Blood and Kisses.

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Red and blue lights flashed an eerie dance in the moonlight as Sesshoumaru pulled his car into the crime scene. Already his eyes were beating a tattoo of red and gold along with his heartbeat as he exited his car and was immediately accosted by his half-brother.

"Sesshoumaru, calm down," Inuyasha said, putting a restraining hand on the TaiYoukai's chest. "Kagome's fine! I called you to warn you of the situation, not so you could create another bloodbath!"

"Inuyasha," Sesshoumaru began, his voice slightly higher than a feral growl. "Anytime you call me to tell me my wife has been injured and has had her blood spilled, there is always the possibility of a bloodbath. Where is she?"

Without waiting for an answer he sniffed the air and found the scent of Kagome…and her blood.

Inuyasha watched his seriously pissed brother walk away and gave a defeated sigh. 'Good luck, Kagome. You're going to need to do a lot of convincing for him to make sure you're okay…the bullet actually grazed you this time. He's bad enough when he finds out you've been in any kind of gunfire at all…' He shook his head and began to clear the scene as best he could. If Sesshoumaru exploded, it would be best not to have too many people that could become casualties.

He really hated his brother's temper…


Kagome let out a hiss as the antiseptic was applied to the gash on her arm. The stupid son of a bitch that shot her got her deeper than she thought. It was only on her arm, and only about three inches long, but she should never have gotten it in the first place. She and her team were taking out a gang of youkai robbers, but they had attacked and she was forced to use lethal procedures. She had just taken down their leader when one of their human cronies who had been hiding pulled out a gun and shot her.

The only reason she dodged in time was because she heard the gunshot…she was used to sensing youkai presences, not humans. The medical technician on hand began wrapping a bandage tightly around the wound and she sighed. How in the hell was she going to explain this to Sesshoumaru?

They had been married for a little over a year now, and fought many times over the issue of her job. He never quite liked the fact that she could get injured…maybe 'liked' is to light of a word.

He hated it. Granted, she never got hurt often, but when she did, it took him forever to forget it. If he ever even did forget it. He reiterated to her often enough that she needed to be careful, and if she did happen to get hurt, it took her more than a while to get him calmed down.

This time it was different though…she had handled youkai, demons, monsters or anything else anyone would like to call them, but this was the first time she was ever hurt by something as simple and complicated as a gun.

She had faced spells, poison, tentacles, and countless other weapons, but a gun was different, and she knew he wasn't going to take too well to this new development. Maybe if she just explained it calmly at home when he got off of work, things would go smoother.

However, just as the EMT was tying the bandage off, she sensed a huge demonic force, and it was pissed. 'Oh, shit…' she thought. She saw her husband thread his way through the masses of police cars and witnesses to stand in front of her with his most ominous face…the one that was completely blank.

His eyes left hers for a split second to glare at the technician. "Leave," he commanded, and as if the very demons of hell were behind him, the small man ran and she was left staring at one unpredictable TaiYoukai.

His eyes roamed over her, checking her for any other injuries besides the one on her arm. "I'm fine," she said, before he could speak first. "Honestly, Sesshoumaru, the bullet barely hit me. It's not even bleeding anymore, I swear!"

"And where is the one who shot you?" Sesshoumaru asked in an even voice. He had calmed down somewhat from seeing that she was, indeed, safe and for the most part unharmed, but there was still that underlying anger and worry that made him slightly bloodthirsty.

"I shot him after he shot me," she said in a no-nonsense tone. "So don't think you're going to get your claws on him, because he's already in a bodybag on the way to the morgue."

"He wouldn't be in a body bag if I had gotten a hold of him," he said in one of the darkest tones she's ever heard him use. "There would be nothing to put in a bag."

"Then you would have gotten arrested for manslaughter and I would be without a husband."

He ignored her and bent to pick her up, ignoring her protest.

"Sesshoumaru, what the hell? Put me down! I can walk, you know."

"No," he said without looking at her, and continued to stride purposefully through the crowd to his car. She saw a few of her fellow officers glancing curiously at her and Inuyasha smirking in the background and wanted to duck her head in embarrassment. However, she settled on anger and he gently placed her in the car and buckled her in to begin the drive home.

Silently fuming in her seat, not a word was spoken between them on the drive to their home. As soon as he parked the car, she shot out of her seat and stormed into the house, not even greeting a confused Jaken. She was glad Rin was already in bed; she had a feeling there would be words spoken between her and her pompous husband, and she didn't want her daughter to hear her anger.

Throwing the door open to their bedroom she waited impatiently for Sesshoumaru to join her, tapping her foot on the floor in a rapping tattoo. He entered calmly moments later, closing the door slowly behind him, and turning to face her. She didn't let his face falter her resolve, even though he looked just as furious as she did and prepared to fight.

Sesshoumaru's eyes glanced coolly over his irate wife, taking in her tensed stance and snapping eyes. Well, if she wanted to fight, she'd get a fight. He'd had a stressful week, and now her getting shot and obviously not wanting to take care of herself just topped the icing on the cake and he was itching for a way to release all of the tension he had felt.

Still, fighting with her was very unpredictable and so he let her say the first words.

"The next time you come to one of my crime scenes like that, I will-"

"Will what?" he broke in quietly, like a panther ready to strike. Seeing as how she was too angry to even think of a good threat, he took care of it for her.

"You will call some of the officers on scene to escort me off of the premises? I would take each and everyone of them down before they had the chance."

Knowing his strength, she knew he was right. She watched in morbid fascination as he continued on in that quiet and calm voice that signaled the calm before an upcoming storm. Apparently, he was angrier than she had thought. Good, that would make the fight more interesting.

"You'll what, Kagome? You'll arrest me? Your own husband?"

"Well maybe if my husband didn't show up to my workplace acting like a complete jackass!"

"You were hurt," he said in a slightly raised voice and a flash of his eyes. He began taking deliberate steps towards her, and before she realized she was retreating, her back came against the wall. "Did you just expect me to stand around and do nothing?"

"It was a minor wound," she shot back. "I've had worse and you know it."

"You are not supposed to have worse when you are mine to protect," he roared back, and looked at her surprised face.

"That's the problem isn't it?" she said, disbelief in her tone. "You think that just because I'm married to the strongest demon alive, I'm not supposed to get hurt? You can't be with me every second of the day, Sesshoumaru. And in my line of work, there is always the risk that I can get hurt. Why can't you just accept that?"

"Because you are my mate and wife," he said, drawing to his full height. "You are not supposed to get hurt."

"Try telling that to all of the criminals in this world, Sesshoumaru. You can't just say, 'that is my wife, don't touch her.' It won't happen, and nothing you do can make it happen." She gazed at him. "Look, just forget it happened. I'm fine now."

"I can't forget it," he snapped back, placing his hands on either side of her head, effectively trapping her. In a moment of tenderness, he placed his forehead against hers and took a deep breath. "Can you understand that? You were hurt. Do you know what that does to me?"

Kagome's eyes softened at his tone and his words. Her hand came up to stroke his cheek as her ire died down. "I know you worry about me, Sesshoumaru, but this is my job. I can't just give up because I got hurt."

He sighed slightly, knowing she was right but hating the fact anyway. "I know."

She smiled and lightly touched her lips to his. "Good. However, I wasn't kidding when I said that you acted out of line tonight. You can't just come into a crime scene and carry me away like that."

He smirked and swooped down to pick up his surprised wife. "Why?" he asked innocently. "You like it when I carry you."

"Says who?" she challenged with a spark in her eyes, but her heartbeat had sped up at the look in his eyes.

"Says your scent," he said as his voice lowered to a sensual baritone. "Your scent changes and your blood races faster." He gently placed her on the bed and leaned over her. "It nearly drives me mad."

Although her heart was racing in anticipation and she felt the familiar arousal flowing through her, she grinned at him cheekily. "Is this where we get to have great make-up sex?"

He gave her a heart-stopping smile in return. "Something like that."

Making love that night was sweet and intense all at once, and when it was over, it took them several moments each to gain their bearings again. Finally, Sesshoumaru rolled off of her and dragged her up to lie on his chest, wrapping his arms around her. Kagome listened to the furious beating of his heart, and smiled at the fact that she could make him like that. Only she could…

"We need to fight more often," she quipped, and gasped as he tipped her back over onto her back to grin down lecherously.

"I don't think that will be hard to do," he said, and kissed her once more.


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