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Then my eyes spring open.

Along with a sense of extreme accomplishment, I feel a giddiness that must be coming from my mom.


Within three seconds, I'm off my chair and at the door, practically falling against the touch pad in my haste. As I stumble out, I see Luke hurry out of his room, skidding to a stop just short of the opposite wall. Our eyes meet, and we both know that the other had seen (eavesdropped, rather).

Like a pair of excited children, we both hurry to the front door, stopped and standing unnaturally erect just as it hisses open.

I see my mother back out, involved in some playful banter with Han (or my father. It's still kind of tough to think of him that way, but I suppose that I'm going to have to start) about what I could only presume to be an experience they shared before I was born. She's leading him lightly by the hand, but stops talking and turns around, eyeing the pair of us with exasperation.

"You listened in, didn't you?" she accused.

"Of course not." Luke countered, without missing a beat. "We're just waiting to see how you guys… made out."

I repress a snigger.

My mother rolls her eyes, not believing a word of it. Neither, clearly, does Han, as he starts grumbling about having 'no damn privacy in a house of Force worshippers'.

I meet eyes with him, and suddenly the light atmosphere turns heavily awkward.

"…So." He says to me. I scratch at my ear, looking somewhere over his left shoulder.

"Um. Yeah." I respond.

A seemingly pointless conversation with no semblance to any form of intelligence, but between… my father and I…

Well, we've reached an acknowledgement of our new and strange relationship.

Suddenly, as quickly as it had come, the tension was gone, my mother's face lighting up in a smile I've rarely seen before. Happiness and affection danced across her eyes as she gazed up at him, pulling his face down into a second kiss.

Needless to say, I avert my eyes. Because seeing my mother all over someone might take some getting used to.


My mother and father took no time at all in getting engaged and announcing it to the world. Or galaxy. Of course, throughout all this, I find out that quite a few people were in on the 'secret'. Mon Mothma, the whole Rouge Squadron, most of the old Alliance generals (that are still alive, that is)… well, you get the picture.

Predictably, the press is having a field month. So now the whole galaxy and beyond knows. How they seem to know the whole story is beyond me. Surprisingly, it was quite accurate at first, but then after a week it all got so twisted I didn't know what I was reading. One tabloid claims that my mother held my father as a concubine, chaining him to her bed with a jeweled collar, and only just now let him go (…don't ask).

But they don't care. They just seem overjoyed that the other's not dead or happily married. And they're eager to make up for lost time. Again, don't ask. I'm still too traumatized to talk about it.

One pinprick of light through all this chaos is the upcoming wedding in one month. I'm just glad that mom isn't the kind of person to dress her bridesmaids in mint green.

Well, maybe the wedding planning is chaotic too, with all these strangers coming in and out of the house and the press hovering nervously outside and behind bushes, clutching at their cameras and getting scared by a very amused Aunt Mara.

Well, at least mom can work on something besides politics.

It was confirmed that the Ewoks are all safe and back on Endor. Of course, some died in the attack and confinement – but our friend Warrick is all right, and the majority went unscathed. I know that my father was relieved, even though he's still going on about them painting 'cave drawings' on his beloved Falcon (who was Ruth, but is now back here with us. The day after the sixteen-year misunderstanding was solved he went and got it with my mother, who insisted on going with him lest he gets kidnapped again).

Another thing: we got a strange visit the other day. A gigantic Wookiee named Chewbacca with his whole family for the wedding. I admit, his sheer size shocked me at first (I've never met a Wookiee before), but he's quite amiable and gentle. After warming up to him, my smaller cousins are having a blast just hanging on him while he simply walks around. And I'm getting a good handle on this Wookiee language, too, partly thanks to the Force, mostly to Han (dad.)

Dada nd I... well, we've talked. We both feel sort of strange about it, which is obvious because I still think of him as 'Han' occasionally. And when I'm really tired, even 'Tyl'. But we're giving eachother a little space, its a bit awkward. But seeing as we've known eachother for a few weeks, its better than if he'd had just showed up on thedoorstep. I know him,I know how he's like, and he knows me. So we really just have to move past the 'buddy' stage, and start acting like we're related. But I think I can do it.In time,I'll learn how to love him as my father.

Of all the billions of pilots in the galaxy, and of the millions on Coruscant alone, I somehow managed to pin the one and only Han Solo, the dead man who's now my father (and very much alive, as well). While he calls it luck, I think its proof that a greater Force is in the galaxy.

A life changing experience, getting knocked over by a man named Tyl Olos.


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