Summary: Kira and Fllay went out for dinner – not as a couple but as friends. After a night of where they began to remember their past together, things turn sour when Fllay's exboyfriend shows up with a gun. Things that night turned into a night of a terror and affected not only their lives but those around them..

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Love that Transcends Time

Chapter 27: Forever in my heart (The story of a farewell between two people)

The ambulance finally arrived. They quickly got her on the ambulance stretcher and headed quickly to the hospital. Kira was there, at the side holding on to her hand, telling her to not give up and that she'll be okay. Her clothes were drenched with blood from the gun shot she received that night. Her breathe were quick and he felt that her warmth started to turned cold. He worries.. what will he do if something were to happen to her? He thought of the worst possible scenerios on his head. Fllay realized this as she watched him from where she laid and tried to held on to his hand tightly causing him to look up to her. She smiled. He looked at her.

"It... will... be... okay,... Kira" she said weakly with a slight cough of blood afterwards. "Kira... I..."

"Don't talk, Fllay" he told her and slowly touched her cheek. He returned her the most painful smile he had first given someone. She turned her attention from him to up and realized her visions started to become blurry. She realized how scared she truly was-- scared of losing time and scared... of not being able to see him again.

As they reached the hospital, they quickly transferred her to one of the hospital beds and rushed to the ER. Kira was helping push while holding on to her hand tightly until one of the nurses stopped him from entering. While the nurse was talking to him, he couldn't focus on what she was saying and had his eyes only in Fllay as Kira sees her left hand trying to reach him and calling his name. One from the inside completely closed the doors while the one with Kira quickly went inside.

Kira was still able to see her through the ER room window (the small window on the door). Fllay noticed it was him looking through the window and had her eyes still only to him although many people were in between them.

Fllay laid still as they were trying to getting everything set. She was injected with anaesthesia to put her to sleep. As the anaesthesia started to work, she remembers the doctor talking to her but her words were not understandable. Her vision began to blur even more but that did not stop her from only looking at Kira who was behind the door that separated him from her. Before she can completely shut her eyes, she saw Kira shed tears. Memories began to flash on her eyes one last time..

A little girl stood at the sandy ground. Her grey eyes which looked somewhat orange-red from the sun's rays endlessly stared at the horizon in deep thought. Her red hair glowed brighter as the sun started to set down. The autumn wind blew as the tears from her eyes began to flow in the air.

"Mother... father" she whispered in pain.

A brown-haired boy happened to be passing by saw a girl that reminded him of a girl that was from his 5th grade class. He decided to approach her and on the way, he grabbed a Gardenia flower, one of the rarest flower found in Orb on the sidewalk. As he reached her, he stood beside her and looked at her face. Their eyes met for the first time.

"What's wrong?" the boy asked. But the little girl didn't say a word.

"Here, I hope this will cheer you up. A pretty girl like you shouldn't be crying" He watched as the red-headed girl slowly whipped the tears from her eyes. He smiled.. he just simply smiled. Something about his smile made her feel warm inside—made her feel that she wasn't alone. She slowly reached for the flower and politely said "Thank you". For the first time after a very long time, she was able to give this boy in front of her a genuine smile—a smile deep inside the pain and suffering she endured.

"No problem. By the way, I'm Kira Yamato from your 5th grade class. You probably don't remember me" He chuckled.

"I'm Fllay, Fllay Allster". She then shocked her head "I remember you clearly"

Somehow that phrase made Kira blush which Fllay thought it was cute.

Since that moment, they became good friends and became much more later on.

Fllay realized she wanted to do many things. She wanted to find that special someone, getting married, have children and still wants to release more albums in the future. She hasn't reached what she wanted yet in life and realized what kind of life she was living at this moment-- was that the best she could do for herself? To go after a man she fell for many many years and to return to his side, he does not even spare her the look that she gives him. Why and when did her life turn this way?

But Fllay suddenly realized, there was one thing she regretted all her life. That one thing that might have been the factor that things turned out this way-- that one thing she tried with all her power to forget but failed. It was that night she decided to fly to the PLANTS leaving Kira behind and ended contacts with him for many years.

She endlessly thought, what would have happen if she held onto him much longer? Would he be able to make her happier than what she feels now? Would he be the one she longed for all her life—that special someone? She lost him once and now she is going to lose him again.

To look back to the door of the past, one cannot undo what has occurred. To learn to move on and search for a better tomorrow, are the greatest amend one can do.

She remembers sitting down on her coach in complete silence. About these two sentences brought tears on her eyes. Why does it seem so simple yet it feels it could never be achieved? Not once did she think she came close to happiness-- not even for a centimetre.

Now, everything is over. The things she wishes to do cannot be fulfilled anymore. And all she can do was...

I'm sorry Kira. I love you and thank you. Sayonara

Her hand drops on the side of the bed as the machine began to beep in a straight-line. Kira didn't know what was happening and during the anticipation, he sat silently. Inside, doctors try every method there was to try to bring her back to life but no use. She was dead.

"Time of death: 11:45pm"

One doctor left the room. As Kira saw him coming out, he stood up and approached him in a hurry. He held on his coat and aggressively asked, "How is she, doctor? How is she?!"

The doctor was in complete silence for a moment. "I'm sorry."

Kira couldn't believe it. He let go of the doctor's coat and stood in silence.

"We did everything we could but the bullet was so deep in her chest. She didn't make it. I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry"

He didn't know what to do. He blames himself—he couldn't save her that everything was his fault. It should have been him, not her. He jogged to the door and by the time he reaches, he caught a glimpse of her one last time before the nurses covered her face with a white sheet. The door slowly closed.

He stood up and lowered his head. His eyes became blurry as tears slowly formed. Everything happened so fast that he wasn't able to comprehend this incident. "If"... was only word he could think of. When she left him out cold and if he ran after her, would things between them be different? Would she have been happy? Would they have been happy together? If he didn't accept this dinner invitation, what would have happened to her? He knew... if he didn't accept this invitation that she would still be alive today. The fact that she saved his life yet risked her own left a painful mark on his heart.

He realized that moment how much she loved him—enough to sacrifice her own to protect someone so precious to her. The feelings she held for him for many years-- the feelings he didn't return back because he was with another person-- the feelings she kept yet he knew deep down had turned into a waste. Why did she love him so much even though all he did was hurt her and make her cry a lot? Why... out of all the guys in the world, what made her choose him?

Tears began to flow down from his eyes to the floor. He just stood there, hoping for a miracle that won't happen.

"Fllay... why? Why did you do such a reckless thing? Why did you try to protect me? Why didn't you save yourself? Why... did it have to be you?"



He found himself sitting down to a chair near the room where Fllay had passed away.




The cellphone on his pocket started to ring and vibrate. He was lost in thought and didn't realized that his phone was ringing



When he snapped out of the realm, he finally realized his phone was ringing. He digs deep down his pocket and answers.

"Kira? Kira? Where are you? Kira?" A voice of a concerned woman had said. He refused—he couldn't say a word to her.

"Kira, why aren't you speaking? Where are you, Kira? Kira?"

"I..." he spoke for the first time that early morning. He didn't go home. He couldn't go home. He couldn't face anyone so he stayed there the rest of the night. The morning sun has risen when Lacus called. It was 6 hours after he found out she died.

"You what? Kira? What's wrong?" Her voice tone has changed to someone who is about to cry.

He wonders.. why does he make every person around him sad? Would everyone be happier if he wasn't around anymore?

"I...she's... dead... Lacus" he said in a soft tone.

On the other line, Lacus stood still. Her heart began to beat faster and faster. What did he just say? Did he just say Fllay died? How? How did that happened? Why? Why did that happened?

Questions roam her mind that she fell down to her knees. She covered her mouth with her hand and began to sob. Why...why is she crying? Isn't she supposed to be happy now that she's gone? In fact, she felt the opposite. She was once who Kira loved and is his friend. No matter how much Lacus didn't like her for clinging to her fiancée, she couldn't do anything about it because Fllay is always going to be that precious person to Kira. Although she knew deep down Kira moved on a while ago, Lacus couldn't help but know Kira still has that feelings he once held for Fllay. She knew full well that Kira was trying his best to hide it so that he couldn't hurt her. But now that Fllay is gone, what will Kira? What will happen to both of them?

"I'm sorry Kira"


It's been a week since Fllay died. Her memorial was held on the biggest church in Orb. People came and people left. Only a few stayed behind mourning for her death. Lacus visited along with Cagalli and Kira that same day it was held. Athrun and Mia also visited but they did not stay long. Athrun spotted Cagalli sitting with Lacus and Kira but he decided not to approach them. The problem with him and Cagalli is still needs to be solve but at the same time, he does not want to cause any troubles especially during Fllay's memorial. So he let them be.

Lacus couldn't help but look over to Kira with that look on his face that he was deeply lost in thought. She didn't and couldn't say a word. Not even her words can heal the wounds in his heart at the moment. The person she is staring at now is not the Kira she once knew. There was something about him that has changed after her death. This sudden change began to worry Lacus.


"Kira" a gentle voice said. "Kira"

The man slowly opened his eyes. At first, he was blinded by the light that reflected the white painted room. He couldn't help but close his eyes for an instant and reopened them again. What he saw was a woman calling his name.

"Fllay... is that you?" He asked anxiously.

Her red bangs had fallen gently to side of her face. Her grey eyes began to sparkle. Her usual smile was even more admirable. That genuine smile he missed very much throughout these years.

"Kira" she said again.

"Fllay! You are alive! I knew everything was a bad dream. Fllay! Fllay! Don't leave again! Fllay!" he spoke with great joy that made tear on the corner of his eyes.

"Wake up"

"I am awake. Fllay, what are you saying?" She shook her head. "Wake up" she said again and again. Two words started to echo in his mind over and over again until..

He snapped back to reality.

He sat up and looked around him. "Fllay?" He asked yet no answer. It was all a dream afterall.

Lacus was up as usual in the morning setting up breakfast for both him and her. She heard footsteps coming down the stairs and slowly pushed against the door to take a peak if it was Kira indeed. She was right, it was him but he seemed dressed than usual. She fully pushed the door and called out his name. He stopped but he didn't turn around.

"I'm going out for a bit"


She watched leave. Why did her heart hurt so much when he didn't turn around that morning to see her? Was it because he was still hoping for something else to happen or does he still think about her still? Just how much more can both of their hearts take?


After 5 days had passed by, Fllay was buried. Three days after her last album was released to the public. Her songs were played over and over again on the radio. Her album became number 1 after several days it was released. Six songs made it to the chart. Two were tie for number one. It was sad that she wasn't able to see her own achievements with her own eyes.

Kira held a flower bouquet as he walked through the thick snow. It was the same path they took that night as they headed to the beach. As he walked down the slippery stairs, he finally reached the bottom. The sand was covered with snow. The sun was covered with clouds. The sea that both once admired was calm.

As he stood watching the sea, he can hear a faint voice singing a melancholy song in this cold winter day. It was a song that reminded him again of the time they both spent with each other from the beginning to the end.

"Say Kira, why did you choose me?"

"Let's stay forever Kira"

We were so innocent back then. But who would have thought as we grew up, our path started to separate until we gradually began to fall apart...

"I want you to understand me. I want you to understand why I'm doing this. I want to aim high with my dreams. You know how badly I want to become a singer. I want to be someone! I'm sick of being a nobody!"

Our dreams were different from the very beginning. She wanted to become a singer and I wanted to become a pilot. Without thinking of the consequences, we traded our feelings for our dreams. And now that we achieved those dreams, our feelings have been forgotten. Was it even possible to rekindle the feelings we once had for each other after many years have gone by?

"When I look at the moon, I feel as if I am looking at my other half."

"The moon is beautiful, isn't it? The moon shows its beautiful side to prevent others to see the truth behind all that beauty. If you look at the moon not only to its appearance but overall, the moon is empty. It has nothing; no life at all. If you think about it, I am a lot like it"

"You just don't get it"

"Do you think everything you just said will make me happy? My parents died! I lost my friends! I have fans that I don't even know and can't talk too about my problems. I have albums that I made right from my heart but no one listens to my message. All they want to hear is a cool song that will fit their music style. I have…… Nothing!"

"All these years, I've been alone. I always had to depend only to myself but when I met you, I sacrificed everything. When I found out that you and Lacus were together after I left, my heart felt as if it was stabbed a thousand knives. I didn't feel that it was over because it wasn't over. I still love you upto now. I have done everything in my power to stop these feelings from overcoming me but they won't free me. Without you by my side, I embraced the darkness thinking that I will be okay. I was a fool. I came back hoping that you will someday love me again but… you and Lacus… are… getting married"

As we live, we began to realize that our dream became empty over time. To have nothing left to turn back too, we wondered what the purpose of living was. When we tried to move on, our past began to haunt us. We thought we were strong to be able to stand on our two feet for many years but we realized deep down we were as weak as everyone else. We were trapped, so trap that we couldn't set free from our past that was left unfinished. What we didn't know was our time was ticking when our past eventually collided with our present that changed everything...

"Kira, I… feel so cold"

"I'm sorry. I... love... you..."

He put the bouquet down to the ground. He stood back up and stared from the bouquet to the ocean waters.

What we went through, no one can or will be able to understand. The happiness we both seek is still yet to be found. If I was able to move across time, I wish to make things right. Would it make a difference at all if I did so?

Or will we still be suffering?

Just how long will this cycle of pain last? Will it end soon?

I don't want to suffer anymore. I want to be able to move on. I want to do many things in life and you made me realize that.

You gave me a second chance to live. I will forever be thankful to you.

Your memories will stay in my heart and mind forever. I'll always be here for you, waiting the next time our paths crossed once again.

To be able to wish for a brighter tomorrow..

To end this painful reality once and for all...

I realized my resolved for the very first time.

"I wish you will rest in peace, Fllay."


The white pure snow began to fall down from the sky.


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