Title: Harry Potter and the Serpent's Call

Pairing: DM/HP, RW/HG... so far

Spoilers: SS/PS, CoS, PoA, GoF

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Summary: He had known things would be bad this summer, but he hadn't known what he would become. Severus saves him from a fate worse than death and another certain serpent makes his presence known. Darkness, Vampires, Elves, Politics... all the workings of a battle never to be forgotten. SLASH. R/R

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Blah Flashback

Chapter Two:

Clarifications That Don't Clarify At All

June 1997

Draco squared his shoulders in the limo as it drove through the wrought iron gates of Malfoy Manor. He could do this. After all, he was a Malfoy. He could do this...

Bloody hell he couldn't do this.

But Harry had faith in him and he couldn't let Harry down. He stepped out of the limo with true eau de Malfoy, even though he was crumbling inside.

He sighed as he walked through the doors of his mansion which was really, to him anyway, a dressed up prison. A dozen or so house elves came rushing up to him. Draco regarded them with dispassionate eyes.

"We is being so glad that young master is home," they chorused. "Is there being anything wes can do for young master, sir?" Draco shook his head. Unless they could get him out of the country in less than 10 seconds, he was out of luck. He climbed the steps slowly, dragging his feet in a decidedly un-Malfoyish manner. When he got to his room, he threw himself upon the bed and closed his eyes. Maybe he could sleep the week away.


It was Wednesday, the week was almost over, and Draco had just began to relax. From what he could gather from the rather tight lipped house elves, his father was on a "business trip" meaning an extremely high ranking Death Eaters ONLY meeting and his mother's corpse had been removed and cremated by them without his knowledge, without anyone's knowledge. No pomp. No circumstance. Just death. He draped himself over the couch. The death of his mother was all very sad,but truthfully, he had no tears left to spare her.It was enough to remember all the good, she had done for him. He sipped some pumpkin juice and sighed happily. He would just have to live for her.

No sooner had he committed such an action as being happy,he then heard a noise. He recognized it as the front doors opening. Hmm,Severus must bestopping by, he thought to himself. He knew that Death Eater meetings always lasted to their full extent so it couldn't possibly be his father.

Therefore he was quite surprised when a slightly battered Lucius came stumbling through the door. No, he wasn't quite surprised he was motherfrigging bloody well horrified!

Lifeless gray eyes met with his horrified almost silver ones.

"Go to your room." Well Draco didn't need to be told twice. He jumped off the couch, knocking over his glass of pumpkin juice in the process. He stared at it in shock watching as the orange liquid soaked into the plush white material of the carpet. Shit!

"You'll pay for that later. Now go." Draco rushed out of the room and into his own locking the door firmly behind him. What the hell was that? They owned house elves for Merlin's sakes! What was one little spill? Draco knew this was just a reason to punish him, a stupid one, but the logistics never really mattered in the first place. He was rowing down shit creek now. Before he could wallow any longer in his thoughts of dire peril, there was a knock knocking at his door. What? Father doesn't knock.

"Master Draco!" A small voice squeaked. Ah, so it was a house elf.

"What is it?" he snapped not willing to open the door.

"Young Master's presence is requested in the Toy Room." Well, that didn't sound threatening at all. Was Lucius losing his facilities at such an early age? Didn't matter, though. He still refused to spend any amount of time in the presence of his father.

"Tell him that I am unavoidably detained," Draco said.

"Master is saying that if you is not to come willingly, Mitzy must use force." Draco scoffed. He refused to be afraid of a house elf. Therefore he was quite horrified when the door was blown of it's hinges and sent flying across his room to crash against the far wall. The elf walked slowly into his rooms. "Mitzy is now taking you to the Toy Room. And with a loud crack, Draco found himself spinning uncontrollably. He thought he would be sick at one point, but it was just that... a thought. Suddenly he crashed into a cold stone floor. He opened his eyes when his head stopped spinning. The Toy Room didn't look very inviting. In fact it greatly resembled a torture chamber. The Toy Room had a cold and malicious air to it, The stones were a dark androgynous gray and had shackles attached at intervals, meaning the torturer would be able, if necessary, to multitask. A cold steel table stood in the middle of the room and another covered table stood right next to it. He could only imagine what kind of 'toys' that table held. Draco heard the wall slide open, but did not turn around. The lights of the room flickered.

"Father," Draco said as if he was not about to be tortured in his own home.

"Hmm, Draco. I think you've forgotten your place. You're in need of punishment. Severe punishment." With a flick of his wand, Draco was suddenly strapped to the table. He tried to struggle against his bonds, but they were too tight. He could barely move his head. With another flick of Lucius' wand, Draco was nude. He shivered with not only cold, but fear. His father stalked around him, examining him closely, and probably wondering just how much pain he could inflict on his son and what implements to do it with. Draco heard him take off the cloth off the table and strained desperately to see what his cause of death would be. He didn't have to wait long. The light reflected off of a sinister looking blade. Draco didn't know what he had done to the gods to deserve this but he prayed they gave him a quick death. Alas! That was not to happen. Feeling a moment of courage, he told his father exactly what he thought of him. His father's eyes glowed with malicious glee as he slowly littered Draco's body with incisions. Draco didn't scream, nor did tears leak from his eyes. He whimpered a little bit, but he didn't cry. Why give Lucius the satisfaction? He was strong. He could survive this. This was nothing.

Lucius was becoming impatient. Why didn't the brat give him what he needed to hear? Why didn't he scream? He growled in displeasure. He threw the blade across the room and selected a flay. He began to torture Draco with a renewed passion that the weapon bestowed. They flay stung at the wounds, aggravating them, causing them to bleed faster and the skin to go red around them.

Yes, Draco did scream then. He screamed and screamed until his voice was raw. Tears leaked down his face. Tears, he thought he had no longer possessed.And Lucius was happy. Each scream he drank in with a sick pleasure. He was giddy and he had a spurring problem in his lower regions that he would take care of, but not yet. This was too fun to pass up. Draco's life was flashing before his eyes. Each of his nerves felt to be on fire and they were overloading. His memories got to the point where he had had his meeting with Harry... Harry! Oh Harry! How could he have forgotten? But surely the other boy had just been joking. Draco didn't care. He was desperate enough to try anything.

"Harry!" he screamed. "Oh Merlin, Harry! Save me! There's so much pain." The pain stopped and the room was eerily quiet and the pain stopped. His father stared at him in disbelief.

"What did you say?" he whispered dangerously, infinite fury in each word. He let the flay trail on the ground. "What did you say!" This time it was shouted. Draco flinched. Oh gods, this could not be happening. Lucius raised his arms to strike again and Draco closed his eyes tightly as well as tensing his body, but the pain never came. He opened his eyes in time to see his father fly across the room, crashing into the wall. He slid down it and lay in a heap at the bottom. Green suddenly encompassed his vision. Relief flooded his entire system.

"You're late," he rasped trying to go for a bit of humor even though he wanted nothing but to give up. His attempt did nothing to assuage Harry's fears though.

"Merlin, what has he done?" Harry gently undid the bonds that were holding him down and took Draco into his arms with an amount of care that amazed Draco. Draco let himself be pulled into a sense of security. And as he was carried out of the room, he allowed himself to pass into oblivion.


Draco woke up on a soft bed in a blue and tan themed room. Where am I?

"Good afternoon, Draco," he heard a voice and turned to the side finding it unusually hard. Harry came into view. He was smiling softly. Draco felt his heart clench. He opened his mouth to speak, but Harry cut him off. "You've been unconscious for 3 days. We were forced to put you into a magical coma so you would heal faster. How are you feeling?" Draco forced himself to become aware of his body and found that while he was sore, he felt no excruciating pain. He told Harry this.

"I'll survive," he rasped trying to sit up in the bed. Harry helped him and put a glass of water to his lips. Draco took a couple of sips before realizing. He glared at Harry and grabbed the glass out of his hand. It wobbled a bit as his hand shook. "I'm not an invalid, Potter." Harry held his hands up in surrender. He smirked; something very unsettling when on Potter's face.

"I never said you were, Malfoy. You're lucky, you know. There won't be one mark left on your body. Nothing that will be able to remind you of previous experiences. Unfortunately, you will have to stay in bed until the soreness passes." Draco grimaced and Harry snickered. "Trust me, I know exactly what you mean."

"Where am I?" Draco asked, breaking the silence that had followed Harry's statement. He noticed the beautifully done room. It was nothing like the cold fancy stuff at Malfoy Manor that he was used to. This was warm and inviting.

"Do you like it? I did this room myself. This is my manor-"

"Potter, what-"

"No, no. Let me finish. Since coming into my inheritance, I've gained many things. This property being one of them and my favorite." Harry spread his arms in a grandiose gesture. "This is Moathradisor Manor; my home away from home."

A popping sound interrupted him. A tall lean man with violet eyes and black hair that curled around his chin stood there.

"Yes, Antonio?"

"My Lord, Severus has arrived." Harry rolled his eyes to the sky and smiled at Draco. Draco felt his breath hitch, but that couldn't be right. Could it?

"I don't know why that man insists on being so formal all the time. He's here enough that he practically lives here. Send him up Antonio." Antonio nodded and popped out of existence.

"What is he?" Draco asked, truly curious.

"Hmm, Antonio? Well he's quarter Fay, quarter Elf, and half Vampire." Draco simply stared at Harry.

"Now, why do you have such powerful creatures calling you master?"

"Alas, that's a story for another time," Harry said cryptically. Just as Draco was about to respond, Severus opened the door.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"Of course not," Harry said throwing his arms around Severus' neck in an exuberant hug. Draco had never seen his Godfather so happy before...his hot Godfather. His eyes widened slightly in shock.. Gods what was he thinking. Purge the mind! Purge the mind! Severus was family and he was holding on pretty tightly to Harry; unnecessarily tightly. Now where did this man get off holding on to his Harry like that? Draco was feeling something and it was alien to him. Jealousy? Impossible. Why was there any need for jealousy. If Severus wanted Potter, he could have him. Draco felt himself turning slightly green at the thought. He wanted to scream out: MY HARRY! MINE! MINE! MINE! A low growl began in his throat as he saw Severus' arms tighten around Harry's waist holding him closer. Harry looked at Draco with something akin to humor in his eyes. He disentangled himself from the taller man and retook his seat across from Draco, pulling Severus with him. Severus knelt by Harry's side and placed his head in Harry's lap. He didn't know whether to be insanely jealous or confused. His curiosity beat both of them.

"Severus?" he asked simply. Severus said nothing but turned questioning eyes to Harry. They had a silent conversation for a little bit and then Harry ran his hands through Severus' hair.

"It's your choice, Sev," he said softly. Severus sighed.

"It must be done." Harry stroked Severus' cheek and stood up to leave. Severus' eyes widened slightly.

"I think this is something best shared between family. Don't worry so much, Sev. He'll love you no matter what. Feel free to explain anything that requires explaining as he is part of my future also." Severus nodded but hardly looked reassured. "I'll be in my office then." Harry walked out the door. Severus turned around to meet the eyes of his godson. He sighed.

"What is it that you want to know?" Draco simply stared at him. He didn't even know where to start. He asked the first question that came to mind.

"Why do you call him master?"

"I call him master because that is what he is in all aspects of the word."

"What? I don't understand."

"He owns my mind, body, and soul." Draco resisted the urge to goggle.

"When did this happen? Harry said you've been working for him for years."

"I've belonged to Harry since before even he was born. To better understand things, you'd have to know Snape family history." Severus sighed and settled himself in the seat that Harry had vacated feeling comforted by the scent of his master still lingering there. "In the Snape family, as a result of a rather nasty curse placed upon us generations back, each child born is a special creature and already promised to the leader of that kingdom. My sister Ophelia was a Veela and is High Consort to the Veela King. My brother Silenus is Elven and the Head Guard of the King's Army and I... I am a Vampire.

"During this time the Evangelistas were the heads of the Vampire race, but they were wiped out during the reign of Grindelwald as they fought for the Light, realizing that Grindelwald was a tyrant and after getting his way would go after the other races. No one assumed the throne, not having enough power to do so and the vampire race was flung into chaos. They formed clans and rebel groups to gain some semblance of control. Some went crazy without a strong ruling presence. I was left without a bonded and it tore at me everyday. My parents felt for me. They had no idea how much time I had left because, even as a young child, I could feel the emptiness within me.

"When I got my Hogwarts letter, my parents saw it as a chance for me to take my mind off of things. The first time I met Lily Evans I felt something within me be restored. I felt renewed. The only thing that could do that for me was the power of an Evangelista. I didn't approach her at first. I didn't know how to or even what to say. Therefore, I was shocked when she approached me. She sat down across from me in my compartment and stared into my eyes. I noticed that her own were Evangelista green. I was astonished."


"I feel like I know you. You seem so familiar." Lily said squinting her eyes as if it would make all the difference. Severus opened his mouth, but no words were forthcoming. He barely registered falling to her knees in front of her.

"Mistress Evangelista," he said softly bowing his head. Lily's eyes clouded in confusion.

"Is this how people are greeted in the Wizarding world? I didn't read in any of my books about this ritual..." Severus' eyes widened.

"You mean you don't know."

"What are you talking about? I don't even know your name. What am I supposed to know?"

"Oh, forgive me. I am Severus Snape." He waited patiently for an expression of outrage. When he didn't get it, he was shocked. "You still want to talk to me?"

"Well, why wouldn't I? You haven't been disrespectful to me so far. Unless...oh! Are you one of those Pureblood supremacist people? Do you have a thing against muggleborns like me?" Severus was shocked. Muggleborn? Surely not.

"You're... you're a muggleborn?"

"Well, I don't rightly know. I was adopted when I was really young... But let's not talk of such things. I like you, Severus. Please say you'll be my friend."

"I- I'd be honored."

End Flashback

"My parents had warned me that if she did not know what I truly was, what she held within her, then I would have to wait until she came into her Inheritance. Since I was sorted into Slytherin I was automatic enemy of Gryffindor which explains Potter, Black, and Lupin's cruelness towards me to a certain extent. She always tried to stand up for me, but I would have none of it. I was her guardian, not the other way around. On her sixteenth birthday after an especially painful Inheritance, I finally told her what she was and what I was. She was shocked, but she took everything amazingly well. Lily had always been strong.

She soon fell for James Potter much to my dismay and they had Harry. They saw he had the Evangelista Green eyes and immediately knew that he would have tough years ahead. They began preparing for the day that they would no longer be able to protect him. Lily came to me one night holding Harry. He was sleeping peacefully, one thumb stuck in his mouth and a little hand buried in his mother's lustrous long red hair. I smiled softly at the picture they presented, but then I saw the troubled expression in her eyes.


"What's the matter, Lils?" Severus asked quietly.

"I have a bad feeling about things, Sev. I just know that I won't be around to see Harry become a man."

"Don't say that, Lils."

"No, Severus. It's true. I've seen it."


"Last night... I saw it. Everything. I'm not going to survive, Sev, and neither will James."


"No, let me finish. I want you to finish the bond early with Harry."

"Lily, he's too young. This is usually done when they turn sixteen..."

"Sev, I won't be around to see his 16th birthday! I won't be around for him and I need you to be there! Do this for me, Severus! I command you!" Tears fell freely down her face and Severus stared at her in shock. She had never really commanded him before. The baby in her arms as if feeling her distress pressed himself closer to his mother.

"Come in then," Severus said sighing softly. "I'll prepare the necessary items."

End Flashback

"Then two days after that, they died and Harry was whisked off by Dumbledore to a location that could not and would not be disclosed to me. I had met Lily's sister before and she was a horror. I knew she wouldn't be fair to him, but for the love of Merlin, there was nothing that I could do about the situation. It was not until years later that I had a chance to meet up with Harry again. 10 years to be exact. I met him in Diagon Alley. Hagrid had just left him at the Leaky Cauldron. I could tell the instant he sensed me.


"You're Severus," Harry said softly looking at the tall foreboding figure before him. Severus was in shock. Could the boy possibly remember?

"Yes, Harry." Severus could kick himself. To think he had responded with something so simple. Where was his elegance?

"I remember you. You were always with mum and I. You always looked out for us." A pained look entered his eyes. "Where have you been?"

Severus felt a sudden inconsolable pang of guilt. "You remember that?"


"What else do you know, Harry?" Harry stared at him with a blankness that no 11 year old should yet know.

"Not enough. Not nearly enough.

End Flashback

"And so I told him everything from my history to Lily, to all the things that had been going on in his estate and to my surprise, he understood it all.


"You can't be nice to me when we get to Hogwarts. You have a reputation to keep and I have an image to uphold."

"I understand. So you plan to give Dumbledore his Golden Boy, so that he will not have reason to pay as much attention to you."

"Essentially, yes. It also means I can get away with quite a bit more and have his blessings to do it."

"Crafty boy."

"I am my mother's son, after all," he said smirking. The clock rang and Harry turned to look at it. Severus noticed a bruise there.

"And where did you get that?" he asked, suddenly angered, but not knowing why Harry stared at him.

"That is for another time and another meeting Now, I do believe you are being summoned." Severus' Dark Mark began burning and he blinked in surprise before gritting his teeth and making his way out of the Cauldron. The boy was Lily's son through and through, he thought darkly as he apparated away.

End Flashback

"So, you see, Draco. I have been bonded to Harry for forever and day and will remain bonded until either he dies or I die. Though, it has only recently become official and without Dumbledore any the wiser. Harry's relatives were less than savory, so I brought him here to the manor."

"Why hadn't you moved him earlier?" Draco asked, truly wondering why. "The muggles couldn't have been that bad, if Harry did not want to leave sooner. Severus' eyes clouded over.


It was the end of Harry's first day at Hogwarts. Currently he was curled up at the end of Severus Snape's large leather couch watching the man correcting papers at the desk.

"You're wearing a glamour," Severus said without looking up.

"How very perceptive of you." Severus rose an eyebrow, finally looking up.

"Perhaps I should rephrase my question. Why are you wearing a glamour?"

"Obviously, I have something to hide." Severus was quickly becoming frustrated with the boy who was fast displaying James' ability to annoy the magic out of him.

"Well, what do you have to hide?"

"Everything." The boy had the nerve to smirk at him and Severus was feeling the desperate need to know what was wrong with his little master. As if sensing the desperation, Harry waved a hand in front of himself and the glamour fell. Severus inhaled sharply, falling to his knees before the boy.

"Sweet Merlin!" he breathed. "What have they done to you?" The Harry that sat before him was covered in bruises – was mere skin and bones.

"Nothing that I can't handle. I'm still alive, aren't I?"

"Yes! But for how long! I won't have this. I'll go to Dumbledore right now and-"

"Stop," Harry commanded. Severus froze in his place, not believing what he had just heard.

"Harry, this can't go on."

"Dumbledore must keep his illusion. Don't you think he knows what kind of situation that he put me in. It is his plan. A battered boy will yearn for love and Hogwarts is a place where I am supposed to learn it. A loved savior is a controllable savior. You will not tell him. I will leave when the time is right."


"Now, come. Walk me back to Gryffindor Tower. It's getting quite late and I reckon Ron will be wondering where I am."

End Flashback

Draco found his fists curling. Oh, if he could only get his hands on those muggles. Severus' voice pierced his murderous thoughts.

"My, a bit protective aren't we?" Draco, noticing what he was doing, promptly stopped.

"I'm so confused, Sev. I don't know why I'm here right now. I don't know why he makes me feel this way. Why is this happening to me." Severus sighed, all humor quickly fading away.

"The first question is simple. You are here because you sought protection in the form of Harry. The other two will have to be answered by Harry himself. I'll leave you to your rest, now." Severus kissed his godson on the forehead and walked out of the room.

Draco silently stared at his folded hands, thinking. No, he would not rest. He didn't need it. He wanted to see Potter, now. He lifted his head intending to tell his godfather of his imperious decision before leaving the room, but it seemed that he was already gone. He huffed in indignation. No matter. This place couldn't be that big. He would find Potter himself. He wanted his questions answered. Mind made up, he rose stiffly out of the bed, wincing a little at the pain that was still there. Resolutely, he put one foot in front of the other and left the room. Now… where the hell was Harry's office?



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