Its kind of short I know, but at least I updated right?

Ginny Weasley had been standing in the hot shower for almost an hour. She had warded the doors with all the spells she could think of to gain privacy to go over her thoughts. Her brother was no longer speaking to her, she knew it was going to happen but it still stung.

Harry on the other hand had taken to seeking her out. Before she had left they had been quite close especially when Ron and Hermione were having one of their moments. He had been going to her over his fears and worries and even some of his plans. As of late she had been using Harry as a way to rally support for her, Peter, Draco, and Blaise. It had accomplished very little and she was beginning to get very worried.

The Deatheaters were closer than Dumbledore could even imagine. For three weeks they had been scouting the camps set up through out the forest each night getting longer and longer. She was tired and classes were no longer a concern to her.

The door to her bathroom began to crack and she knew the boys were coming through her wards. Ginny turned the water off and wrapped her self in a towel just as the door disintegrated. Draco was in the front looking angrier than ever, Blaise looked worried and Peter looked amused.

"I was only taking a shower, no need to kill the door." Ginny walked past them into her room to get dressed. The boys stood in the door way dumb founded finally realizing that they had destroyed the door for no reason. "Are you gonna stand there and watch me get dressed or are you gonna be nice and leave."

"It would be quite the show…" Peter responded with a grin that widened with Draco's growl, who then proceeded to drag the other two boys out of the room.

Draco was angry with Ginny at the moment. He hated not being able to get to her, if there had been something wrong, he didn't really want to think about it. He plopped him self down in the nearest chair and glared at the wall. The long nights were wearing on everyone and it was time for a plan of attack. If they didn't delay the Deatheaters soon all hell was going to break loose.

Peter sat watching for Ginny to come out, the truth was he was worried about her. She was withdrawing from them and he was worried she was going to do something stupid. She was a very sly girl and he did not know were she would disappear to. With those thoughts Ginny emerged in black jeans and a black t-shirt. Her mask was in place and the pentagrams on her wrists were clearly visible.

"I have some things I need to take care of, I will meet you guys here for lunch."

"We'll go with you, you don't need to be wandering around here alone."

"I will be fine, this is something I need to do with out you guys for right now. If it goes well today I will tell you all about it, I promise." Draco growled at her which made her chuckle. She kissed his forehead walking out the door.

It was quite late so she blended in with the dark hallways quite well. After awhile she came to the door of Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, which she slipped through quite gracefully. Harry Potter stood looking uncomfortable and extremely jittering. He jumped quite high as Ginny placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Ginny, don't bloody sneak up on me like that!" Gin smiled apologetically.

"Well come on, open it up."

"Are you sure you'll be ok?"

"Harry I've seen so much worse in the past few months. I'll be fine, let's go." Ginny stood back as Harry hissed at the sink, which proceeded to reveal the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. Ginny stepped down first and Harry followed silently. At the bottom they stood with their wands lit, a flood of bad memories hitting them at once.

"We definitely need to clean this place up…." Harry half whispered.

"And map it, we need to know where every crevice is, make sure there is only one entrance and one exit." Ginny began walking forward, looking for the large dead snake that she knew was decomposing around here some where.

"It reeks down here."

"Well no duh Harry, there's only been a huge dead snake down here for a little over five years." They continued forward climbing over all the collapsed rocks until they reached the main chamber where Salazar Slytherin watched over them as well as the dead Basilisk.

"Gin, how do we get rid of the body?"

"We'll burn it, the smoke will kill all the fungus and algae down here. After everything has been killed we'll bring the other three down with us and we'll map all the pipes." Ginny looked around in wonder, it was going to take a long time to map all of this but it was a good plan and she knew it. She cast a spell that would burn the snake for four days, that should produce enough smoke to kill all the muck growing down here. "Lets get out here and seal this place."

Harry nodded and hurried them toward the exit where they levitated themselves up the pipe back into the bathroom. Harry saw that Myrtle was still stunned in the corner, it had been quite tricky finding a spell that would stun a ghost but eventually he had. He turned to face Ginny as she came up out of the pipe. He noted that her tattoos were glowing eerily but he wisely chose not to comment.

"In four days I'll meet you back here with Blaise, Peter, and Draco but you must not say a word to Hermione or Ron ok?" Harry nodded not liking it, but understanding that this was important for the good of the school.

"Gin will this really save them all?"

"I'm not here to save everyone Harry, I'm here to give them a fighting chance."