Title: Entropy
It's hard to keep it together in the dark
Classifications: Missing Scene (Jolinar's Memories), Drabble (150)
Season: 3
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Author's Note: This is in response to the GateShip Wednesday Shorts "Jolinar's Memories" Challenge


In the silent spaces of the descent pod, she tries to catch her breath, to still her mind, to ignore the terror part of her, long dead, knows is coming. The solitary darkness masks everything and she no longer knows what is her and what is not. She is splintering.

Her vessel meets earth gracelessly, shuttering and groaning. In the following stillness her queasy stomach protests, but she ignores it. She is too intent on the release latch and her trembling hand that hovers near it. She is nearly frozen, overwhelmed by sudden dread. Part of her wants to hide in these black spaces forever.

Then she hears the voices of her team calling her name. She remembers her father. I am not alone, she firmly reminds herself. I am not her.

After one deep breath, Samantha Carter pushes the hatch open with steady hands.

No one gets left behind.