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Normal POV

"I can't believe it, Tyson. This new school year is gonna be awesome! I can't wait to start school with you, but the fact that we're gonna be starting high school too, is just….Ooooh, I just can't wait!" Max clenched his fists up and brought them up to his cheeks, while his scrunched his face up in an over-excited grin.

"I know, I know, Maxy. I'm excited too, but it's just school, chill out, okay?"

Tyson and Max had been practicing in the park with their blades earlier that morning. It was around noon now and both bladers were getting a little hungry….Tyson of course was the first one to mention the current situation.

"Now, lunch, that's something to be excited about! Woohoo! Mmmm! I can taste those hotdogs now…" Tyson said as his mouth began to water at the thought.

"Yeah…a hotdog sounds really good about now. …..Hey Ty, what do you think about what Mr. Dickenson said yesterday at that little team meeting we went to at his office?"

"What about it, Maxy?"

"Well, do you think they'll be able to adjust to the new school? I mean, a mountain village in China and a training abbey in Russia aren't exactly the best schooling backgrounds, dontcha' think?"

"Aww, they'll be fine, Maxy; don't even think about it. I mean, sure, they may have to 'adjust' like you said, but after a while, they'll get used to it, you know? Sure, they're not gonna be the most popular kids at school but we'll be there to help them, right?"

"Well…actually, not as much as you think, Ty."

Tyson looked at Max with a questioning look as he turned his attention to the hotdog vender and paid for the two hotdogs and two bottles of Coke.

"What are you talking about, Max; of course we'll be their for them; they're our friends."

"Well…Tyson, they're…older than us."


"Tyson, we're starting our first year of high school, we're both 15. They're both 16, so that means they'll be starting off in the second year of high school. They'll be Sophomores and we'll be Freshmen."

Tyson stopped walking looked at Max dead in the face.

"So…does that mean they're gonna have different classes and stuff?" Tyson asked this with a little quiver in his voice.

Sure he was glad about going to high school finally, but he was a bit scared also. He was relieved to find out all of his friends were going to be there with him, though. More importantly, Kai Hiwatari and Rei Kon. Max Tate was his best friend but he had to admit, Max wasn't that intimidating. And most times, neither was he himself. He was glad when he found out that Kai and Rei would be joining them, because he knew they might be able to help against upper classmen, bullies, and other things like that. Not that he wanted personal body guards or anything like that, but it was nice to have that feeling of security that if anyone messed with him OR Max, they would have to answer to Kai and Rei…or at least Rei, just in case Kai declined to help.

"Yep. And you heard that Kenny is moving up a grade, right? He'll be in with Rei and Kai. Chief is so smart he could move up to a Senior and graduate later this year, but he decided not to. He said something about getting the full throttle experience of high school. Whatever."

Right then the two teens saw two familiar faces, not coming towards them, more like they were getting closer to them as they were walking.

"Hey there's Rei and Kai now- Hey you guys!" Max shouted and waved to the other two teens.

Rei was sitting at the base of a huge tree reading a book whilst Kai was practicing was Dranzer a couple feet away. Kai said something to Rei; who nodded in return, then Rei waved back to Max and said something else to Kai; who also nodded.

"Hey guys, whatcha' been up to?" Max asked.

"Nothing much. You?"

"Same here. A little practice and some lunch…nothing remotely exciting."

"Yeah…pretty much." Tyson adding the last part to Max's reply earning him a grin from the said blonde.

"Hey, what do you say we go shopping for some new clothes…you know, since school starts tomorrow and all. We need some supplies too, anyway, so we might as well pick up a new outfit or two."

"Hey yeah, Max is right! I totally forgot to get school supplies!" Tyson said, smacking his forehead lightly as a sign that he did indeed forget.


"C'mon, Rei, I promise it'll be fun!" Max finished off his sentence shoving his half eaten hotdog and drink into Tyson's hands (who had already finished his) and stooping down to forcibly grab the neko's hands and bring up with him. He then turned and practically dragged Rei down the park path, never letting of his hands.

Kai and Tyson both stood there watching the sight. Kai looked like as though he could kill somebody at that very moment and Tyson looked like sad puppy left out on the porch in the rain.

Tyson sighed and threw the now-cold food and now-flat drink away into the trash can and began to slowly follow his two friends.

He turned around and looked at Kai who still looked a bit more deadly than usual and said, "Hey, Kai, you coming? You gotta rescue Rei sometime, right?" Tyson said the last part with a quirky little smirk.

Kai at first glared and then it disappeared into what looked like the trace of a smile…


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