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Swoops, Ungrateful Jedi and Observant Mandalorians

Taris: Day 6

The group woke up early to decide who would ride the unstable swoop bike. Mya and Carth met in the Bek's cafeteria, but Ian didn't show up.

"I still think I should do it." Said Carth. "I don't want to put either of you at risk."

"Carth, I understand that you believe it's your duty to do this, but Ian or I can handle it." Said Mya. "Plus, you're still injured."

"You're damn right it's my duty." Said Carth slamming his fist on the table. "Also, a Jedi is more important than a Republic pilot; my life can be risked."

"Don't say that, you're important. I mean, who'll fly the ship once we find one?" said Mya. "And I can use the Force to help me ride the swoop bike, you can't."

"Okay, you got me there." Carth agreed

Ian came into the room and walked up to Mya and Carth. "I'm doing it." He stated

"What? I thought we just agreed that I'm doing it." Said Mya

"We did?" Ian asked

"Yes, because I can use the Force to help me, we decided that it would be best of I ride."

"Well, I'm still going to do it." Said Ian. "As much as I hate doing it, I'll risk myself for Bastila."

"No Ian, Mya is much better suited for this."

"Maybe, but that's not going to stop me."

"And why's that?" Carth asked

"Because I already told Gadon that I will be racing."

"You did what?" Carth snapped. "Damn it Ian, you can't make decisions like that."

"I can and I did." Said Ian smiling smugly. "Now, I have today to learn how to ride a swoop bike, so I should get going."

Ian walked off and left Carth fuming, muttering about stupid smugglers. Meanwhile, Mya stood off to the side and tried to figure out what to do now.

With a sigh she went over to talk with Carth. "What's done is done. But I think this plan might work."

"That's reassuring." Said Carth, still upset but calmer than a minute ago.

For the rest of the day Bek swoop racers taught Ian how to ride. After learning the basics, he spent a few hours on a simulator. Mya used the time to rest and meditate on recent events; there was something strange about Ian, but she couldn't figure out what. As for Carth, he tended to his wound and moped about. He was still upset that Ian went behind their back and signed up to race the swoop bike.

Later that night Mya approached Ian about a plan she came up with. They discussed it for half an hour and once they agreed on it, both went to bed.

Taris: Day 7

Early in the morning one of the Bek mechanics, a Rodian, brought Ian to the swoop track; only mechanics and riders were allowed there. The pit where riders waited for their turn was a rectangular room, with space on both sides for swoop bikes; most noticeable areas were for the Hidden Beks and Black Vulkers, but other, smaller gangs were also there. In the center of the room was a circular kiosk where the race manager stood, and right behind there was a section of floor that would open up to reveal the prizes each gang put up. At the far end up the pit a force field blocked the entrance to the swoop track until a rider has been cleared to go. Both sides of the room were opened up to reveal stands filled with sentients from Lower City and Sith troops at intervals, to make sure things didn't get out of hand.

Ian was led over to the bike he would be using and the mechanic gave him a quick refresher on how the bike works. When that was over, Ian looked at the scoreboard that hung over the kiosk.

Hmm, I can beat a 37:23.

"So, how do I race a heat?"

"Just tell the race manager. The first round is first come first race, after that you get an order depending on your time." The Rodian mechanic explained


Ian approached the Duro managing the race. "I'd like to do a heat."

"Of Course, you may proceed."

The force field lowered and Ian drove through and turned to the starting position to his right. He could see the stands clearly, they weren't large, but still held quite a few sentients. Bringing his attention back to the starting lights, he revved the swoop bike's engine.

Ready …. Set …………GO!

The swoop bike rocketed from the starting line. Everything was passing as a blur as Ian worked hard to make the turns while avoiding obstacles and trying to hit accelerator pads.

I think I made a big mistake. I should have let the Jedi do this.

Coming up to the last straightaway before the finish, Ian was having trouble keeping the bike stay straight. Swerving back and forth, he missed an acceleration pad and a couple obstacles. Getting closer now, he glanced to the side and caught a blur of the still burning remains of a swoop bike. Ian was jarred back to facing ahead by a sudden impact. He feared the worst, but he had only grazed one of the obstacles; it caused Ian to almost lose control, but he pulled it back on course. Without any more problems Ian made it to the finish. After pulled back into the pit, Ian took off his helmet and wiped the sweat off his brow and sighed with relief.

"That was close." He said to himself

He looked up to the scoreboard and waited for the update which too a few seconds.

Hidden Beks ….. Verik, Ian …. 34:76

"Hey, you did it, you got the top time." Said the mechanic patting Ian on the back.

A few more riders went, but Ian's time still stood. That was until the Vulker's top rider, Redros, took his heat. After that race everyone looked back up to the scoreboard.

Black Vulkers ….. Redros …. 32:49

"Frack." Said Ian

With the first round done, Redros had the top time with Ian in second place. Since they go by times for the second round, Ian had a while to wait before he went again; they had the worst times go first. The mechanic spent the time checking the swoop bike and making sure the prototype engine was holding up.

Before it was Ian's turn again, the mechanic turned to speak with him. "The engine will be fine for one or two more heats, after that there is a good chance is will explode."

"I guess I have to finish it with this heat then."

When Ian got to the starting line he put all his concentration into piloting the swoop bike and winning the race. Again, the swoop bike rocketed off from its starting position and everything passed by in a blur. A couple seconds into the heat Ian thought the bike was going even faster than last time; losing himself with the errant thoughts, Ian brought his full focus straight ahead. He was perfectly controlled, maneuvering the swoop right or left just enough to dodge an obstacle or hit an acceleration pad. It felt like the heat had just begun once Ian made it to the finish line. Back in the pit everyone was cheering for him; everyone but the Vulkers. Looking to the scoreboard, it seemed to take longer than before to post his time.

Hidden Beks …. Verik, Ian …….. 27:31

"In all my years doing this I've never seen a time like that; no one can beat that." Said the mechanic with a look of shock on his face.

As a formality, the other racers all took their last heats, but no one passed Ian's time. When everyone was finished, the spot on the floor opened up and platform bearing the prizes came into view. All gangs participating had to submit a prize; some were just stacks of credits, while another was a keg of Tarisian Ale. But it was the Bek and Vulker prizes that caught all the attention. Force knows where they found it; the Beks put up a set of Echani equipment, including fiber armor and a well crafted vibrosword. The Vulker prize was a scantily clad young woman in a cage wearing a neural restraining collar to keep her docile; it was Bastila.

Ian had never seen Bastila before, but he recognized her immediately. She was the Jedi from my dreams.

Before Ian could contemplate as to why he was dreaming about the Jedi, he noticed a dark skinned man walk up to the kiosk and argue with the race manager; he had a prize of his own, a lightsaber gleaming on his belt. The announcer proclaimed Ian the victor of the swoop race; this caused a mixture of cheers and boos, but the dark skinned man, whom Ian figured was Brejik, interrupted before and real celebration could begin.

'People, here me." He called. "The winner used an illegal swoop engine in the race, he should be disqualified."

"You're a damn liar Brejik." Ian accused

Brejik continued, ignoring Ian's statement. "Because of this, I am withdrawing the Vulker's share of the prizes."

"You can't do that, all participants must submit a prize." Said the race manager. "Its tradition."

"You fool, I don't care about your stupid traditions they are meaningless." Brejik ranted. "The Vulkers are the future and then I'll do away with these rules. This woman will fetch a nice price on the slave market, and with her I'll gain the support of all the swoop gangs."

"Not if I have something to say about that Brejik." Said by cultured voice with a pleasant accent.

Everyone in the pit turned towards the cage, shocked when the Jedi used the Force to break it open and steal a vibrosword from the guard.

"H … how is this possible? You were under the influence of a neural restraint collar; you couldn't have summoned the will to free yourself." Brejik argued.

"You underestimate the power of a Jedi's mind, a mistake you won't live to make again." Bastila spat

Brejik was furious that things were not going as planned, but also afraid of the Jedi that managed to escape; he had one last idea up his sleeve in an attempt to fix things. "Vulkers, to me, kill this woman, kill the swoop rider, kill them all."

"Oh great." Ian muttered. "I knew I should have brought my vibrosword."

Panic ensued once the fighting began. Pit crews and members of the smaller gangs ran for the exit, while the few Beks tried to hold their own against the greater numbers of the Vulkers. Out in the stands, members of various gangs started fighting causing even more chaos. The Sith troops tried to control the mob, but there were too many of them.

In a dark corner of the pit, a cloaked figure had waited for impending battle. Removing her cloak, Mya entered the fray with her two vibroswords. Being close to the exit, Mya moved to protect those trying to escape the fight.

Bastila quickly became accustomed to the feel of a vibrosword and stabbed the guard she stole it from when he tried to pull a blaster on her. Two more Vulkers moved in to attack the young Jedi. Still overcoming the effects of the neural restraint collar, Bastila couldn't maintain a connection to the Force to increase her speed; she had to rely on her swordsmanship in order to defeat the Vulkers. They attacked her with vicious, but uncontrolled blows, so she didn't have much trouble parrying them. One Vulker thrust his blade at her, which Bastila easily sidestepped; she then slashed at the Vulker's exposed midsection causing him to collapse in pain. Pressing her advantage, Bastila rained attacks with rapid procession; the Vulker constantly backed up to avoid being killed, but he misjudged one slash and had his prominent hand cut off. With those two thugs down, Bastila went to take care of Brejik; it was his blood she wanted to repay the humiliation she had to suffer.

A Vulker charged an unarmed Ian and attacked him with a Vibrostaff. Ian backed up quickly to avoid the rapid little thrusts by the Vulker. Becoming impatient, the Vulker made a hard thrust at Ian's midsection which he sidestepped; grabbing the pole, he wrenched the staff from the Vulkers grip. Spinning around, Ian caught the thug on the blunt end of the weapon. Turning the staff around, he aimed the blade at the sprawled Vulker; but before he could attack, another Vulker cut the staff in half with a vibrosword.

"Sith spit." Ian swore as he threw the remaining half of his weapon at the offending Vulker.

Buying some time with that last move, Ian looked around for another weapon; out of the corner of his eye he saw the Echani vibrosword. He made a mad dash for the weapon while the Vulker's were still stunned. When he had almost reached the vibrosword, a blaster bolt tore into his right thigh causing Ian to stumble and fall to his knees. With the Vulkers approaching, Ian forced himself to stand and hobble over to the weapon. Facing his two opponents, he had to parry a strong slash aimed at his head. While dueling with one Vulker, the other one fired blaster bolts at Ian; one shot grazed his right arm and another hit him in the right side. Grunting with the pain, Ian started to swing the vibrosword desperately; he knew that he couldn't keep this up. Missing a slash threw Ian off balance and the Vulker took advantage of this by slamming his elbow into Ian's face, knocking him to the ground. The Vulker raised his sword, preparing to finish Ian off; dazed he was unable to defend himself.

Seemingly from out of nowhere, a vibrosword pierced through the Vulker's back and the blade came out his chest. Ian was able to collect himself in time to roll away from the collapsing Vulker; glancing to where the vibrosword came from, he could see Mya engaging the other Vulker with her remaining vibrosword. She was able to easily disarm the thug and level him with a quick jab from her elbow. After downing the Vulker's Mya ran over to help Ian.

"You okay?"

"Ugh … I'll live." He said wincing in pain. "Help Bastila." Pointing over to where she was fighting with Brejik.

Despite battling a Jedi, Brejik was fairing very well; he was skilled with double bladed vibrosword. Both fighters were unable to put up a consistent offensive, each would get off a few blows before the other would counterattack. Even though she couldn't use the Force to help her, Bastila was still a formidable opponent; she was able to parry attacks from both ends of Brejik's vibrosword with only her single bladed weapon. But, she made the mistake of trying to fully connect with the Force before recovering and she became slightly dizzy. Seeing his adversary lose her concentration; Brejik forcefully shoved his weapon into Bastila's chest causing her fall backwards onto her rear. Mentally berating herself, Bastila rolled away from a quick jab from Brejik.

Brejik had the Jedi on the run, but as he was getting close to defeating her he saw another figure approaching him out of the corner of his eye. He turned just in time to parry a slash from the young woman. Mya's attack did the job of distracting Brejik long enough for Bastila to recover and continue fighting. The two Jedi were more than a match for the gang leader; soon Brejik was barely able to parry each attack.

One slash by Mya bit into Brejik's left arm, weakening his hold on his weapon. With his one good arm, Brejik swung his double bladed vibrosword back and forth to ward off both women. Mya backed off, but Bastila parried it to the side and then kicked Brejik in the knee. With a cry of pain, Brejik fell onto his knees; before he could recover Bastila plunged her weapon into his neck. He grasped his neck, but it did nothing to slow the blood flow as he fell face first to the ground and lay still.

"Maybe those bloody Vulkers will think twice next time before trying to keep a Jedi prisoner." Bastila spat watching Brejik's blood run down the blade of her vibrosword. Snapping out of her daze she tossed the weapon aside and bent down to retrieve her lightsaber from Brejik's belt.

Ian made his way over to Bastila and put his hand on her shoulder. "You okay?" he asked

She spun around to face him, still emotional from her ordeal she decided to take some anger out on him. "And as for you, if you think you can collect me as a prize …. wait …" she stopped abruptly, recognizing Ian. "Your Re … Ian, Ian Verik from the Spire, am I right?"

There is no emotion, there is peace. I have no reason to fear him, he is no longer Revan and cannot touch the Force.

Ian was a little surprised that Bastila knew him, since they had never met before. "That's me. As for collecting you as my prize, well" Ian looked her up and down, "its tempting, but you'd probably be to difficult to manage." He said maintaining his wit despite the pain of his injuries.

"W … what, how dare you." Bastila bristled, but quickly changed the subject. "Can you explain to me what you were trying to accomplish by riding in that swoop race?"

"I was trying to save you."

"Save me?" Said Bastila incredulously. "Well you did a poor job of it. In case you hadn't noticed, I managed to free myself from that neural restraint collar without your help; in fact its more accurate to say that I save you, Brejik and his Vulkers would have left you for dead if I hadn't stepped into that fight, you're lucky I was here to get you out of this mess."

"Alright, I admit that things didn't go according to plan; but I saw you over there, you seemed to be having your own trouble."

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

Ian laughed. "I saw Brejik knock you onto your ass. He had you helpless and at his mercy."

"He may have had me at a disadvantage, but a Jedi is never helpless; maybe you've heard of a little thing called the Force." Said Bastila mockingly. "But I suppose I shouldn't be too hard on you. You did try to save me after all; even if it didn't go quite as planned. So, let's get down to business we're not out of danger yet. If I'm going to figure out a way for us to get off this planet I need to know what kind of resources we can draw on; first are we the only two survivors left from the Endar Spire?"

Ian just stared at his disbelievingly. What's the nerve of this woman? I save her and she gives me a lecture. "Well, we have Mya over there." He said and pointed at her.

"Ah, Mya, its good to see that you made it." Said Bastila sincerely.

"Also Carth Onasi."

"Carth Onasi is alive, finally some good news." Said Bastila genuinely pleased. "Carth is one of the Republic's best soldiers; he's proved himself a hero dozen times over. And he sent you here to save me? Maybe I misjudged you, Carth wouldn't have sent you if he wasn't confident in your … abilities. Forgive me, despite my Jedi training I still tend to act a bit rashly sometimes."

"Yep, he has complete faith in me." Said Ian and Mya snickered.

Bastila looked back and forth between the two, confused at what they were hinting at. "Please take me to Carth right away, between the four of us I'm sure we can figure out some way to get off this planet before the Sith realize were here."

"Well, we have an apartment in the Upper City, but it might be a good idea to find you something to wear before we take you there." Said Ian grinning. "Not that I mind your outfit, but you'll draw too much attention dressed like that."

Bastila looked down to see that she was only wearing skimpy bra and panties; her face flushed crimson in embarrassment. She had forgotten about her lack of clothing due to her focus being in the battle.

"Here, this should do." Said Mya retrieving her discarded cloak.

Bastila wrapped herself up in it as much as possible. "Yes, thank you."

As they started to go Ian suddenly froze, Mya shook him but nothing happened.

He was on that ship again. What am I doing here, I don't get it. There was Bastila and she was fighting a Dark Jedi. I already saw this, what's the point? He watched the two duel again and like last time, Bastila won. Unlike last time the vision didn't end there, it expanded to show what Bastila was looking at. Standing in front of her was an armor clad figure wielding a crimson bladed lightsaber. The pair stared at each other for a few long moments. When Bastila made a move the vision exploded into a blinding white flash. After it receded both figures were sprawled on the deck, but the dark armor clad being seemed to take the brunt of the damage.

There is betrayal.

Ian blinked and was stunned to see the two Jedi stare at him with concerned looks. "Are you alright?" asked Bastila

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"What happened?"

"Nothing important, maybe I'll tell you later. We should get out of here."

Wanting to leave before the Sith arrive; Bastila, Ian and Mya headed back to the Upper City apartment. Moving through the Lower City was relatively easy; they only had to stop a few times so Ian could deal with his fans. The Upper City was where the three were the most cautious; Sith soldiers ran constant patrols in order to prevent revolts and if any of them recognize Bastila, they were done for. They could see the entrance to the apartment building, it would only take them a couple more minutes to reach it; but a Sith patrol approached them.

"Stay calm, let me handle this." Ian whispered

"Excuse me citizens"

"Yes, can I help you?" asked Ian playing the part of the innocent civilian.

"We've had reports that a Jedi is loose on Taris." The soldier said. "Have you seen anything out of the ordinary?"

"No, nothing that I can recall."

"The Jedi we are looking for is a young woman; could either of them happen to be her?"

"My girls here?" Ian questioned patting both of them on the butt. "Neither of them are a Jedi, they have been with me for years."

"I see. You may move along citizen." Said the soldier dismissing them, but he glanced back at them as they walked off.

They made it to the apartment without any more trouble; except for Ian. As Ian opened the door, Bastila stalked past him awarding him with a glare and Mya punched him in the shoulder.

"Hey, what's that for?"

"Don't touch me like that again you nerf herder." Said Mya

"What? It was part of the cover."

"Sure." Said Mya not believing him at all. "You just wanted to sneak a feel."

"What did you do." Asked Carth causing both Jedi to glare at him. "Okay, never mind." He said putting his hands up defensively, turning to Bastila he continued. "I'm glad to see you alive Bastila, things are finally starting to look up. Now we can work on finding a way off this planet."

"Wait, you mean you don't have a plan to escape Taris yet?" said Bastila. "What have you been doing this entire time?"

"Trying to find you, remember?" said Ian exasperated. I'm starting to regret saving her.

"I see. So now that I am in command of this mission again we can get things done."

Not this again. Carth thought, he had had enough of her juvenile behavior on the Spire. "Bastila, you can't go berating your troops when they have been doing everything in their power to get things done."

"Carth, that doesn't sound like an appropriate way to address your commanding officer." Bastila scolded. "If it wasn't for my Battle Meditation none of us would have made it off the Endar Spire."

"That's all well and good Bastila, but just because your power can win us a few battles doesn't make you a good leader. A good leader would listen to the advice of those who have seen more battles than she even will."

"Fine then Carth, what do you suggest we do?" she asked, her voice taking a condescending tone.

"Will you just shut up." Ian snapped. "I've had enough of your attitude Bastila."

"My attitude? If anyone is in sore need of an attitude adjustment, its you."

"That's it, I'm outta here." He said walking to the door.

"Wait, you can't leave."

"Oh yeah? Watch me." Said Ian as he left the apartment.

"Why are all of you just standing there? Someone should go after him." Said Bastila

"Carth, you should go after him." Mya suggested. "I have something to discuss with Bastila."

Both Bastila and Carth just stared at Mya for a moment wondering what she was thinking; but then Carth just left with a sigh.


When Carth caught up to Ian, he was at the exit of the apartment building and was talking with some Twi'lek.

"Hey, wait up." Carth called after the Twi'lek walked off.

Ian turned around and waited for Carth to catch up. "So, you get fed up with Bastila too?"

Carth chuckled. "She has a way with people doesn't she? Granted, she can be a little arrogant at times, but you just have to get used to her."

"Ha, I doubt that's going to happen."

"Give her a break. She has a lot of pressure put on her you know. Everyone expects her to use this power of hers to save us from the Sith, that's a lot for such a young woman to handle."

"I guess your right, but its not like I'll have to deal with it. Once we get off this planet I'm going back on the job."

"You mean smuggling."

"That's right."

Carth finally decided to bring up the Twi'lek. "So, what did that Twi'lek have to say?"


"I saw you by the door with that Twi'lek, what did he say?"

"Oh, that. He said there was someone who wants to meet me in the cantina, which works out perfectly, I could use a drink."

"Yeah, me too. Who are you supposed to meet?"

"Canderous Ordo, the guy we met in the Under City."

Carth grasped Ian's arm stopping him. "That Mandalorian." He spat. "What does he want."

"I have no idea, that's why I'm going to meet him." Said Ian as he walked toward the cantina. "Plus, like you said, we could use a drink."

"Fine. This better be good."


"What do you have to tell me?" Bastila asked

"Its about that smuggler, Ian."

"Yes, what of him."

"Well, I think he can use the Force."

Bastila blanched. "Are you positive?"

"Yes. I sensed him use it when he was talking to a Twi'lek girl and again during a battle when a vibrosword flew to his hand."

Bastila looked shocked. "I see. I believe you are right. When he stopped there in the swoop pit I swear he was having a vision of some sort. We have to tell the masters about this when we leave here." They told me he wouldn't be able to use the Force; what happened?

"What's wrong?" asked Mya, she could feel the unease flowing from the other woman.

"N .. nothing, everything is fine."

"Are you sure? There isn't anything wrong with Ian, is there?"

"No, not at all. Let's just deal with escaping the planet for now, we can discuss more about Ian later."



Ian and Carth sat at a table with Canderous Ordo and drank Tarisian Ale while waiting for him to get to the point.

"Ah, the man I've been looking for. I have a proposition for you."

"So, I've heard."

"I've been watching you since the Under City. Your actions in the swoop race proved that you are the right man for the job."

"And what would that be?"

"I have a plan to get me, you and that group of your off Taris."

"Oh really?"

"Don't listen to him, he's a Mandalorian he can't be trusted."

"Hey, I'm not talkin to you, I'm talkin to your friend over here." Canderous said. "If you don't know, for a ship to leave the planet it needs the Sith codes."

"What for?"

"The Sith put up automated turrets in orbit and any ship with out the code will get wasted before clearing the atmosphere."

"Right, so where do I come in."

"I figured that anyone who would pilot a swoop bike as crazy as you did would be crazy enough to break into the Sith base."

"Break into the Sith base?"

"That's where they keep the codes."

"And why do you need me to do this, you seem capable?"

"Normally I would have done this myself, but I've been here for a couple years and I'm known, if I did the job the Sith would be all over Davik's estate and I can't have that. You're new here, you could get away with it."

"That's a risky job." Said Ian leaning forward and resting his chin in his hands and pondered if the job could be done.

"That's why I say we get out of here." Said Carth

"This is none of your business anyway Republic, you can go if you wish I know you aren't man enough for the job anyway." Canderous taunted

Carth was about to jump from his chair and punch Canderous in the jaw, but Ian held out a hand to stop him.

"I'll do it, but how do you plan to escape Taris and why do you want to?"

"If you didn't already figure it out, I work for Davik Kang and the Exchange. After the war Mandalorian mercs like me have become a commodity and was promised a large sum of credits, but after a couple of years I haven't gotten what I'm owed. As for how, I plan to take Davik's flag ship, the Ebon Hawk."

"How are you going to do that?"

"Oh no, not until you get the codes."

"Alright, so how do I break into the base, it has to be secure."

"You'll need a hi-tech astromech that can break in. And I happen to know where to get one; go see Janice Nall, she was making a droid for Davik just tell her I sent you to pick it up."

"You got it, where do I meet you when I have them?"

"Javyar's cantina, three days from now. That should give you plenty of time."

"See you then."

Ian and Carth got up and left the cantina, heading back to the apartment. Ian was running ideas through his head of the best way to break into the Sith base. Next to him, Carth fumed, he couldn't believe they we're going to deal with that Mandalorian.

"What the hell are you thinking? We can't trust him." Carth snapped

"Maybe not, but do you have any other ideas?"

"Well, no, but that doesn't mean we should work with the Mandalorian scum."

"Right now I don't think we have a choice."

The two walked the rest of the way in silence. When they reached the apartment building, they found Mission and Zalbaar wandering around the hallway.

"How did you two get up here?" Ian asked.

Mission giggled. "We have our ways, but we didn't know which room was yours."

"Come on, this way." He said leading them to their room. "Its good that you two showed up, we have some things to talk about."

When they entered the apartment Bastila stared at the two new sentients with Ian and Carth.

"Who are they?" she asked pointing at them

"Oh yeah, I forgot you haven't met them yet. Bastila, meet Mission Vao." Said Ian gesturing to the Twi'lek who waved enthusiastically. "And her friend Zalbaar or Big Z."

"Nice to meet you." Said Bastila forcing a smile.

"They helped us save you."

"I see, thank you for your assistance." She said. "But in the end I did manage to save myself, remember?"

"Yeah, but you didn't escape that cage until Mya and I got there."

"Alright, if it makes you happy, I admit that the fight you started after the race was a good distraction for my escape."

"See, I did help the damsel in distress." Ian said with a smirk

"I was not a damsel in distress." Bastila snapped. "I am completely capable of taking care of myself."

"Whoa, calm down there." Said Ian. "Well, enough fun for now. I've come across a way to escape this planet."

"Oh, and what might that be." Bastila asked

"I got an offer …"

"A kriffing Mandalorian merc wants us to break into the Sith base." Carth shouted not able to contain his anger.

"What? That's ridiculous, we can't break into the Sith base." Said Bastila. "You didn't agree to this did you?"

"Of course I did, its all we've got." Said Ian

"Bloody hell."

"This is insane." Said Mya

"I think it will work." Said Ian

"Oh, and how's that." Said Carth

"Well, we get that astromech like Canderous said and a small group of us sneak into the base and try to avoid and patrols."

"That's a wonderful plan, you probably thought about it a total of ten seconds." Said Bastila

"Do you have any better ideas?"

"No I don't" she admitted

"Then I guess none of you complain that I at least have something."

"Do we have any money for the droid?" asked Mya

"Well, after everything we bought we have a total of one thousand three hundred sixty-eight credits left." Said Carth

"That enough?" Ian asked


"Well, I guess we're going to be getting up early tomorrow to make us some credits. We have three days before I have to meet Canderous in the Lower City cantina, so lets get some sleep people." Said Ian