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Chapter One: Arrival of the New-Comer

Sometimes I just love to listen to the rain.

A young man, laid back in his seat tiredly looked at the thin glass window. His eyes reaching the corner, peeking through the exquisite view. Clouds, pure white with its thick layers not letting one single blue hue to appear. Above the shelter roof top of the massive vehicle, was the heavy rain constantly pouring below the gigantic horizon of adjoined yet thickening fluff. On the side was a mountain wall reaching through a dimmed lighted tunnel. The wet dirt on the mountain wall soon was filled with rain water, overflowing through the opened rocks. He could feel the bumps and speed of the bus beneath his feet and the cool gliding feeling of air conditioning trapped inside. It was silent, nonetheless, a few occasional murmurs but it was still silent because of the lullaby the rain-goddess played with her flute.

He inhaled lightly, relaxed even though there were many strangers trying to reach their destination but he didn't care. His business deals with getting through with his grandmother. He needed to talk to her about his visit. Just because his uncle died—which he barely knew of him--doesn't mean his grandma has to go on blabbing on how she reminds him of her son. 'I'm not her son—I'm her grandson.' He thought with slight rage from the letter.

"Next stop Hinata City." A man in a blue uniform spoke with the speaker close to his mouth. "Next stop Hinata City."

'This is my stop,' he thought wearily with a blunt frown, looking at the letter to make sure of his destination.

His duffle bag pounded against his back as he walked out with curious eyes. It nearly made him look like an outcast when he was alone in the streets of the city, while groups of friends chattered away, mothers and children held hands with a lollipop tight in their grip, waves of restaurant owners screaming out the low-prices of their ramen to gather attention for more customers. He scoffed, not caring of the thoughts of others and the glances he was receiving because of his appearance. The clothing he wore did not seem Japanese-modern for his red Chinese shirt and coal black pants gave away the reputation he held—a martial artist.

As his thoughts lost track of the current events speeding in his eyes, he felt a slight trickle of rain across his arm. He knew this feeling—the vigilant sign of transformation. Without hesitation, he reached his umbrella and opened it on the direction of the rain colliding with the forceful wind pattering against the umbrella.

"Humph, is this a sign?" He muttered with interrogation. "I better get there quick before Grandma might know my secret." The young man knew that if his Grandmother knew his mysterious secret, than his mother would know his secret. Since his grandmother is the mother of his mother, it would make perfect sense that the elderly woman will tell her daughter the exposure of her son—which will instantly kill him. Yes, his life was just as odd as many.

He began making his way until a young woman dropped her groceries in the puddle because of a slip. With no hesitation, he arrived in the scene, picking up the items in one hand and holding the umbrella in the other. The young woman soon realized that the young man was helping her—mishaps. He didn't want to be rude or just walk away, he wasn't raised like his fat old man.

Both blue eyes met with a slight pause. He smiled, "are you alright? You're going to catch a cold if you just stare at me like this." He slowly grabbed the instant ramen bowl and raised it up to her, "here. You dropped this."

He could see the young teenager blush with a nod. He had to admit that she was cute. Short dark blue hair, blue eyes, a timid face, it was just funny to see her so shy. 'Reminds me of someone,' he smirked. 'Too bad that tomboy can't be this cute.'

"Um…," she finally spoke, "thank—you—sir."

His eyes lowered in concern, "no need to call me that." He looked around the area, forgetting which way he was going. The young woman blinked several times, seeing that this man was not around the area. She silently mull over the thought if she should guide him or just thank him and leave—but she couldn't do that.

'Kami—I feel like that bird-brain P-Chan now,' he thought suddenly realizing that it was karma that he kept on calling his friend an idiot because his no sense of direction.

"Are you around from here mister?" The young girl blushed with a whisper, thinking wither if she was rude to butt into his business.

He shook his head, "no, I'm not. I'm here to visit my grandma. She told me in this letter to meet her at the Hinata Apartments."

The eyes of the young girl widened, confusing the other teenager. Had he said something wrong? Or did she just know where his destination held? It was his turn to blink and it was her turn to give a weak smile. The rain increased harder, with a low moan of thunder darkening above them.

'No he can't be a pervert,' she thought while scanning him, 'he helped me, right? Does he even know that it's a girl's dormitory?' She looked up, alerted from another moan of thunder flashing above her. 'He's new and he needs a place to stay—wait, maybe---it's just a meeting right? Yeah, just a meeting.'

"Sir, you said you need to meet your Grandmother at the Hinata Apartments, yes?" She said with soft kindness, "I can take you there, that's where I live."

He widened his eyes with exciment, "geez really? What luck! Thanks!" Finally, the martial artist was not going to be like his friend and wander hopelessly.

She blushed, "no problem and just follow me okay?" She was about to walk out until the young teen held the umbrella above her head with a smile. She blushed at his kindness and continued her walk further to the area where the young man's new fate began.

Arrival of the Hinata Apartments…

"Were here sir," she exclaimed with a smile appearing on her face.

He whistled admiringly while eyeing the massive structure. Most of it was made out of fine wood yet carved with the greatest architecture. The soft touch of color added in with a tad of history—evidence of the current wooden structure. His curious eyes even searched more, a feast for it to be exact. 'This scent,' he inhaled, 'the scent of cherry-blossoms. This area… why does it seem so familiar?' His attention went back to the timid teen and the wind began to caress his short silk hair.

"I didn't catch your name," smiled the young girl looking fondly and the martial artist.

His head turned to the young girl and he could feel the gentle pulse of his heart. It became a calm scenery when the cherry blossom trees began to encircle their petals around the two staring into each other eyes—besides the drizzling rain. It was as if they were lovers in a Korean Drama movie with a heart-beating moment of suspense. His voice clear, her heart beating, he smiled warmly. It was cute to see this young teenager waiting for his answer anxiously yet patiently. He could read her thoughts just by looking at her face. With one breath inhaled, he answered boldly and proudly, as if he had pride in his name.

"Ranma Saotome, I'm a martial artist that trains a lot n' stuff." He smirked with his thumb lightly pinning his cheast. "Tell me yours—to make it even."

She giggled, "Shinobu Maehara, I'm a chief at the Hinata House."

"Wow, you look—a little young to be an expert chief around here." Ranma's eyes lit up—imagining Kasumi back home making his favorite food.

"Well—you look a little young yourself to be training so hard." Shinobu countered with a light laugh. She never felt so comfortable talking to another stranger, especially a guy—totally something that Motoko and Naru will never approve of. They all think men are perverts; they should really open their eyes and see what type of 'man' Ranma is.

"Shinobu!" Called out a voice from the steps leading the way up. "Have you seen—huh?" A older teenager with light brown hair, reaching all the way to her waist and her hand holding an umbrella looked confusingly at Ranma. Her eyes slowly became a relief when she felt that this guy had no danger written on his face, even though his clothing were strange enough, his appearance seemed to mean no harm. That didn't mean that he was really safe. 'Did Shinobu get a new boyfriend or is this just a guy-friend… no he doesn't look like he's in the same school as her.' Her tone became much former when she looked directly in Ranma's eyes, "do you have any business with the Hinata Apartments?"

Ranma scratched his head and bowed politely, "my name is Ranma Saotome and I'm here to meet with—Grandma Hina?"

"Grandma Hina?" Naru began to cock an eye-brow when looking at the young man waiting for an answer, "she's never been here for years. She made the hotel into a Girl's Dormitory years ago and handed down her job to her son, Keitaro Urashima. She went on a trip because she wanted to travel around her age now, if you want more answers, I suggest you look for Haruka."

"Haruka?" Ranma said totally clueless. "It sounds familiar but my memory is vague."

"I'll show you to her," Naru leaded while dusting off her skirt. '… Something's not right about this guy.'

As they finally arrived at the apartments, they saw Haruka reading the newspaper with tea on the side of the table. Her body felt the presence and looked up to the trio. "Hm? Do we have a new-guest here?"

Ranma was first to speak, "yeah, I'm looking for Grandma Hina. She sent me a letter three weeks ago and I finally decided to come here. She said she wanted to take a good look at me, just for a visit. I didn't want to go at first, but I realized that if I meet her here, I might meet my mom, do you know when she'll come back?"

Haruka's cigarette dropped and by the look of her expression, she seemed surprised. Ranma was just as confused as anyone else. "Your—your Ranma Saotome. Son of Nodoka."

"Huh—how'd ja know?" Ranma began to stutter through astonishment.

"I was there when you were born; there was a celebration at the Hinata-House. I was eleven-years old back than and it was long since I saw your mother. She was a great woman but I didn't like your father however, he just had that weird presence around him. I heard he's lazy yet claims that he is a martial artist. When I saw the look on his face when he yelled out for joy he had a son, I knew he would do something crazy to you in the future." Haruka rubbed her temple to get the memories straight.

"You have no idea." Ranma muttered out-loud, not caring of what suspicions was growing in both Naru and Shinobu. "So Haruka, do you know when she'll come back?"

"I'd say—I don't really know. She comes and goes, it's actually scary." Haruka shrugged but worried since she saw Ranma's disappointment growing on his face. "I'm sorry Ranma." 'Poor guy,' Haruka thought while staring at Ranma, 'he was really looking forward to meet Grandma here—especially his mother.'

"Hey Ranma," Haruka's blunt voice catched his attention, "why don't you stay here for a little while?"

With Naru hearing this, she was about to shout out no way! Of course, remember the first time the manager came to the Hinata House? He was a pervert and a klutz with no common-sense whatsoever. He wasn't even considered a decent-looking guy. Sure Keitaro's kind and 'Mr. Brightside; most of the times but he was still considered a total idiot that caused both havoc and love in the Hinata-Apartments. What will Ranma's reputation be? Narusegawa, didn't want to even guess the odds of having two men here, with five young girls bathing in an out-door hotspring, it was just considered—wrong. Her eyes became torn with scornful looks and her fist clenches with the anger of Haruka making another drastic decision, her hand slams on the table—but wait—surprisingly, another hand was slammed on the table too. This time, it was not Naru.

"No way!" Ranma shouted, leaving Naru confused. Oh yes, he stole her dramatic booming voice so fast, that she no longer felt any other emotion except of being 'confused.' "Look, your offer is great n' all but I just can't! This is a girl's dormitory! I was considered a pervert so many times—which was only a misunderstanding—that I vowed that I will try dodged the most fatal things that could break my neck!"

Haruka lit another cigarette in her mouth and blew out the fresh scent of nicotine in Ranma's nostrils, "I'm surprised nephew, and not even Keitaro stand up against my offer like that."

Ranma glared at Haruka—not because of her—but it was because of that last sentence she had declared. "Well, maybe that guy is a pervert, so were both different here. I don't want to be considered something I'm not. It's always a misunderstanding."

Haruka nodded and looked outside the open view from her tea-house. It was pouring with rain and thunder. This wasn't a good idea for Ranma. She looked at the two characters as if they were outcasts and simply stated in a calmly matter, "Naru and Shinobu, please leave, I would like to have a private talk with Ranma."

They obediently nodded and left immediately. Shinobu was about to go up the stone-steps but stopped when Naru was a few feet away from her, looking back. "Narusegawa-Senpai, are you coming with me?"

Naru shook her head, "I'm um… going to the mini-mart to find some textbooks to help me with my Toudai exams in the next three weeks."

Shinobu nodded, "alright, I'll cook dinner but please take an umbrella before you catch a cold."

"Yeah sure! I'll be back!" Naru waved, even though it was raining constantly, Shinobu ran up the stairs to get shelter. She than spun around and stealthily peeked through the ajar screen door, curious of the private conversation.

"Ranma I know your secret."

"What? How is that possible?"

"Well—three weeks ago, I went up the mountains to meet this guy I know so we could talk privately. I thought it was deserted since their was only sounds of animals but I recognized your father and than I recognized you. You two were fighting over some cup of noodles and it rained that day. When it rained, your father mysteriously turned into a panda and you turned into a—


The loud noise of thunder made Naru yelped but she covered her mouth just in time. Since the loud explosion in the skies coated her yelp, it also covered Haruka's last word. 'Oh great… what was she going to say? Only when rain touches him, he turns into a what? Wait this sounds crazy but Haruka sounded so serious. If Ranma's father turned into a panda than he must of turn into some type of monster right? Haruka sounded so cautious that maybe my guess is right!' Naru pumped her arm as a gesture, 'I have to protect everyone!' She put her arm down in realizing, 'wait… but Haruka has it under-control right?'

"Why don't you stay here?"

"Haven't I already said my answer?"

"It took you days to travel here, you might as well rest."


"You do want to see your grandmother right? She can help you with your mother—you know the part of killing you when she finds out your secret."

"You do realize she'll kill me literally."

"Including your dad."

"I guess that's the good part."

"Yeah but since Grandma is a very mysteriously powerful woman, she can help you out."

"Like how? She doesn't even have a cell-phone!"

"We'll simply wait for her. I told you, she comes and goes. Actually, she visited a couple of times before; too bad you missed those chances."

"So your saying, no matter how long it takes, that I should wait for her?"

"Who knows… she might come in a couple of days."

"Your right—I have to see mom. I want to explain everything to her—without killing me."

"Good job my noble nephew; you are now a resident of the Hinata House."

"But I'm a guy."

"Don't worry; I'll explain it to everyone, except for your secret. We can tell them when the time is right."

"You sure?"


With the conversation ended, Ranma and Haruka got up to go outside. Ranma grabbed his umbrella while Naru rushed to hide behind a rice pot. When under the umbrella with Haruka, Ranma stopped to look back. "I thought I heard something." Haruka looked around the area, "nah, you've been training and traveling for days now, you must be hallucinating."

Ranma nodded, "your right." The two siblings walked up the slippery stone-steps without even looking back again. Naru, however, stepped out of her temporary hiding place and began to walk up the steps after Haruka and Ranma vanished. She sighed out of relief—until… a hand cupped her shoulder.

"EEEEKKK!" Naru jumped, slipped on the stone-stairs from the heavy rain and nearly rolled down, until a hand caught hers. Naru looked directly into the eyes of her savior.

"Narusegawa—your reflexes has to be better than that." The samurai said in a serious tone but knew she was teasing.

"Motoko? You came back from your training!" Naru shouted with exciment, relived of not breaking her neck.

"Yes, I have and I was currently wondering if you were having any trouble with any males, such as Urashima." Motoko had the tone of a vicious tiger ready to attack her well-known prey. She was a male-hater, which makes Naru and the others sometimes wonder.

"Actually, it's not Keitaro this time." Naru murmured worryingly. What could she say? That there's some type of beast within Haruka's so called nephew?

"Hm?" Motoko waited for Narusegawa's explanation and ignoring the rain that shed its tears from above. "Is there something wrong Naru?"

"... let's just say... we have a new... guest."

End of Chapter One.

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