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There was a fierce battle raging out in deep space; the Sith fleet threatened to decimate the Republic forces. The fleets were of equal size, but the Republic vessels were sluggish and not moving in to break up Sith formations. The smaller and more maneuverable Sith fighters were everywhere, picking off Republic fighters left and right. One Sith Interdictor, the Leviathan, was tearing Republic capital ships apart under a barrage of turbolaser fire.

One particular Republic fighter group managed to break through a gap in the Sith formations and attack a Sith Interdictor. All the laser cannons trained onto the fighters, ignoring the shuttles making their way to board the Interdictor. Out of the seven fighters, five were quickly disposed of. One of the remaining two fighters turned, engaging the attacking Sith fighters, only to explode under a cascade of laser fire pouring from the vessel it so desperately tried to flee. The remaining fighter made a suicide run at the bridge of the Interdictor, but was blown to scrap by a Sith fighter. A dark ominous figure stood at the bridge's viewing window, quietly surveying the unfolding battle.

On the bridge of his flagship, the Defiance, Darth Revan watched in calculated anticipation of the Jedi Trap. His spies had told him about the foolhardy plan to capture him. In response to the threat, Revan had sent Malak, his long-time friend and apprentice, to command the fleet from the Leviathan. So now Revan, The Dark Lord of the Sith waited patiently on the bridge of his vessel for his date with destiny.

"Lieutenant, make sure the forces on the bridge are prepared for battle, I am expecting some guests." Darth Revan spoke and even though his voice was modulated by his mask, it was obvious his tone was ladened with confidence.

"Yes, Milord."

"I am expecting some guests." He said musingly. "And they deserve a proper welcome."

So the foolish Jedi Masters sent their favorite little puppet, Bastila Shan, to capture me. From behind his mask Revan smiled reflectively. Still, her battle mediation would make her an excellent replacement in Malak's steadAfter all my apprentice has become increasingly obstinate as of late. Revan thought.

A few minutes later, the door to the bridge burst open allowing the Jedi and a few Republic soldiers to enter. Entering the bridge, two of the Jedi each waved a hand causing the guards at the door to fall asleep. Revan continued watching the space battle, while Dark Jedi and Sith soldiers fought the invading force. Console operators ducked behind their stations to avoid being hit by a stray blaster bolt, while some soldiers used the consoles for cover. The bridge lit up with blaster fire and minor explosions. Several consoles exploded, killing the soldiers behind them. A Sith soldier made the mistake of shooting at a Jedi and found his bolt coming right back at him.

Light and Dark Jedi met in a dizzying exchange of clashing lightsabers and repeating blaster fire. Red humming blades clashed against blue, yellow and green ones, over the rumbling sound of constant explosions. Thrusts and slashes were countered with parries and twirls.

Even though the Sith were well trained, the Republic forces were able to win the skirmish. The last remaining Republic soldier tried to sneak up on Revan, but sensing him through the force, the Dark Lord effortlessly reached out, telekinetically stringing his would-be assailant in an invisible noose. Not until the last Dark Jedi was defeated, did Revan turn around to face the Jedi.

As he turned to face the Jedi, Revan squeezed the soldier's throat a little tighter crushing his final breath with a sickening crunch and tossing the lifeless corpse across the bridge like a wet towel. The Jedi watched with unnaturally calm looks, while on the inside they all cringed.

Meanwhile, the Jedi stepped forward in a manner to present a challenge to the Dark Lord. He could not help but admire the lead Jedi; she was young, barely twenty years of age. She was an attractive human, with chestnut hair pulled back into twin braids falling down her back and bright blue eyes. She ignited her lightsaber, which cast a yellow glow over her tan body suit that hugged her every curve.

"You cannot win Revan" Bastila Shan threatened with a tone that held more confidence than she felt.

Revan merely shrugged and pulled out a lightsaber of his own, and ignited the crimson blade. To convey his boredom, Revan twirled the blade around a few times before bringing it to rest over his shoulder with the tip pointing at Bastila's chest.

"Look outside Padawan." Revan taunted. "I have already won and when this battle is through I will bring an end to your precious Jedi Order."

They stood like this for many moments until Bastila finally decided to rush Revan. She froze as through the view port she saw another Sith ship firing on the Defiance. Revan sensed the attack seconds before it hit, and he knew immediately who was attacking him.

You shall pay for this betrayal Malak, I wont let you live this time; and then Revan's world was plunged into darkness.

Once the explosions from the initial attack died down, Bastila found herself lying on her back a few feet from where she was standing. Her head was in considerable pain, she had hit the bridge deck hard when the explosion had thrown her back. When she tried to move, she found that she was unable to and that her left leg throbbed. Looking to see what was holding her in place she saw that a console had fallen onto her leg. She was used the Force to push it off of her and then Bastila and sat up groaning with pain.

She took a moment to thank the Force she was still alive and then surveyed the situation on the Defiance's bridge. The other Jedi appeared to be dead, and there was a dark figure lying on the floor a few feet from her.

Bastila crawled over to the fallen Dark Lord, pushing past debris. Once she reached Revan, Bastila took out her lightsaber and prepared to finish off the Dark Lord. She thought that she could be a hero being the one to kill Darth Revan.

No, such thoughts are of the Dark Side. I am here to capture Revan, not kill him.

She put the lightsaber away and removed the Dark Lord's mask to get a better look at his injuries. There was smoke still coming off his robes and Bastila could smell the burnt flesh from electricity that had coursed through his body. On his forehead there was a large gash where he hit his head when Revan collapsed. There was a long, deep gash on his right cheek that went up to his eye from where his mask cut into the face. Bastila drew heavily on the Force to preserve the speck of life still left in Revan. Unbeknownst to the young Jedi, this would have consequences she was not ready to handle.

As Bastila finished stabilizing Revan, another Jedi woke up. This startled Bastila for a moment, since she thought all of her companions were dead. She quickly recovered and told the Jedi Knight to carry the Dark Lord to their ship, since Bastila was too exhausted.

"Is …. is that Darth Revan?" asked the Jedi nervously

"Yes. He is alive, but we must get him to the Masters" answered Bastila. But why must I save him? He has killed so many innocents and who knows how many Jedi; I'd be doing the Republic a service killing him. Bastila shook her head to clear her thoughts. I can't do that, the Masters want him alive. They need him to learn the secrets of the Sith's power.

The two Jedi made their way to the boarding craft with the prone Dark Lord. Getting to the ship was an arduous task since the Defiance was falling apart around them. As they neared the hangar the two Jedi could hear the groaning of the metal wanting to give way. Bastila was slightly ahead of her companion and in the middle of one hallway a force field went up, separating them. The Jedi looked at each other in confusion and then the blocked off section blew open sucking the Jedi into the coldness of space while Bastila watched on. Not waiting for the Interdictor to do the same to her, Bastila doubled her efforts in getting to the hangar.

She made it to the shuttle with the Dark Lord and took off before Revan's flagship started to break apart. From the view port, Bastila could see explosions riddled the Defiance. The bottom half of the claw shaped ship broke off and the other half was caught in a series of explosions that spewed large chunks of metal into space. The Jedi transport reunited with the Republic fleet and they went into hyperspace.


Revan had been in a kolto tank for months healing from the injuries he received in the battle. His body was covered with electrical burns from the power conduit that exploded behind him. Some metal shards pierced his body and a metal rod was jabbed into him. Without the healing power of the Force and the aide of kolto, Revan wouldn't have survived. One thing the Force couldn't heal was the scar that formed on his right cheek.

The Jedi Masters were anxious to speak with Revan, and see if they could persuade him to have a change of heart. When he was well enough to talk, the Jedi did not take any precautions to keep Revan secure. They used a Force suppression collar, even though he was still weak, they did not want to underestimate him.

"Where the hell am I?" Revan demanded groggily as he awoke. The last thing he could remember was facing off against Bastila on his flagship.

"On Dantooine you are." replied a small green, gnome looking creature.

"Let me go Vandar." He ordered thrusting out his hand in a manner to choke Vandar with the Force, but nothing happened. Revan tried again before putting a hand to his neck and feeling the collar. Damn Force suppression collars. Now I will have to suffer through their worthless lecturing.

"And let you go back to destroying the Republic and Jedi, humph, I think not Revan" said an older human male with a gruff demeanor.

"It's nice to see you too Vrook. Okay, who else is here to mock me in this humiliating position." Revan replied tartly.

"Here to mock you, we are not Revan. To ask a task of you, we are. But to answer your question, also here are Masters Dorak, Atris, and your former master, Zhar."

"Great. Let's get this party started."

"Must you always be so disrespectful Revan?" Vrook complained.

"Until you do something to earn my respect, yes. And what is this about a task; what makes you think I'll help you?"

"The task we ask of you is for you to destroy whatever it is that is powering the Sith armada." explained Master Zhar, a Twi'Lek Jedi.

Revan laughed. "There is no way I'd help you do that." He said. "Have you Jedi lost it, why would I help you destroy all I've worked to create?"

"We are giving you a chance at redemption Revan, are you just going throw this opportunity away?"

"I never asked for redemption. What I want is for you to let me go so I can return to my fleet." Revan snorted.

"Such arrogance."

"I see that we will not get anywhere with this. I believe another course of action be taken." suggested Master Atris, a middle aged Echani woman.

"Master Atris, such methods are not becoming of Jedi" retorted Master Dorak, an older, dark skinned man. "We preserve life, not take it away. And what you intend to do is taking away Revan's life.

"If Revan is unwilling to cooperate, then he leaves us with no other choice" Atris countered. "If we can make him more agreeable, then we will have a chance at stopping the Sith."

"Yes, it is the only way." agreed Vrook.

"What are you talking about?" snapped Revan. The Jedi normally didn't scare him in the least, but their vague discussion was frightening him. Make me agreeable? What do they plan to do, literally change my mind?

"Like this decision, I do not; but agree with it I will."

"Wait, we are Jedi, we give people a chance at redemption. We do not perform such barbaric acts when they disagree with us." exclaimed Zhar.

"He leaves us no choice. We need to stop the Sith, and we need Revan to do it," said Atris. "If he will not change his mind, we will do it for him."

"I will not have a part in this," Zhar said as he left the room.

Masters Dorak, Vandar and Vrook used their power to weaken Revan, so Master Atris could perform the ritual. Revan struggled with all his strength, but he was unable to hold back the four masters. It felt like vibroswords carving into his brain, the pain was so extreme.

"What are you doing?" yelled Revan as he struggled. "You will never win; you will never find the Star Forge."

So that is the source of Sith power, what could this Star Forge be? Thought Master Dorak.

"It is done." said Atris after three hours of extreme concentration.

"Will he be properly contained?" asked Vrook.

"Yes, as long as he does not suffer a severe head trauma."

"Are you sure about this? We don't need the Dark Lord reemerging."

"Do not worry, the Sith holocron I learned the ability from was very specific."

"I hope we made the right choice," said Dorak.

"So do I, so do I," Vandar agreed.

For the past few months Bastila had been training constantly in order to distract herself from the events that occurred during the battle. She also could not stop thinking of Revan; Bastila was shaken by the change in her childhood friend. The last time she had seen him was before Revan had gone to war; Bastila could sense some anger in him, but nothing like the darkness surrounding him on the bridge of his flagship. Bastila could barely stifle her tears at how such a good man had fallen so far. Even though Revan was a few years older than her they had become quick friends, always competing with the other; Revan usually won. He would tease her mercilessly, trying to irritate her and see how far he could push her. But also, sometimes they would seen out of the enclave and watch the stars, telling each other of what they hoped to accomplish once they were knights. After Revan had fallen Bastila pushed herself to become the perfect Jedi, completely adhering to the code and not allowing for the type of distractions Revan used to bring.

When she arrived at Dantooine with Revan, the Dark Lord was still in critical condition. Bastila didn't know if Revan would survive and this was disconcerting, since she knew that the Masters had important plans for Revan. But what bothered her most was how concerned for him she was; she shouldn't care this much, especially after leaving her to fight in the war. While walking through the enclave, Bastila went by the medical center where she saw her master, Vrook, coming out into the hall along with Master Vandar.

"Master Vrook, how is Revan?" Bastila asked.

We cannot tell her what we did, she would not understand.

"Revan was seriously injured in the attack, his body will heal," answered Vrook, "but his mind was damaged beyond repair."

"I see, so what of the plans you had for him?"

"We were able to program Revan with a new identity. From there you should be able to tap into the remaining fragments of his mind and hopefully you will discover the Sith's secrets."

"How can I do that?"

"Share a bond with Revan, you do. Allows for greater access to his mind it does. Put him under your command on a mission we will."

"But … but, what if something goes wrong. I cannot handle Revan if he should fall again."

"Calm yourself Padawan; Revan will no longer be able to touch the Force."

"I'm sorry Master. Of course, I shouldn't question your greater wisdom."

"Then everything is set. To Coruscant you will go, and you will take command of the Endar Spire."

"Am I to undertake this mission alone, Master Vandar?"

"No young Padawan, five other Jedi will be joining you. Also, Carth Onasi, a Republic soldier will be there to guide you."

"As you wish Master."