Title: Harry Potter and the Serpent's Call

Pairing: DM/HP, RW/HG... also a little bit of SS/HP(but not the main focus)

Spoilers: SS/PS, CoS, PoA, GoF

DISCLAIMER: If I owned Harry Potter I would have my own private jet plane and thousands of willing men strip teasing me. I don't...unfortunately. So, take the hint. This belongs to J.K. Lucky bint.

Summary: He had known things would be bad this summer, but he hadn't known what he would become. Severus saves him from a fate worse than death and another certain serpent makes his presence known. Darkness, Vampires, Elves, Politics... all the workings of a battle never to be forgotten. SLASH. R/R

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Blah Flashback


Harry Potter woke up in the smallest room of Number Four Privet Drive and groaned. It was 5:30 a.m. He knew Aunt Petunia would be in at 5:45, telling him to get his lazy arse out of bed and downstairs to start his chores. He sighed. He felt cheated out of 15 minutes of sleep.

He had known that things would be bad this summer when he stepped onto Platform 9 3/4 and had crossed the border. It had been glaringly obvious, especially when Uncle Vernon had given him that smile. That smile had said it all. It had been so devious, so sadistic, so knowing. Something bad was in store for him and he could feel that warning tingle down his spine. After telling the Weasleys one last good-bye and receiving a loving hug from Mrs. Weasley, Harry marched off to his death and even if it wasn't, surely by the end of the summer, he'd be wishing for it. When they got to the parking lot, Harry noticed that there was no one there. He was entirely alone with his uncle. When they had gotten to the car, Uncle Vernon had laid down the law.


"Listen up, boy! I don't want any of your freakishness this summer," here the smile made a frightening comeback, "or there will be dire consequences." Here Vernon punched Harry hard in the jaw grounding him and furthering his abuse by kicking the prone boy in the stomach. Harry stood up painfully and glared at his Uncle.

"Uncle Vernon," he said with strained calm, "I'll tell my godfather of this. You know, the escape convict." After Harry said thatm it seemed that the smile just got wider, if possible. Vernon took somethinf out of his pocket. It was parchment and it seemed to have a big messy scrawl on it. Harry recognized that as Sirius' writing. 'Oh no', Harry thought. 'This can't be good.' Vernon threw the roll to him and he caught it. He unrolled it and read with wide eyes.

Sorry Harry, Dumbledore has sent Moony and I on a mission for the Order. It'd be best if we didn't send each other any letters for a while. Well, at least until we know it's safe. I'll contact you when it is. I hope the muggles treat you right!


P.S. Try not to get into too much trouble this summer. And Moony says hi!

He had dropped the letter as his hands were trembling uncontrollably and Vernon had done nothing but beam at him and shove him into the car. When they had gotten to the house, Vernon smiled menacingly and told Harry to get up to his room. Harry, still very much in a state of shock, did not move. The words did not click in his mind until it was too late. Vernon had brought out a whip and began to lash out at Harry, who tried his damnedest not to scream. In the end though, the pain proved to be too much for him. After more than 100 lashes, he slipped into blissful darkness. He had woken up some time later, tied down to his bed covered in bruises and naked. He only thanked Merlin nothing else had been done to him. He drifted off to sleep again telling himself that things could not possibly get any worse. How wrong he was.

End Flashback

Dudley had proven himself to be just as sadistic as his father, as he pleasured himself in seeing his cousin bleed. He would often sit in a corner jacking off while Petunia made slices in Harry. Anything to please her ickle Duddiekins. Other times, Dudley would handle the dirty work himself. These were also the times he would leave with a rather large stain on his pants. Harry was not only ashamed of himself but disgusted. Disgusted because he couldn't fight back. Disgusted because he knew, in a way, he deserved this. It wasn't like he could just up and leave anyway. He was safe here. At least that's what Dumbledore told him. He smiled at the irony. He still remembered that first morning back. Petunia had been forcing him to cook. He had been still having troubles standing from all the kicks he had received from Vernon the night before. He absolutely refused to call them his Aunt and Uncle any longer. Family just didn't do that. It had taken a full 10 minutes to get downstairs. He had been thrown into a wall by a very red faced Vernon for his 'insolence'. Harry had cooked their breakfast in a sort of daze and had done most of his chores on the neverending list he received. Then of course, he had gone to bed hungry, seeing as he their food was too good for him. This hell went on for 2 weeks and Harry thanked his lucky stars that he had sent Hedwig to stay with the Weasleys this summer. If she had stayed, he would be one friend short because things undeniably got worse.

Harry got up, preparing himself for another long day. How he wished he could somehow disappear! Well, at least to have someone come and save him. He put on his clothing and went out in the garden. He would be weeding and painting the tool shed for about the 30th time that week and it was only Wednesday. He cursed the Dursleys for sending him out into the 101 degree weather, while they sat in air conditioned rooms, sipping cool lemonade and discussing Marge's new boyfriend. Why someone would go out with that blimp was beyond him, however. He knew without looking that someone was watching him. This, without a doubt, could only be Petunia He decided that he better get back to work or suffer the punishment. The next punishment was always worse than the last, but he wasn't sure what could be worse than the last. He had scrubbed his skin raw for hours after that incident. It still made him sick to his stomach to think about it. Unbidden memories entered his mind.


Vernon Dursley took keys out of his pocket and put them into his door lock sloppily. He had just come home from a friend's stag night party and he was particularily drunk. He entered his home and shuffled up the steps. He noticed that the banisters weren't glistening, but glowing dully.

'So, the boy thinks he can slack off this summer, does he?' Vernon was turning red with anfer. He took his keys out of his pocket in one quick motion. Well, as quick as any drunk man can go. Harry had heard the keys jingling and feared what would happen to him this time. He leveled his breathing to make it seem as if he were asleep. A trick he had learned to fool Ron into believing he had not been having nightmares. He heard the door click shut. Then he heard a zip and fear instantly coarsed through him. 'No, no, no, no,' he thought to himself, chanting the word within his mind. He heard Uncle Vernon pick something up off the floor; a weapon no doubt. Harry let himself relax. Only a beating. He could ignore the pain. He kept his eyes closed even as he felt the bed sink under Vernon's immense weight. All of his fears made a direct u-turn and came careening back at him, crashing through his body, paralyzing him, making the handcuffs that were being clamped around his wrists unnecessary. He was forced to open his eyes when he smelled rank breath in his face.

Uncle Vernon was sprawled over him, a sadistic smirk on his face. He felt Vernon press his lips to his own and felt as if he were about to retch, but he knew it would only make things worse. 'This is all a dream, a sick, twisted, messed up dream,' he thought to himself, when in truth it wasn't. He felt Vernon's tongue push against his lips. He absolutey refused to open them. But then he felt a slice of pain. It was unexpected and he gasped in pain, realizing too late that he had done what Vernon wanted. He stuck his vile tongue into the smaller boy's mouth and it was sweet. Greed got the better of him. He wanted more. What Vernon Dursley wanted, he did anything to get.

He ripped the scant oversized clothing off of the boy. Harry Potter was terrified and he had good cause to be because the look in Vernon's eyes didn't promise frolicks through fields of daisies and sunshine. There was lust in those eyes, pure lust and greed and it made Harry's stomach roll as he watched as the eyes travelled over his naked form. He felt paralyzed. He couldn't do anything.

Vernon turned the boy around and all he could think was delectable. He rammed himself deep into him, feeling the tightness and with a little satisfaction noticed that blood was beginning to trickle and the boy had let out a cry of agony. Couldn't have it making noise now. He placed one beefy hand over the boy's mouth. The blood make as good a lubricant as any. As he began to move, he lost control. He kept ramming himself into the boy. Hard and fast. He pleasured in the blood that he felt and the cries that were trying to make their way out of the boy's mouth. Vernon could feel that his climax was near, so he took his hand from the boy's mouth. One shrill scream made its way out and Vernon delighted in it, but before it could go on. He unsheathed himself from the boy and buried his blood covered length in his mouth and exploded.

Vernon smiled temporarily sated as Harry gagged and coughed.

"If you know whats good for you, boy, you'll swallow every bit of that." Vernon took the hand cuffs out and a bat and waved them in the air merrily. "Time for round two."

/End Flashback/

Harry shuddered to think of it. The next day he had woken up with broken ribs, a broken arm and leg, internal injuries, and bruises everywhere. And he had still been expected to work. Needless to say, after that incident he had scrubbed everything 20 times harder than he usually did. It was hell on his body and still no one came to rescue him. He was losing hope. After another day of back-breaking labor and no food, Harry went to his room. He looked at his bed and painful memories came back to him. He hadn't slept on his bed since, instead opting to sleep on the cold hard floor. He concentrated gathering up his magic within him and threw a wandless locking charm at the door. It was weak from his lack of energy, but it would do. He was surprised to find that if he concentrated a bit he could do this new trick and it was becoming easier the more he did it. In any case, he needed privacy and that was a hard thing to come by in this house. But he knew that Vernon had gone to another stag night party and wanted to withdraw into himself before the inevitable happened.

He went to his desk and took a book from his shelf. Although the cover proclaimed Metaphysics, Harry knew what it really was. He sat down gingerly, trying not to aggravate his new bruises, or the old ones, or the breaks...or all the other small things. He opened the book to the first page, signing the single line there for his name. The book glowed and the pages that were once filled with metaphysics equations changed into pages of his own writing. This was what was called a wizarding journal and he thanked Merlin that he had it.

July 30, 1996

Another hellish day in the Dursley's home is over. Thank Merlin! I ran out of ink a week ago. So I'll leave it to you to figure out what I'm writing in. Since bundles of the stuff leave my body on a daily basis thanks to the oh so benevolent Dursleys, I've decided to put it to good use. I know I'm making light of a horribly bad situation, but its the only way I can survive, really and truly. But I fear I'm not going to last very long. I'll break if I don't get out of here. I'm already breaking... It's 11:30. And in half an hour, I'll be 16. They say that wizards reach majority at 16 and the next year is spent training that inheritance... Although some people reach it late... What if I'm one of those people... What if everyone has been putting all their hope into me just to find that I'm a failure? What then? I wouldn't be able to stand it if everyone left me. It'd be the absolute final straw. Not that they really seem to care anymore anyway. I haven't received anything from the others at all. At least Sirius had the descency to tell me that he wouldn't be able to write... even if it was more trouble than its worth. There I go being bitter again. It's a hard life to live.

It's 11:50 now. Perhaps this could be a new beginning for me.

Harry sighed and closed the book, but did not yet put it away. He leaned against the the chair back, watching the clock, and waiting. When it finally turned 12:00, he waited expectantly, holding his breath...but nothing happened. He let his breath go in a sudden whoosh and laughed hysterically, not caring how loud he was being at the time. Nothing had happened. NOTHING. His laughter gave way to tears. Nothing... He heard the door downstairs open and heard steps on the stairs. He tried to calm his ragged breathing. The steps stopped in front of his door.

"Oh Gods no..." he thought to himself. He vaguely remembered Vernon promising him something special for his birthday. As he watched the door knob turn, he was hit with a sudden pain originating in his stomach and spreading. It burned. He doubled in on himself. The door crashed open and he tried to scoot away. But suddenly, he was being held in strong arms. He tried to get away but the voice was soothing and soft. He calmed down exponentially. The pain was still there, but it wasn't as insistent any more. He curled around the figure.

"It'll be alright, master. You're just coming into your inheritance." He knew that voice. He knew it. But the kind words did not go with the face he pictured in his mind. He opened his eyes slowly painly. Everything was a blur. Had he knocked off his glasses in the struggle? The figure chuckled. "Let me help you." The figure slowly reached up to his face and Harry could do nothing but watch. A weight was lifted off his face and he stared transfixed for there Severus Snape, feared Potions Master stood holding him and smiling, Harry was about to talk when another wave of pain more intense than the first overcame him. He buried himself into the clothing of the Potions Master, finding the inviting warmth comforting, but still in too much pain to relax.

"It hurts, P'fessor."

"I know. It will be over soon. Go to sleep. It will help." Harry closed his eyes tiredly and fell instantly to sleep. Severus looked around the room in disgust. This was absolutely unacceptable. If he had known... well image be damned and fuck the Death Eaters all to hell! Dumbledore too, as an afterthought. He could smell the blood, the pain, the tears, the... he gulped. The semen. He held Harry closer to him. Oh what had his master have to go through! Well, this just wouldn't do. His master would never set foot in this house again. Lily must be rolling around in her grave. With a wave of his hand, all of Harry's things were gathered in a neat pile. They weren't much. He shrank them and placed them in his pocket, carefully handling the sleeping boy in his arms. He could already feel the changes the Inheritance was making to his body. He swiftly came down the stairs, sneering disdainfully at the 3 muggles lying at odd angles on the floor, red substances leaking from different parts of their body. He gave the two fattest ones a swift kick and was satisfied when both let out a scream muted by the blood pouring from their mouths. And with that he disappeared into the night.

The next day Harry awoke in a soft bed. He looked around in awe. Where the hell was he? It was a lovely room afterall and his family would not waste such funds on a freak such as himself.

"You're not a freak." He jumped from the shock of the voice. He stared at his Proffessor. He stood in the door of the room, holding a tray of food, wearing clothing that was not black, and wearing a soft bemused smile. "Sorry for startling you, but I have your breakfast here." Harry watched him place the food in front of him, but didn't move to touch it.

"I'm not hungry," he said and it was the truth. He hadn't been fed in many days. Severus sighed, looking at the boy sadly.

"I know, but you have to try to eat something anyway. You need to get back into a steady eating habit." Harry just stared at him. "Why are you being so difficult?" Severus shouted in frustration. Harry sighed himself.

"I'm sorry. It's just reflex, okay? I know you mean me no harm, but..." Harry sighed. "It's just hard to distinguish sometimes."

"Harry, I'll never hurt you. You know that."

"I know, Sev," Harry said hanging his head in shame. Severus smiled.

"Why don't you get some rest. You look tired. You can eat when you wake up and I do expect you to eat." He kissed Harry on his forehead and then began to exit the room.

"Sev," Harry called when Severus was almost out of the room.

"Yeah?" he said turning slightly.


"Anytime, Harry. You'll always be safe here."

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