Neko Hao

By: Neko

Disclaimers: I don't own Shaman King. If I did, there would be no way in hell that I'd let 4Kids dub it.

Summary: After losing to Yoh in the shaman tournament, Hao gets reincarnated. But Anna's 1080 beads messed it all up and Hao gets reincarnated in the same year as he was killed... Not only that... He has been reincarnated as a cat! Now Hao and Yoh both have the chance to make up for the lost time they had with each other. HaoxYoh

Note: This happens right after the Epilogue of Shaman King. The Shaman King tournament has been postponed and all... So keep that in mind. Yoh is still 14 and so is everyone else...

Chapter 1- Reincarnation Gone Wrong

Yoh frowned as he looked out the window. He still couldn't get over what he had done to Hao. Even if he was his brother... Even if it had to be done... Yoh still felt guilty. He knew that Hao had killed many innocent people but Yoh didn't really blame him. What Hao had been through all those years and reincarnations has been tough. He should know. He was in his mind and soul after all. Yoh looked up at the stars and smiled.

"Aniki is probably looking down at me now." He said with a small smile. While he was watching the stars, a shooting star flew past him. Yoh blinked and smiled. "I wish... That Aniki was here..." He whispered.

"Y-Yoh-Kun..." Yoh turned to see Tamao standing outside his room. "D-Dinner is ready." She told him in a shy voice.

"Ah, thanks Tam. I'll be down in a few minutes." He told her. Tamao turned a bit pink and nodded.

The shooting star flew all across the night sky. Shamans everywhere could see it. Yes, shamans and shamans only. It flew past everyone... Opacho, Yoh, Manta, HoroHoro and his sister, Chocolove, Even Lyserg and Morphine. It finally landed with a bang somewhere in Japan and then there was silent. No one seem to have known that a shooting star has landed in Japan... Of course, no one but shamans could see it or even hear it. Shamans all over felt a shiver up their spine as the shooting star hit Japan. Yoh especially. He dropped his chopstick and his eyes widened a bit. Anna looked up at him.

"W-What was that?" Tamao asked in a nervous voice.

"A warning..." Ren muttered in a low voice as he put his bowl down.

"I-Is something bad going to happen?" Pirika asked her brother in a shaky voice. Horo didn't answer. They have been planting all day and finally got a break. After watching the shooting star, Horo and Pirika went inside to eat. While they were eating, a shiver went up their spine, warning them.

"M-Morphine... Did you feel that?" Lyserg asked, looking at his pink fairy spirit who nodded. "What was that? It felt like a warning... As if something is about to happen... Or that something is back..." He gasped. "Could it be Hao?" He clenched his fists and shook his head. Couldn't be. Hao was gone now... Wasn't he?

"Mike, go find out what that is." Chocolove commanded. Mike looked up at Chocolove. "I will be fine spreading the laughing wind to people without your help Mike. I must prove that I can make people laugh on my own." Chocolove told his spirit. Mike nodded and ran off, trying to find out what that warning was.

"Something is going to happen." Anna told them.

"No... Someone is back..." Yoh mumbled. "Someone... We know." They all turned to him. Yoh was white as a sheet and in shock.

"Yoh-Kun?" Manta asked looking at his friend. He had never really seen Yoh shocked like this. "What's wrong?"

"He's... He's back." Horo whispered.

"Who?" Pirika asked.


Everyone's eyes widened.

"But isn't Hao dead? How can he be back?" Manta asked.

"Oh, I should have seen this in my vision..." Tamao said panicking.

"Are you sure that he is back?" Ren asked. Yoh nodded, face still pale.

"I'm sure of it." He whispered. There was suddenly a fissure and the house shook. Minutes later, it stopped.

"What was that?" Manta asked in a scared voice.

"Yoh-Dono, are you ok?" Amidamaru asked, appearing next to his master.

"Booch-ama!" Bason appeared next to the Chinese shaman who was in rage.

"Shit!" Ren yelled, looking down at the fallen rice on his pants. He mumbled something in Chinese and cleaned it up.

"What was that?" Manta asked again.

"It felt like an earthquake..." Tamao whispered.

"Let's go out and check it out..." Yoh mumbled, still a bit shaken up from the warning.

Outside, there was smoke in the backyard. Yoh and Ren walked around, waving their hands to try and clear the smoke. When the smoke was finally cleared and the dust finally settled down, all was quiet. Yoh blinked. Ren walked first and looked around.

"See anything Ren?" Yoh asked, standing where he was.

"No..." Ren mumbled and stopped. "And why are you not searching as well?" Yoh whimpered.

"I'm scared!" He whined. Ren rolled his eyes.

"And why are you scared?" He asked. "It's probably nothing."

"But what if it's Aliens that take over out body!" Yoh asked. "I like my body! But not in that way of course, but I like my body! I don't want any alien creep taking my body!" Ren rolled his eyes again.

"There are no such things as aliens Yoh." He told his chicken friend who was still rambling on.

"Although it would be cool to meet an Alien. I want to be friends with it." Yoh said nodding his head, totally ignoring Ren now. "Maybe ET will come and visit! He could teach me how to fly!" Ren growl and walked over to the brunette, smacking him on the head.

"Baka!" He yelled. "Now come on!"

"I can't!" Yoh whined again. "Too scared... Can't move..." Ren sighed and muttered something in Chinese before dragging Yoh along with him.

It was quiet... As if the earthquake had never happened. Maybe it didn't... Maybe it was just a dream... A scary dream but a dream. Yoh looked around and soon calmed down. Nothing was going to happen and like Ren had said, there are no such things as Aliens. He heard a bush move and froze. Ren seem to have heard it too and stopped, raising his Guan Dao. Yoh let out a small whimper.

"There are no such thing as Aliens Yoh!" Ren yelled, turning to him. Yoh froze and his eyes widened. "What is it now?" Ren asked. Yoh's lip quivered and he lifted a shaky finger.

"I-If there is no such this as an alien..." He said in a squeaky voice. "T-T-Then w-what is t-t-that!" Ren blinked and turned to see a figure in shadow. Ren lifted his weapon and brought it down, striking the... creature... Or well alien as Yoh called it.

"Hey!" A voice yelled. Ren and Yoh froze. That THING could talk! There was such a thing as alien! But why did the alien sound so familiar? Yoh gulped.

"You see! I told you there was Aliens out there! Why didn't you listen to me! Now we will be doomed!" He yelled, shaking Ren. "Now it will take over my body! And it will take over the world!"

"Yoh, get a hold on yourself!" Ren yelled, silencing him. "There is no such thing as aliens!"

"Of course there isn't." Both shamans froze and turned, looking at the creature with wide eyes. Yoh gasped. Standing in front of them was not an alien... No... It was Hao... The great Asakura Hao that Yoh killed himself... Standing in front of them, safe and sound.

"H-H-Hao!" Yoh gasped. Hao blinked and smiled.

"Otouto." He said quietly.

"Kisama! What are you doing here!" Ren yelled, pointing it's weapon at him.

"And Ren..." Hao looked at Ren and shook his head. "So you were the one that nearly cut my hair..."

"H-Hao!" They turned to see little Manta standing there. Poor little guy was shaking all over.

"Oh... You're that annoying human..." Hao muttered. Manta glared at him.

"Why am I here anyway?" Hao asked. "I thought I was supposed to reincarnate 500 years after the shaman tournament not a few months after I die!" Yoh blinked, examining Hao. Something was different about him. He then found out what was different and his mouth dropped. Ren looked at Yoh and then back at Hao, his eyes widened and his mouth also dropped.

"What?" Hao asked looking at them. Yoh pointed at his head and Hao blinked, tilting his head to one side with confusion. Suddenly Ren burst out laughing, which was a new discovery for everyone. Ren can laugh!

"Ok... What is it? Tell me now before I burn you all to hell." Hao told folding his arms.

"Oh no you don't." The looked up to see Anna.

"My dear sister-in-law." Hao said with a smirk.

"If you lay one finger on my Yoh..." She warned. Hao lifted a thin eyebrow and poked Yoh in the arm.

"Ow!" Yoh whined. Hao rolled his eyes.

"It didn't even hurt. I just poked you." He told him.

"But that wasn't nice!" Yoh frowned.

"I'm not touching you." Hao said placing his finger a few centimeters form Yoh's arm. "Now I am." He poked Yoh who whined again. "I'm no touching you... Now I am... I'm not touching you... Now I am." Hao kept teasing Yoh over and over again, annoying both Anna and Yoh.

"Enough!" Anna yelled, lifting her itako beads.

"Spirit of Fire." Hao commanded. The SOF didn't appear and Hao blinked. "Where'd you go?" There was a crying whimper and Hao turned to see his spirit in little chibi baby mode. Anna had her itako beads around it, not allowing it to escape or attack.

"Hey! Let him go!" Hao yelled. "He is defenseless and harmless!" He kicked himself mentally for telling them that. Anna smirked.

"So that means that you are defenseless." She told him.

"Curse you great spirits..." Hao muttered in a low voice. He turned back to Yoh. "And what exactly was on my head otouto?" Yoh blinked and opened his mouth.

"Oh yah..." He ran off and minutes later, returned with a mirror. Hao blinked. Was there something wrong with his hair? Hao looked into the mirror and let out a loud yell.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!" He yelled, pointing at a pair of small cat ears. "WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE CAT EARS ON MY HEAD!" Ren and Manta started laughing at this. Yoh studied the cat ears and smiled.

"How cute! I want cat ears too!" He said walking over to Hao.

"Yoh no!" Ren yelled.

"Yoh!" Anna yelled. Yoh ignored them and walked over to Hao, taking a closer look at the twitching ears. He grinned and gave it a tug, making Hao yell out in pain.

"THAT FUCKEN HURTS!" Hao yelled. Yoh smiled nervously.

"Sorry Aniki. I didn't know that they were stuck on your head." He told him and toyed with the ears.

"Stop that Yoh. That's tickles." Hao muttered. Yoh blinked.

"You are ticklish?" He asked, playing with the ears some more.

"Shut up!" Hao yelled pushing Yoh away. "Now can someone explain why I have cat ears?" Yoh blinked and looked at something behind his brother. "Now what's behind me?" Hao asked, rolling his eyes and turned around, letting out another yell. Behind him was a long cat tail, whishing from side to side.

"WHAT THE FUSK IS THIS!" Hao yelled. Yoh laughed.

"Aniki is a cat!" He yelled pointing at Hao.

"Shut up Yoh!" Hao yelled. Ren and Manta laughed harder. Hao glared at them and then yelled out in pain.

"Wow... It is real." Yoh said yanking Hao's tail.

"Yoh!" Hao yelled, jumping on Yoh. "That hurts!"

"Sorry! Sorry!" Yoh yelled.

They wrestled for a while and finally pulled away when Ren separated them.

"Kisama! Stop it!" He yelled.

"You know Ren, I find it that you like calling people that." Hao said, his tail flicking from side to side with interest.

"And I find you annoying." Ren muttered. Someone's stomach rumbled and everyone looked at Yoh and Hao.

"I'm hungry." Yoh said laughing nervously. Hao smirked.

"Aren't you always?" He asked as he and Yoh walked into the house, leaving the other's mouths hanging.

"So that's all you remember?" Yoh asked. Hao shrugged.

"Mostly." He told him. They were no finished with dinner and inside Yoh's room, catching up. Anna disapproved but Yoh somehow begged her to let Hao stay. She finally agreed and told Ren to keep an eye on them.

"That's cool." Yoh grinned. "But why do you have cat ears and a cat tail?" He asked, playing with the cat ears again.

"How am I supposed to know?" Hao asked, his ears twitching with annoyance. "And stop that before I grow nails and scratch you to death."

"Do that and I will slice you to death." Ren warned, lifting his Guan Dao. Hao chuckled and shook his head.

"Still being stubborn as usual." He said with a small sigh and glared at Yoh. "Yoh, really. Stop that. It's annoying."

"But it's so cute!" Yoh whined, flicking the ears. He moved a bit closer to Hao to play with the ears. Hao's hot breath brushed against his neck, making Yoh sighed lightly. He smiled softly and toyed with Hao's ears again as he moved even closer.

"OW!" Hao yelled pushing Yoh away.

"Yoh!" Ren got up and ran over to make sure his friend was ok.

"I'm ok Ren." Yoh smiled at the Chinese shaman who blushed.

"I-I know..." Ren muttered.

"But I'm not!" Hao wailed. Yoh and Ren blinked, looking at Hao who was currently holding his tail with such gentleness, it looked as if Hao wouldn't hurt a fly. "Yoh! You stepped on my tail!" Yoh laughed nervously.

"S-Sorry! Still gotta get use to it." He said rubbing the back of his head.

"The hell you do." Hao muttered. Ren chuckled.

"What is all the screaming about?" Anna asked in an annoyed voice.

"A-Anna!" Yoh turned around with a small and nervous smile.

"Release my spirit now." Hao commanded.

"No." Anna told him firmly. "You will probably use it to kill us and I can't allow that to happen. From now on, I will be the Spirit of Fire's new master. Got it?" The small spirit appeared next to her looking at Hao with a scared look. "Now go to sleep. You will begin your training first thing in the morning."

"Why do I have to do training again?" Hao asked, his ears twitching at the sound of the itako ordering him around.

"Because I said so." Anna told him and walked off. Yoh sighed.

"It's ok Aniki. You are going to be training with me." He said with a grin.

"Joy..." Hao mumbled, his cat ears dropped down in disapproval. "She orders me around and takes away my poor cute and defenseless spirit... She's probably going to put it in hard labor or something." Yoh laughed.

"Aww come on Aniki. Anna isn't that bad!" He said with a grin.

"Ren must have really knocked you head when you guys first fought..." Hao muttered. "How hard did you hit him again Ren?"

"Pretty." Ren said with a smirk. Hao smiled, his ears no longer down.

"Good for you." Yoh frowned.

"That's not a nice thing to say Aniki." He told Hao and yarned. "Anyway, I am going to go to bed now."

"Is he always this sleepy?" Hao asked Ren who snorted.

"Always." Ren mumbled and walked out.

"Aren't you supposed to watch me?" Hao asked, although he didn't like to be watched. Ren rolled his eyes.

"I have better things to do then baby-sit." He mumbled and walked out. Hao shrugged and turned back to see Yoh yarning again, pulling out his futon.

"And where do I sleep?" Hao asked. Yoh blinked and shrugged.

"I don't know." He simply said, taking off his beloved headphones. Hao sighed and walked over to Yoh, pushing him down.

"Hey!" Yoh yelled. "That's mine!"

"Too bad Otouto. It's mine now." Hao said as he sat down. Yoh frowned.

"No it's mine!" He and Hao kept pushing each other off the futon and soon agreed that they would share it, since it was big enough for about 5 people.

"Night Aniki..." Yoh said with a yarn.

"Mmm..." Hao replied and for some reason, curled into a ball, the way cats do before going to sleep. Yoh blinked and grinned, thinking it was very cute of Hao. He snuggled closer to his brother. Minutes later, Hao's breathing became soft and gently and Yoh noticed that Hao was somewhat purring. Yoh giggled a little and nuzzled Hao before falling asleep.

In the morning, Yoh woke up with a yarn and sat up. A sleepy expression on his face.

"Another day of endless training..." He mumbled. He sighed. "Aniki, wake up. Anna won't be happy if she finds out that we weren't training." There was no reply. Yoh turned around and didn't' see Hao. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. There was a lump on the futon. He gulped and slowly lifted the covers of the futon, revealing a small orange tabby cat... well kitten, curled up in a ball, sleeping peacefully. Yoh blinked.

"Where did this kitten come from and where was Hao?" He asked himself. The kitten shivered from the cold and curled into a tighter ball. Yoh smiled and lay down on his stomach to watch it sleep. He softly poked the kitten on the nose. It shook it's head and went back to sleep. Yoh smiled again and nuzzled the kitten. The kitten shook it's head and slowly lifting it, looking up at Yoh with big round chocolate brown eyes. Yoh smiled.

"How cute!" He said petting the kitten. The kitten's eyes widened and it hissed at him.

"What! What did I do?" Yoh asked. The kitten hissed again.

"What the hell! I know I am hott, sexy and oh so desirable but did you have to call me cute!" Hao asked. Yoh blinked and turned.

"Hao?" He asked looking around but Hao was no where to be found.

"Hello? I'm over here? Why are you ignoring me?" Hao asked. "And why are you all of a sudden so big?" Yoh blinked and turned back to the kitten who was now standing on 2 legs, arms folded. His jaws dropped.

"What is it now?" Hao asked.

"H-Hao?" Yoh asked, plopping down on his stomach to look at the kitten.

"Yes?" Hao asked. Yoh blinked and smiled nervously. "What is it now? I got a horn on my head? I shrunk myself? What?"

"Y-You're... You're..." Yoh gulped.

"What?" The kitten blinked and looked down letting out a frightened hiss. "I'M A FREAKEN CAT! WHY THE HELL AM I A CAT!" It yelled.

"So you are Hao!" Yoh grinned.

"YOH! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!" Hao yelled. He looked at himself and spun around to see if it was true. Sadly, it was. Hao was a small tabby kitten. With that, Hao fainted. His adorable huge round chocolate brown eyes were now replaced by X's. Need an example? Here's one for you... X.X

Yoh laughed and picked up Hao. "How cute! Hao's a kitten!"

"Yoh... What was that horrible sound? It sounded like a dieing cat or something..." Ren muttered as he walked into his room. He blinked when he saw that Hao was missing. "Yoh, where's Hao?"

"Right here." Yoh told him. He looked down at Hao and smiled it, rocking him in his arms and nuzzling him in the stomach. Ren's mouth fell.

"You are telling me that that little thing is Hao?" He asked, pointing to the orange tabby in Yoh's arm. Yoh grinned and nodded.

"Isn't he cute?" He asked nuzzling the kitten again. "I want to keep him for my pet!"

"I'm no pet!" Hao yelled.

"Aniki, you are awake." Yoh said and smiled, nuzzling him once more. Hao laughed.

"Stop, stop Yoh! That tickles!" He yelled. Ren sweat dropped. This was unYoh like and unHao like as well. Both twins were so strange...

"Yoh, why aren't you out doing laps? And where is Hao?" Anan asked sternly when Yoh got downstairs.

"Eh... Well Hao is ummm..." Yoh bit his lower lip. "He's right here." He lifted Hao up in front of Anna and the SOF's eyes widened. It covered it's mouth with it's hands to try and hold back it's giggle. Hao hissed at his spirit.

"He's turned into a cat huh?" Anna asked. "Well don't expect to keep him."

"But Anna!" Yoh whined.

"No." Anna told him. "Now take him outside and do your laps." She turned to the SOF who was still giggling. "What are you laughing at?" She asked. The SOF immediately stopped laughing.

"The floor needs to be cleaned and so does the bathroom. Now hurry up and clean it!" Anna yelled. The SOF nodded and disappeared in a ball of flames. Minutes later, you see it zooming back and forth the hallway with a towel in it's tiny hands, cleaning the floors. Hao frowned and let out a sad meow.

"My poor spirit." He said. Anna turned back to him and Yoh.

"Why is he still here?" She asked.

"Anna, come on. He can't survive on his own like this." Yoh begged. "Please let me keep him! I promise to take full responsibility!" Hao glared up at his brother. Anna folded her arms.

"You can keep him." She told him. Yoh grinned.

"Yay!" He threw Hao in the air and cheered, not knowing how high he threw Hao. Hao let out a surprised meow and hit the ceiling. He landed on the floor with X's. Example? Here's one for you... X.X

"Oop! Sorry Hao!" Yoh said smiling nervously as he picked him up and cradled him in his arms.

"Under one condition." Anna interrupted him. "You have to do extra training." Yoh frowned and sighed.

"Fine..." He mumbled. He put Hao down and got ready to do his laps.

"Almost... There!" Yoh gasped for air as he ran. "Oh god I need a break!" Yoh plopped down on a bench in the park and sighed. There was a chuckle.

"You are so weak Yoh." Yoh blinked and looked down at Hao.

"Aniki! Why are you here?" He asked. Hao jumped up on the bench but had trouble since he was not use to walking on four legs. He was a bit wobbly so Yoh decided to hold him in his arms to make life a bit easier for him.

"That's ice queen of yours kicked me out." He mumbled. His ears drooped. "And I am hungry. She wouldn't give me anything to eat and she actually put my spirit into labor!" Yoh felt sorry for his brother. His life was already miserable enough and then he has to go and starve himself? Poor thing.

"Don't worry Aniki. Lunch will be here soon." He scratched Hao's head, and Hao purred in response. Yoh blinked and looked down at his... errr brother. "Hao, you purr?"

"Call it cat instincts ok." Hao waved a... errr paw at him and nudged him to continue. Yoh laughed and scratched Hao's head again.

"I'm hungry." Hao complained.

"Come on then. Let's go get something to eat." Yoh got up from the bench and walked off with Hao in his arms. He could always make up the training... With even more training of course but who cares. You can only live once... Well not for Hao but for Yoh. He could finally have a errr... partly normal life with his brother and he wants to spend all the time he lost with him.

Wow! I am really trying to kill myself. I am not done with Four Leaf Clover, To See You Smile Again and Prom Night! I am really trying to kill myself with this fanfic too! Garnet-chan! You have inspired me to write a fanfic with a SK character with cat ears and tail! And who better to make him look even cuter then my great Hao-Sama! I find this chapter so cute! Especially the parts where Yoh plays with Hao's ears and everything. The nuzzling as well. So kawaii!

Oh yah, I plan to add some Yaoi in later chapters. Muhahaha... Well I might, might now. I'll see lol.