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"I do."

With the wave of a wand a bright iridescent white light engulfed the couple for a moment before dissipating. They were now truly married.

"You may now kiss your bride."

He took her face in his hands and kissed her gently. His love for her engulfing every part of his being until even the tips of his fingers and toes tingled.

As they broke apart she saw by the look in his eyes that she would never have to worry about being alone again.

I cant believe that I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. She looked at the ring that was now sitting on her left hand. A single but rather large marquee diamond on a platinum band, simple and elegant. I feel like this is some wonderful dream that I never want to wake up from.

She looked at the elderly wizard who had just officiated the ceremony. He smiled at her and turned to leave, giving the couple a moment of privacy. She looked back up at her new husband and flung her arms around his neck. He picked her up and swung her around in circles, both of them laughing unable to contain their joy.

He put her down and stood there for a moment still in each others arms as they watched the sun go down. Neither of them could believe that they had just got married by themselves on a remote beach in Tahiti.

Although she had never imagined a wedding without all her family and friends around her, but this had been perfect. She couldn't imagine anything more romantic.

"Have I told you how beautiful you look right now Mrs. Potter?" Harry looked at his new wife in wonder. He didn't think she had ever looked more beautiful than she did right now. She was barefoot wearing a simple white cotton eyelet spaghetti strap sundress that hugged her petit yet curvaceous in all the right places. She also had a purple orchid tucked behind her left ear lifting her auburn hair off the side of her porcelain cheek.

She stood on her tip toes and whispered into his ear, "Why thank you Mr. Potter." The feel of her lips brushing against his ear sent shivers down his spine. She continued "You look very nice yourself."

She took a step back and surveyed him, still holding on to both of his hands. He did look nice in his white short sleeved button up shirt that was unbuttoned just enough for her to see that tanned Quidditch toned chest that she knew so well. He too was barefoot and was wearing beige linen pants.

He took her by the hand and led her back to their private bungalow. They were at a muggle resort so they didn't have to worry about being recognized. The fact they had been lucky to even be able to find a wizard that could perform the ceremony was amazing.

When they had reached the bungalow she was going walk inside when Harry stopped her. She looked at him with confusion but smiled when he put arm under her knees and picked her up. She giggled as he carried her over the threshold.

They went inside and Harry placed he softly in a chair and whispered, "I have a surprise for you."

When Harry left for a moment Ginny looked around the room for the first time and she gasped at the sight. There were candles scattered throughout the room and their were rose petals scattered on the floor and the bed which was covered in a white filmy canopy.

Harry came back and sat in the chair across from her, he was carrying the guitar that he had gotten for himself back in his 6th year. "I wrote this song for you the night before the last battle, it was the night that I knew that I couldn't live the rest of my life without you beside me and I wanted to sing it for you.

Ginny smiled as Harry begun to sing in that husky voice she knew so well. They had spent many nights in the Gryffindor common room surrounded by people all listening to Harry sing and play, but few people besides herself knew that Harry occasionally wrote original music.

If tomorrow never comes
I would want just one thing
I would tell it to the star and the sun
I would write it for the word to see

And its you
The light changes when your in the room
Oh it's you….oh it's you

If tomorrow never comes
I would want just one wish
To kiss your quiet mouth
And trace the steps with my finger tips

And its you
The light changes when your in the room

Oh it's you…oh it's you
Oh it's you…oh it's you
Oh it's you…oh it's you

It was short and sweet and it made her cry and the next thing she knew she was in his arms silent tears running down her cheeks which he wiped away with his thumbs as he gazed into her big cinnamon colored eyes.

"Ginny, I love you more than anything else on this planet and nothing will ever make me stop."

Ginny couldn't speak but she answered by pulling him into a kiss.

It was gentle at first but it slowly grew deeper and more passionate. As Harry moved down to her neck she groaned with anticipation, they had been dating for over a year and a half and they had waited all this time and she didn't want to wait any longer.

He pushed her straps off of her shoulders and she started unbuttoning his shirt as she stepped out of her dress. His lips grazed the sensitive spot behind her ear and his hands roamed up hands down her body as he guided her to the bed. Harry moved back to her mouth and was kissing her hungrily almost desperately. When he laid her down on the goose down bed, Ginny was trembling and she noticed that Harry was too.

She couldn't take it anymore. "Harry," she pleaded desperately, "take me."

He obeyed.

She laid with her head on her husbands sweaty chest. Husband…I can't believe it I'm actually lying here with my husband, I am Mrs. Harry Potter!

A smile spread across her face she had never been so happy and content. She had always heard that your first time was supposed to feel awkward but for her nothing had ever felt so right. As she traced the lines of his rib cage with her finger she looked forward to repeating that performance again and again for many years to come.

Harry turned over to face his wife. I am actually married to Ginny Weasley…no Ginny Potter. He too couldn't stop smiling as he pushed a lock of hair off of her damp forehead, he had wanted this for so long.

Ginny stopped smiling as she came to a realization. "Harry, how are we going to tell my family that we got married?"

Harry stopped smiling too, he hadn't really thought that far ahead. "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it." He started smiling again. "After all I defeated Voldemort your family isn't that much worse…right?"

He laughed at the skeptic look on her face. "Okay maybe your right." He kissed her forehead and pulled her close.

Harry's right I'll worry about it tomorrow and I'll just enjoy our time before we have to go home. As she drifted to sleep in his arms she had never felt so safe.

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