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War is a Cruel Thing

The funeral was tomorrow and Ronald Weasley was in hysterics. He didn't want to except the facts, his little sister could not be dead. She just couldn't, Ron was suppose to protect her, keep her away from the war, but he didn't he failed and his little sister's life was the consequence.

Ron paced back in forth in the Common Room, his eyes were read and his breath shaky. Harry and Hermione watched from a couch near by knowing full well that approaching him would cause another temper tantrum. Most of the other Gryffindors stood clear of the seething red-head, as they had been since the beginning of the Term.

Ginevra Weasley had been missing since the middle of that summer. At first many were under the impression she was just traveling from battle to battle, throwing herself head first into the War. But when a month passed and no one had heard from her, no one had seen her, people began to suspect her death. And now after missing for three months she was being announced to be dead, a casualty of war.

Ron had stuck with Harry and Hermione through out the summer, fighting beside them, giving his alliance to them rather than his own sister. For a few weeks even Molly Weasley blamed Ron, throwing the blame from one brother to the next, wanting an outlet for her pain.

By now Harry was surprised that Ron had not worn a hole through the Common Room floor, but he was fearful of interfering in his friends rhythm. Harry noticed how tense his friend's shoulders were, how his jaw was clenched shut. Ron had changed so much during the War, he had filled out his frame and grown taller, making Harry feel rather small around him. His arms and torso were littered with scars from various spells, Ron had turned into a fighter, a man who would fight till his death if need be, it was a frightening thought for Harry actually.

"Ron, please sit down." Hermione stood going to Ron's side. They had been dating for a year and she was the only person who could calm the red head down. Taking his hand gently, she whispered to him. Whatever she said, Harry noticed, soothed him and he took a seat next to Harry, pulling Hermione onto his lap. The entire Common room seemed to sigh in relief, and many began moving around more freely.

"It's still hard to except, Ginny was always a fighter, she cant be gone guys, she just…" Ron choked off burrowing into Hermione's neck. She stroked his hair gently and gave Harry a nod to leave, which he happily did, practically running out of the Common Room, wanting to sort out his own thoughts.

Harry could remember the last day he had seen Ginny. It was the Day of the first real battle of the war. They all were called from Headquarters, Deatheaters had attacked a small Wizarding community in the middle of the country, and a battle was erupting. Ginny had been the first their, first into battle. He could remember how fast the 5'5" girl had moved. Each of her movements seemed well calculated and perfect. She had been born to fight, and she was damn good at it.

Ginny was not one to hesitate and he knew that, but what frightened him was that she was using the Dark Arts, something he still refused to tell Ron, she was not only stopping the enemy, she was killing them. After that he had lost track of her through the battle until the noise died down, and the Order had won their first battle. Ginny stood, covered in blood in the middle of a field of bodies. Harry approached her, as she surveyed the damage.

"Ginny…" She spun so fast he almost fell backwards in shock.

"I want to say goodbye Harry, I'll be seeing you." She turned to leave but Harry grabbed her arm.

"Ginny, why? How did you… When did you learn…"

"Oh Harry," It came out in a saddened whisper. "You must learn to fight fire with fire, do you honestly think we will win if all we do is injure the enemy while they kill us." Then with surprising strength she yanked her arm out of Harry's grasp. "I will see you at Hogwarts Harry." After that she had apparated away, and no one had seen her since, there were rumors of course but none seemed to fit completely.

There were others missing as well, but Ginny's disappearance hit close to home for many. She was only sixteen, and caught up into a war that had swallowed so many whole. So many had died, taken from their loved ones within seconds. Yes, war is a cruel thing.