Chapter 5- Growing Closer

A few days passed and Hao was still sick. He kept sneezing and slept more then usual. Yoh was starting to get worried.

"What wrong with Aniki?" He asked sadly.

"Could be that he is still sick..." Lyserg mumbled as he sat down.

"But I gave him medicine." Yoh turned with a sad face.

"Which you forced him to drink and he then ended up coughing it back up." Lyserg told him. Yoh sighed.

"I guess cat sickness is different from human sickness neh?" He said with a weak smile. Lyserg smiled and nodded.

"Do you know why Hao came back in the first place?" He asked. He was still uncomfortable having Hao live with him under the same roof but since Hao was a kitten, he couldn't do much harm. Sure, he can break a few plates and other expensive objects but he couldn't do as much damage as he did before... Yoh shrugged.

"I'm just glad that he's not dead or kidnapped." He smiled his usual trademark smile.
Hao slowly lifted his head and yarned.
"Aniki, you ok?" Yoh asked with a concerned look on his face.

"I don't know..." Hao mumbled slowly getting up and wobbled out of bed. Hao looked as if he was a drunk kitten or something. Seeing how much trouble Hao was in, Yoh picked him up.

"You hungry?" He asked.

"Don't know..." Again, Hao mumbled, trying to stop the dizziness. "I have a headache..."

"Maybe some food might help." Yoh carried Hao to the kitchen and place him down on the table.

"Where's revenge obsessed boy?" Hao asked.

"Lyserg went out." Yoh simply told him. "You want milk or something?"

"I don't care..." Hao mumbled. Yoh nodded and pour him some milk. Hao bent down and stared at the milk for a while with sleepy eyes before yarning and lapping it up. Yoh frowned.

"Are you not feeling any better?" He asked. Hao smiled shook his head and continued lapping the milk up. Yoh sighed. "You know, I just noticed it. You aren't in your human form." Hao blinked and looked at the clock that was hanging on the wall. It read 7:14.

"It's passed 6 and don't you normally turn back to your human form when it passes 6 o'clock?" Yoh asked.

"Yah..." Hao mumbled. He didn't seem to care about anything at this time. All he cared about is to get rid of his little sickness.

"Maybe it's because you are sick." Yoh said with a shrug.

"Then I better hell get better." Hao snapped. "I don't want to be stuck as a cat." He paused and looked at himself/behind him. "Do I look a bit fatter to you?" He asked. Yoh laughed and poked him on the nose.

"You do look a bit chubbier." He said teasing his brother who gave him a look and hissed. Yoh laughed and picked him up. "Maybe a little fresh air will do you some good." Hao didn't complain so Yoh took him outside to the backyard.

Once outside, Hao took a deep breath. Yoh smiled.

"It's nice out neh Aniki?" He asked. Hao nodded silently and looked around. Yoh sat down and placed Hao on his lap. "Maybe sitting out here might make you feel better." Hao slowly and carefully stepped down and walked round, exploring and hoping to get his of his headache. Yoh smiled and watched his brother explore. How much Hao has changed since the Shaman Tournament... Hao waddled back and yarned.

"Are you feeling better?" Yoh asked. Hao shrugged.

"I guess." He mumbled and watched a butterfly flutter by. He licked his lips and slowly and silently following it. Yoh laughed and picked him up.

"So you are getting better." He said smiling. "And no more hunting." Hao frowned.

"Why not? I feel better." He muttered, folding his arms, kicking his legs and pouted, making him look adorable. Yoh smiled and nuzzled the top of Hao's head with his chin.

"Because it's mean." He told him as he set him down. "Now come on, let's go and pay Ren and the others a visit." Hao winced at this and started coughing.

"Oh-ho-ho-ho." He said coughing. "Oh, Yoh! I am getting a headache again..." Yoh blinked and looked down at the kitten, who was wobbling here and there, paw over his eyes.

"Oh god, I-I don't know what's happening..." Hao continued lying. "Oh god... Everything is going black! Help me Yoh!" He bent down and lay on the floor, covering his eyes with his paws. A few seconds later, he lifted his paw to see Yoh's reaction.

"No Yoh! I was only kidding!" Hao yelled, as he held onto the door with his claws. "I'm perfectly fine! Really!"

"No way Aniki." Yoh said, trying to loosen Hao's grip. "I am taking you to the vet."

"No! Really! I'm fine!" Hao yelled, as he claws the wall again.

"No! Something must be wrong." Yoh yelled. "I mean, one minute you have a headache and the next, you don't? We have to take you to the vet."

"No! They will stick painful needles in me!" Hao yelled. "You don't want to see your big brother hurt right?" Yoh thought for a minute.

"Well no..." He mumbled. Hao sighed. "But still! It's for your own good." Hao's jaw dropped. "And a small needle is nothing compared to the pain you've been through right?" Hao let out a growl when Yoh grabbed him and held him in his arms so that he would run away.

"Hmmm... He seems ok..." Faust mumbled as he examined Hao who looked at him with bored eyes. 'Why in hell would he take me to Faust for? I mean, he's a doctor not a vet...' "But I think it's best if I give him a shot." At this, Hao jumped, running behind Yoh who laughed. "Aw come on Aniki! It's won't hurt." He lifted Hao who was shaking to death.
-Yah... I made Hao scared of the doctor, got a problem with that? God Hao-Sama is going to kill me for this... He is supposed to be fearless! No wait! He's a kitten! Things change when you're a kitten! Yes, yes. That's it. It's his metamorphosis... Ok, that don't make sense... Just forgive me Hao-Sama!-

"Don't get that thing near me." Hao said, shaking even more. He tried to jump behind Yoh but the farthest he got was to his hair. "I don't like needles!"

"But you like blood and killing?" Yoh asked as he lifted him up so that he wouldn't mess up his hair. Hao shrugged.

"I prefer burning." He told him. Yoh sighed and paced Hao on the table. "Can you put the needle down Faust?" Faust nodded and put the needle down.

"I'll give him the shot when he's ready." He said and walked out. Hao sighed and settled down a bit.

"Why don't you want to take the shot?" Yoh asked Hao once Faust was gone. "Get it over with. And plus, it'll make you feel better." Hao ignored him and walked to the edge of the table. "Hao?" Hao ignored him and prepared to jump off when Yoh caught him. "No way. You have to get that shot. It will make you feel better."

"I'm fine thank you..." Hao mumbled as he struggle in Yoh's arms.

"No way." Yoh set him on the table and held him still. "Now come on. Just take the shot. That's all I ask."

"And all I ask is to let go of me and to let me run away." Hao mumbled. "You don't see that ever happening." Yoh sighed.

"I hate to do this Aniki." He said softly. Hao blinked, wondering what he was talking about. A few seconds later, he left a sting. He let out a loud meow and bit into Yoh's hand, digging his teeth deeply into Yoh's skin. Yoh bit his lip as blood slowly dripped from the wound on his hand where Hao is currently still digging his teeth into.

"Traitor..." Hao thought as he shut his eyes and tried to ignore the pain as he bit into Yoh's hand even harder

Finally, the pain was gone. Hao finally loosened up and let out a small sigh. He then realized that he bit into Yoh's hand which was now bleeding. He quickly released it and licked the injury.

"See? That wasn't so bad." Yoh said smiling.

"Very funny Yoh..." Hao mumbled. He shook his head quickly and yarned, nuzzled himself against Yoh's stomach. Yoh's smile widened.

"Night Aniki." He whispered. -No Yoh did not drug him with any needles or anything so calm down! I would not let my great Hao-Sama get drugged anyway.-

A day or two passed and Hao was finally cured of that cursive sickness. Yoh smiled when Hao finally but suddenly transformed back into his human form when it reached 6. Yoh let out a yell and threw the potato chips in the air with surprise.

"Yay! Aniki is all cured!" Yoh yelled, tackling Hao to the ground. "How's it feel to be human again?" Hao chuckled and pushed Yoh off him.

"Fine." He mumbled. Yoh grinned and Hao gave him a strange look. "What are you so happy about?"

"Nothing." Yoh said but continued grinning. Hao rolled his eyes and stopped when something caught his eyes. He frowned a bit and reach out to hold Yoh's injured hand.

"Did I really bite you that hard?" He asked looking at it. Yoh smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head with his free hand.

"Kinda." He said. "But don't worry. It didn't hurt that much." Hao frowned and looked at it a bit more.

"I doubt it." He mumbled. "The teeth marks look a bit deep."

"Aww, it's not that bad. Don't worry about it Aniki. You should be happy not sorry." Yoh said smiling as usual. "Your not sick anymore." Hao smiled. Yoh was Yoh after all. He'd put the people he care about first and worry about his life later. That was probably the most valuable thing... The one thing that separates Yoh from everyone else, the one thing that makes him so special. He leaned forward and gave Yoh a hug.

"Thanks Little Bro." He whispered.

Lyserg walked into his LARGE apartment to see Hao sitting there, munching on whatever was let of the potato ships Yoh had threw in the air. Lyserg let out a loud yell and Hao calmly looked at him.

"Oh your home..." Hao said rather calmly.

"HAO!" Lyserg yelled.

"Yo!" Hao smiled and gave him a small wave before turning back to the TV. Lyserg glared at him.

"Why are you-"

"Here?" Hao finished his sentence. "Well I kinda live here don't I?" Lyserg's glare deepened.

"I was about to say why are you not a kitten." He muttered angrily. Morphine appeared next to him with a worried look. She knew how much Lyserg hated Hao... Hao in kitten form was almost unbearable but now Hao in his human form? Dun dun! Hao shrugged.

"I'm cured?" He said and continued watching TV. "Oh and by the way, can you go get me a soda and another bag of chips?" Lyserg clenched his fists. Hao smirked. Lyserg was still a little hot head. If he keeps this up, Lyserg would attack. Oh he would love to see this...
Again, Hao started teasing Lyserg until he was at his boiling point.

"Morphine! Into the pendulum!" Lyserg yelled. Hao smiled at his triumph and sat back to watch. Morphine went into the pendulum but before Lyserg was really able to hit Hao, the attack stopped.

"Morphine?" Lyserg watched as his pendulum fell to the ground. He looked up to see Morphine pointing at Hao's ears. Lyserg blinked. Wha! Morphine flew over to Hao and gave his ears a tug. Hao winced and grabbed Morphine who let out a high yelp.

"Watch it pixie." He said glaring at her. "That hurts."

"HAO!" Lyserg yelled. "Let go of Morphine!"

"No way! She tried to pull my ears off!" Hao yelled. "And it really hurts!" Yoh quickly dashed out of the bathroom when he heard that yelling.

"Hey! Lyserg! Your home!" He said cheerfully. He was at the moment, topless since he did after all just step out of the bathroom from his shower. He didn't seem to notice that Hao was still firmly holding Morphine.

"Yoh! Why is Hao not a kitten?" Lyserg asked angrily as he pointed an accusing finger at Hao who rolled his eyes.

"Well you see..." Yoh said rubbing the back of his head. "He turned back to a human after 6." Lyserg glared at him.

"And you didn't tell me this why?" He asked in a voice way too calmly even for Hao. Yoh laughed nervously.

"Well... You see... What happened was..." He never finished his sentence because he noticed that Hao was holding Morphine. "Aniki!" He yelled.

"What?" Hao asked in his usual innocent voice.

"If it's not birds, its butterflies and if it's not butterflies its little pixies." Yoh said with a sigh. "Don't you just leave things alone?" Hao shrugged.

"Habit." He simply said.

"Release Morphine now!" Lyserg yelled in rage.

"And what if I don't?" Hao challenged him.

"Aniki, come on." Yoh reached out and released Morphine who quickly flew back to Lyserg. "Sorry Lyserg..." Lyserg glared at Hao but said nothing. Instead, he walked passed them and went into his room, slamming the door behind him. Hao sighed and blinked when he saw Yoh frowning at him.

"What?" He asked again.

"Aniki, that was very mean of you." Yoh said shaking his head.

"Well it's not my problem." Hao rolled his eyes. "How could you like it if I yanked all of your hair off?" Yoh sighed.

"When will you ever learn?" Hao chuckled.

"Never." He said as plopped down on the sofa to watch TV.

"Aren't you going to say something?" Yoh asked. Hao turned to him and gave him a strange look.

"Umm... Would you like to join me?" He asked. Yoh sighed.

"Sorry is what I was looking for but ok." He smiled and plopped down next to his older brother.

"Sorry?" Hao asked, lifting a thin eye brow. Yoh nodded.

"You have to apologize to Lyserg." Hao raised both eye brows now.

"Over my dead bodies!" He yelled. Yoh took a few minutes to process why he said dead bodies instead of body and remember that he was reincarnated about 3 times. Yoh frowned and sighed. Hao was never going to apologize to Lyserg. The great Asakura Hao doesn't apologize and is never wrong... Right? Yoh, however didn't give up. He continued bugging him.

"Please!" He whined.

"No." It was a simple answer from Hao and he continued to watch TV. Yoh frowned and rest his head on Hao's lap.

"Please! Just this once!" He said looking up at his brother.


"Please? For me? Please!" Hao bit his lip. Yoh can sometimes be so annoying.

A few minutes later, Hao sighed. "Fine..." He mumbled. "I'll go say sorry..." He didn't get a response so he looked down to find Yoh asleep. His arms around his waist to that he wouldn't fall as he slept. Hao sighed and a smile slowly stretched across his face. He lightly brushed away Yoh's bangs that covered his eyes. "But only because you would be happy..." He whispered and yarned. "Tomorrow Yoh... I promise, I will apologize tomorrow..." He mumbled as he soon fell asleep. "Promise..." Slowly, very slowly, a small smile appeared on Yoh's face as he continued to sleep.
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