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Sesshomaru and Kikyou went down to the river. And out of the water came Inuyasha with Iyori in his arms.

"Inuyasha your alright." Kikyou said thankfully.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Iyori is alright too."

Kikyou held Iyori in her arms for the first time in weeks. It felt so good to have her daughter back, and her husband as well.

"We have to get you to a hospital, Iyori as well." Sesshomaru said.

Inuyasha knew Iyori especially needed a doctor. He knew very well she wouldn't have survived long in the water. Right now he didn't care about himself Iyori was most important right now. He stared at her Kikyou was right she was absolutely beautiful.

"Yea lets get Iyori to the hospital, I'll be fine."

Kikyou took another look at the water. She was now starting to wonder if Kagome was still alive. It could be possible, but then again she could have sunk to the bottom.

"Is she dead?" Kikyou questioned.

"I don't know."

Now was not the time to worry about her. Very soon Sesshomaru's jet came and flew them to the nearest hospital. Iyori's breathing was now very slow and hallow, hopefully they would be able to help her. Inuyasha sat there staring at his daughter, hoping that she would be okay. Especially since they just got her back.

"You know she really is beautiful." he told Kikyou.

"I know she looks just like you."

Once at the hospital Iyori was rushed in quickly. Inuyasha didn't find it necessary for him to be treated. He was fine but Kikyou persuaded him to get checked out. He was in that cold water for awhile, it was better to find out if he was alright for sure.

"Kikyou I have something for you." Sesshomaru said.

"What is it?"

"The adoption papers for that little girl. Everything is in order already."

She hugged him, thankful that he decided to help her. Thanks to him Kikyou would be able to adopt Yumiko legally sooner than she thought. That would mean that Iyori would have an older sister, and Yumiko would have a complete family.

"Thank you Sesshomaru, do you know when I can take her home."

"As soon as possible I hope."

Just as he thought Inuyasha was of course fine. He and Kikyou then went to see their daughter, thankfully she was still breathing. Doctors said it was because Inuyasha got to her in time, before any serious damage could be done.

"Soon we'll get to bring both our daughters home." Kikyou told him.

"Yea, I never really had a family. Well if you count Sesshomaru, but now I have two little girls. And the best wife in the world."

He then pulled her close and kissed her passionately. Soon both stopped when they heard the sound of giggling. There was Iyori who now was smiling at both her parents. Using her arms and trying to reach for them.

"Who does she want to go to?" Inuyasha asked.

"You hold her, you've spent less time with her than I did."

Inuyasha nodded and then carefully picked up Iyori. She was still very small, like she would break if he held her the wrong way. Which made him feel the urge to protect her from everything that was no good for her.

"Hello Iyori." he said to her.

She continued to smile at him. Pointing to the ears on his head, the must have caught her interest. They would of course be strange to a newborn.

Meanwhile down by the river was Kagome who managed to crawl out of the water. There she lay her body in so much pain, barely alive. Coughing up blood struggling to believe the events that happened.

"Why?" she thought.

Several days later Kikyou and Inuyasha prepared to leave Russia. Iyori was given a clean bill of health and was able to go back home. Kikyou opened the door to be surprised by a visitor. But how, this was impossible.

"Kagome?" Kikyou questioned in disbelief.

"Ki...kyou." she sounded out.

Kikyou could see that she was very hurt looking barely alive. She didn't know what to do at first. She couldn't just leave her there. She bent down and took her sister in her arms.

"Its going to be okay, I'll get you some help."

Inuyasha who was holding Iyori and some of their luggage looked surprised. He really believed that she was dead but here she was alive.

"Kikyou, what are you going to do?"

"I'm taking Kagome to get some help."

When they got back to Tokyo the first place she took her was the hospital. Once it became clear that she was alright. Kikyou had her sent to a mental institution in Kobe, she didn't go with her. She knew that she should have but there was something else she had to do.

Yumiko was being taken home today, and she of course wanted to introduce her to the family. All of them including Aunts Keade and Sango. And also Uncle Miroku, and Uncle Sesshomaru.

"What will I call you know Kikyou?" Yumiko asked.

"Call me whatever you desire. Just know that you can call me mom."

Yumiko nodded and then went over to play with her new baby sister. Kikyou couldn't help but smile at her knew extended family. But also in the back of her mind she wondered how Kagome was doing. It had been many months and she didn't visit her.

Keade went once but said that she didn't look to good. And that she didn't even recognize that anyone was in the room. Knowing that made Kikyou feel guilty, and she almost wanted to see her.

(Almost a year later, Kagome's birthday)

Today Kikyou decided to see her sister. She waited long enough, and it was also her birthday. She deserved at least one visitor. And there was only so much blame she could place on Kagome, no one knew she was really mentally ill.

"You sure you want to go?" Inuyasha asked.

"Yes, I need to do this. Just come pick me up later alright."

He nodded and left a kiss on her cheek. She stepped out of the car and reluctantly walked into the hospital. Sure the walls were bright and it looked cheerful. But the patients looked anything but cheerful. Many of them looked defeated and weak, this made Kikyou feel guilty about not seeing Kagome sooner.

"I'm looking for Kagome Miyazaki's room." Kikyou said.

"Down the hall, to your right. She never gets any visitors this should cheer her up. It is her birthday after all."

Kikyou understood that, it was why she was visiting her anyway. Because it was her birthday and it was the least she could do. She slowly approached her room and entered inside. There in a corner was Kagome her hair a mess, her eyes empty as she stared into space. She looked like she hadn't moved from that spot in days.

Kikyou saw a chair and sat in front of Kagome. She made no sudden movements to acknowledge that Kikyou was in the room. She stared her for a moment before saying something.

"Kagome?" she started.

She still didn't look up instead she was now twitching nervously. Poking her hand with her fingers, it was a sad sight to see.

"Kagome its me, Kikyou."

"Kikyou?" she questioned.

Kikyou nodded as Kagome looked up at her sister. Surprised to have a visitor, but even more surprised to see that it was Kikyou. Didn't she hate her, for all those terrible things she had done.

"Are you alright?"

"What are you doing... here?" Kagome asked.

"Happy birthday Kagome." Kikyou said quickly.

But judging by Kagome's expression it wasn't a very happy birthday at all. Not that Kikyou could blame her she was in a mental institution. It was possible that she would be there for the rest of her life. No one would let her out, not after everything she did.

"How is Iyori?" she said changing the subject.

"She's fine, much healthier than before."

"Thats good."

Then there was that silence again, but thinking of what to say. Kagome then stood up and went over to the wall. Looking at it almost as if she was looking out of a window.

"I...never... wanted to hurt Iyori. You know that right?"

"Yes I know. She's your niece why would you want to hurt her."

Then Kagome sat back down in her corner. Looking like she would cry, but was trying hard to fight back the tears. And also like she had something very important to say.



"I'm sorry for everything. For killing your mom, our brother. Stealing your baby, and also for trying to take Inuyasha away from you. I'm sorry, and I know you hate me... but I want to ask for your forgiveness?"

Kikyou was a little taken back by this sudden apology. It was obviously sincere because now she was crying hysterically. Kikyou then put her arms around her sister.

"You are forgiven. I can't blame you, it wasn't all your fault. But you'll get better I promise, and then we will see what happens."

Kagome returned the hug and continued to cry. She then reached into her pocket and took out needle fool of poison. It would kill whoever was injected with it. Kikyou backed up from the embrace to see the needle.

"Kagome what are you doing?"

"I'm sorry Kikyou."

Then Kagome took the needle and shoved it into her right arm. Kikyou watched as Kagome fell back onto the floor. She went over to her sister and picked up the needle.

"What was in this?"

"I'm not sure really. Poison I think, Kikyou I'm sorry. But I rather be dead..."

She paused again as the poison surged threw her body. Then Kikyou watched as she took her final breathes, and slowly died. Her brown eyes wide open and full of shock, Kikyou then let her go. There was nothing that she could do, and she couldn't save Kagome after all.

(3 Years later)

"Mommy, Daddy." the voice of two little girls echoed.

Iyori and Yumiko ran into their parents arms. Yumiko being the oldest was trying to run faster than Iyori. But she couldn't count Iyori out yet. She was her father's daughter after all.

"Hello children." Kikyou said.

"Can we go see Aunt Keade today?" Iyori asked.

"We'll see she's very busy these days."

Keade was studying to be a doctor. So it was hard for them to catch up with her. But that did not mean that they did not have something planned for them.

"Aww." Yumiko and Iyori said together.

"Your mother and I kind of already had something planned." Inuyasha told them.

The tow girls now had eager smiles on their faces. So down the block they walked together, laughing along the way. When they finally did stop they saw Miroku, Sango and there son Kenji. Of course he was a few months older than Iyori which made him feel special.

"Kenji." both girls said running over to their friend.

Inuyasha and Kikyou joined Miroku and Sango were they were seated. They had all gotten together and planned a little picnic for the kids. It was for their enjoyment, besides they had fun together. Kikyou watched as Iyori, Yumiko, and Kenji played together.

And they looked so happy, which made her feel good that she was able to do something for them. In the back of her mind she thought of many different things. Kagome and her death, and also how hopeless things looked before.

Inuyasha got his memory back, when at times it looked like he wouldn't. And now there marriage was stronger than ever. Iyori was born premature and she could have died on several occasions, but here she was alive and healthy. Doing all the things other children could do. And Yumiko went from having a mother who didn't want her, to loving parents and a sister.

Kikyou couldn't have asked for anything better. A family, friends, she was content with everything. And everything they went threw all those years ago, just made them stronger. She believed that they would get threw anything.

"Kikyou what are you thinking about?" Inuyasha asked her.

"A lot of different things, just thankful for the family we have."

He then put his arms around her and brought her closer. And there they sat watching their kids play together.

"Kikyou I want to thank you for never giving up on me. Even when it seemed that I was lost." he told her.

"Of course I love you, I would never willingly give up on you."

He turned her towards him and kissed her. She kissed him back, and both stopped when they realized they had an audience of children.

"Eww look at your parents kissing." Kenji said.

"Shut up Kenji." Iyori said.

"Yeah our parents are perfect for each other." Yumiko said.

"Yea what Yumiko said." Iyori agreed.

Then Inuyasha turned back to Kikyou with a warm smile on his face. Which she gladly returned with an equally warm smile.

"Kikyou you know that it was you that I would always return to." he said,

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