at the Merovingian as if it could understand every word he spoke.

"It wants to fight and kill; I can see that much in its eyes. Now it must be taught to control that killing will and use it when it's needed."

All eyes turned to the unicorn.

"It being a unicorn makes this exile all the more awesome!" The Mero grinned pleasingly. "Its power is probably like we've never seen before in any other exile. If it can be tamed and harnessed, the Matrix will certainly be mine!"

As the Merovingian continued talking, the Twins remained still while continuing to watch the unicorn. Already they didn't like it. Not only did it give them the creeps, but that horn looked more dangerous than their little razors. Twin Two shuddered at the thought of getting stabbed by something like that. True he could heal himself afterwards, but the pain of the moment of it happening made him twinge.

"I don't like this." One whispered to Two while shaking his head slowly.

"Why?" Two turned his gaze toward his worried looking brother. "Because he's creepy looking?"

"No. If this exile turns out to be as powerful as the Master thinks, that could mean trouble for us."

"How do you mean?"

"The Master may get rid of us and give our job to the beast!"

Two's face went paler at his brother's words.

"We never thought of that. What do you suggest we do?"

"We've got to get rid of the new exile." One's eyes fixed coldly on the black unicorn across from him. "We've got to work out a plan to get rid of it so that it can be sent back to the Source."

"We'd better do it fast before the Master starts discovering its powers." Two turned his eyes to the creature too. "He's apt to start today!"

"I don't think so." One shook his head. "He will probably let it rest since it just came here, then he'll probably start training it and trying to tame it tomorrow."

"Something like that would have to show up here." Two's eyes narrowed.

"Easy, Two. It's not a problem that can't be solved. We've just got to plan this carefully."

After the Twins were through talking, everyone started to file out of the dungeon when they saw and made sure that the unicorn was secure and calm. It stood in the middle of the cold dungeon floor and quietly flicked its tail, still ready and willing to charge anyone that made the mistake of stepping too close. The Twins weren't as fortunate as the others. They had to walk by the unicorn in order to reach the stairs that would take them up to the main part of the chateau.

One stopped before they started forward and placed his hand on Two's shoulder.

"We don't have to do this." he whispered. "We can phase and go through the wall!"

"Then let's do, and get out of here!" Two phased and floated forward.

The unicorn's head perked at hearing the Twins' voices and, seeing them, nickered and charged forward. It was too late. The Twins had completely turned into floating green ghosts and had disappeared out of the room before the unicorn could get to them and the creature ended up stabbing nothing but air. The horse looked around in surprise when it realized that there were no longer people in front of him. Not paying any more notice, the animal settled itself again and continued to stand quietly in the comfort of the dungeon, moving occasionally to loosen the discomfort of one of the chains that held it.

Once alone and back in the safety of a room, the Twins sighed and thought over what they should do to the newcomer who they were so convinced was going to take their place. For the first time since they were brought into being they felt major jealousy swell up inside of their programmed bodies, a feeling they had not felt before.

Two hit the wall with his fists and turned to One, who was deep in thought.

"The chateau is on top of a mountain! Why not just take the beast outside and push it over the side?"

"Calm down, Two. You know we can't do that. The Merovingian would find out who did it then that would be the end of us too."

Two continued to stomp in anger around the room.

"I don't like it one bit! I didn't mind when the exiles turned into a werewolf or vampire because you knew that they were the same as all the rest, but a unicorn! A mythical animal that is legendary for wielding great power! Why! Why did this have to happen to us!" Two's nose flared as he vented his anger out loud. "It could have turned into an ugly, slobbery, disgusting werewolf, it could have turned into a cold dark vampire, or it could have turned into a potted plant! But noooooooo, it had to turn into a mythical creature like a unicorn! Oooo, I'm soooo scared!"

"Will you chill out?" One turned an angry gaze toward his brother. "I'm tying to think here!"


"And I think I know just how to go about doing this." One leaned forward in his chair.

Two quickly sat down in a chair opposite from him and smiled.

"Let me in on it."

"Tomorrow," One lowered his voice and leaned over closer to Two. "We go down into the dungeon and let the unicorn loose. We then help it to find its way up here and the rest is history."

One grinned at his plan. Two didn't follow, however.

"Don't you see? When the Master sees the damage the unicorn causes by running through the chateau, he will blow a fuse and send the creature back to the Source. It's as simple as that."

"That's brilliant." Two grinned evilly. "So tomorrow is operation revenge."

Both Twins chuckled and shook on the plan before getting up and leaving the room.