Summary: Things has changed since Athrun made his decision. Difficult as life is, will she have to do the same? or hearts will be broken to those they love? Will both of them regret being together or the decision they made? Will Athrun have a nerve to finally let her go for eternity? A magical journey that takes place in the past that will take your heart away.. Read and find out :)

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"…" saying

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Love that Transcends Time

Chapter One: The end was the beginning

It was 5'oclock in the afternoon when a man on his 40's woke up from his desk. That time, the phone rang continuously as he finally answered it. It was from his old best friend he hasn't talked within ages.

"She's in the hospital, she's dying" his best friend said in a sad tone.

The silky blue-haired with Emerald eyes couldn't believe it. He froze and tears started forming in his eyes.

"Are you there" the man on the phone said continuously but he never replied.

Then that moment, he started to remember all those unforgettable memories of her; the time when they were still together to the time when their love died.

"No, I can't believe it" he whispered to himself but his best friend heard it on the phone.

"Athrun, she needs you now more than ever, come down to the hospital and see her" he replied on a sad tone.

"Alright, I will be right there, tell her to hang-on" Athrun said.

He put the phone down and looked into the window. Everything happened so fast in his head and he wished it was all a nightmare. But it wasn't.. As he looked into the window, he saw a vision of her that night; that one special night when he kissed her in the lips as she blushed so much. He smiled but tears started to flow on his eyes again. Everything was so quiet until a woman in an orange dress entered the room. He quickly wiped his tears but still kept looking out the window.

"Athrun, is everything alright?" she said in a soft voice as she approached him.

She put her head against his back as her hand on his shoulder. He put his hand on top of hers and said "Mia, she's dying". She pulled her head off his back and so as her hand that was laying on his shoulder. She covered her mouth as if she didn't want to believe it. Suddenly, tears started to flow on her cheeks and Athrun turned around and held her tightly.

"We need to see her" she whispered

"Okay… I'll get the car ready. They are waiting for us in the hospital" he replied.

On the hospital-

They (Athrun and Mia) arrived in the hospital and asked the nurse where they might find her. The nurse pointed it out and Athrun thanked her. They then quickly headed to her room. As they got there, they noticed Lacus, Dearka, Milly, Shin, Stellar, Captain Murrue and Sai outside of her room. It seemed that they were waiting for the doctor to ask if she was alright. Lacus approached them with a sad face.

"Kira is inside, he is waiting for you" she said sadly

"okay" he replied. He turned to Mia, and smiled at her.

"I will be back" he said as he began to walk towards her room door.

Lacus puts her hand onMia's shoulder and said "Let's just hope that she'll make it."

"Yeah, lets just hope" she replied with a sad face as she watched him enter the room and simply just looked away after. She then sat down in a chair beside Milly, smiled at her and continued looking atthe window near her.


As he entered the room, his heart was broken when he saw the only woman he ever loved with machines attached to her body. He watched Kira placed his hand on hers and said "Hang on sis.."

Time has been short since you left me/So I can't help but think,

The blonde woman with golden yellow eyes whispered "A-t-h-r-u-n" as she looked at her brother's eyes.

So I can't help but think/Of how things between us used to be.

"Don't worry Cagalli, he's coming here real soon" he replied. She smiled and slowly closed her eyes. Kira, there looking at her didn't realize that Athrun was there until he heard the door closed. He turned, looked at him and he stood up. He then walked towards and placed his hand onAthrun's shoulder.

Of how things between us used to be./You were a piece of my heart,

"Talk to her" Kira said as he removed his hand off his shoulder and headed to the door. Lacus noticed that Kira left the room and ran towards him. He sighs and she hugged him tightly.

And I thought we were swell/Until you told me you were leaving,

"How is she doing?" Lacus asked as she slowly pulled away from him to look at his eyes.

To find a better life for yourself./Oh I...

"Not so good….." Kira replied in a sad tone.He then looked away from Lacus and noticed someone familiar to him. "Why is she here?" he continued to say while looking at the brunette woman in an orange dress with matching hat. Her brown hair was tied back into two ribbons that matched her outfit.

I wish we were together again/Loving the way we used to love,

"Kira.." she replied as Kira sighs. "She was her friend too"


Boy I miss you much./I wish we were together again,

(How can I ever face her now from what I have done to her in the past?) he thought as he took a deep breath. He walked towards her bed and placed his hand on top of hers. He kissed her in the forehead and said "I'm here now Cagalli". She opened her eyes and simply smiled at him.

Oh how I'm missing you/It's so hard for me to say goodbye.

"A-t-h-r-u-n, is that you?" she whispered as her eyes becomes soften.

(She's so weak.. I haven't seen her like this before)

You know that I love you/And for you there ain't nothing in this world,

"Yes, It is me Cagalli" he replied as he still held her hand. She smiled with her golden yellow eyes sparkling. It looks like she was still in love. But could it be? Was she really still in love with Athrun all these years?

That I won't do./If you would only come back to me,

(How can she be so happy to see me?) he thought as he looked at Cagalli in her eyes.

And let me show you how loving me could be./I wish we were together again,

He remembered those eyes from the day he first met her and how longing he wanted to see those again. He never thought that she will forgive him but she did.

Loving the way we used to love/Boy I miss you much.

"Athrun.." she said weakly.

I wish we were together again/Oh how I'm missing you,

"Yes?" he asked

It's so hard for me to say goodbye./You know that I love you

"Could you tell me the story about how we first met?" she asked weakly. "I just want to remember those moment s when I was still with you. I just--- don't want it all to drift away."

And for you there ain't nothing in this world/That I won't do.

"Yes, I will tell you the story" he replied as tears started to go down his cheeks but her hand touched his face and wiped all the tears off. She smiled and started staring at the ceiling.

If you would only come back to me/And let me show you how loving me could be.

He continued to say "It was 24 years ago in Blistful Park…"

Author's note: Hey guys! As you can see this is my very first fanfiction.I know you guys probably hate me for making some piece of the ending as the beginning. I really thought it would be great to start a story like that. So anyways, I hope you guys can stick around cause I promise that you will like it :). One more thing, Blistful Park is a made up place.. it doesn't match with the Gundam Seed version. Most of the things in my story doesn't really match with the Seed/Destiny version so.. beaware.Please no flaming and only reviews. Thanks. (note:I might update the second chapter in 1-2 weeks due to school. So far I finished upto Chapter 13.. I will try and update very soon):)Song called: Hard to Say Goodbye by XSAPE