Okay, first off, the title is a little misleading XD; No, this is not a Digimon Tamers/Cats Don't Dance crossover, nor is it similar... I just picked that title 'cause it fit. ;

This is a romantic comedy I'm writing based on Digimon Tamers, five years after the whole season (All of them are 15). Once again, I'm bringing OCs in here - why? 'Cause I'm just a lame little fangirl like that XD;

School thing is a bit messed up, since I'm not Japanese and I honestly don't know how the curriculum is because I never payed attention in social science back when I was in middle school. XD

I'll try to avoid Mary-sues this time... but as always, in most of my fics, Jeri/Juri has moved away. Why? I don't like her character. oo; So yeah.

Told in Takato's POV, so yeah. Enjoy


Well now... it's been five years since all the drama happened. Five years. Wow. It feels like a long time.

Henry, Rika, and I have all been able to get our Digimon back, and keep them in secret as we did before, when it all started. Guilmon still stays in the park, but is all right with it. It's like everything just started over again, but it's all that much easier.

We're all in high school now. Rika transferred so now she's going to the same school as Henry and I. It's actually pretty fun. Kenta and Kazu dislike her being around, but they deal with it. We like her company, even if she bosses us around or teases us at times.

Henry and I are in most of the same classes together, and have gotten really close. We're like best friends. We tell each other almost everything - from secrets to feelings to girls, and everything in between.

After school, most of us just hang out together at the park, playing with Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon. It seems like they're the only digimon that were able to come back for some reason. None of the others were. Sometimes we'll study together while we're there, I'll sometimes bring bread from the bakery but otherwise we just fool around, being us.

Although lots of things are different, they're really not. We're living normal lives... well, as normal as they can get with us. We're just regular teenagers now with regular teenage problems.

So no wonder my biggest problem as of now is, well... my biggest.

A dance is coming up. I don't know what to do about it. I really want to ask someone. The thing is, I don't know if I could ask her. I don't have the guts. I really like her now... she's the object of my affection right now. But I'm too scared to ask her.

Why? Well, the person I want to ask is...

Rika Nonaka.


Eeh. oo; This is just kind of a little thing of his thoughts, so no wonder it isn't that fancy. Wait for the next one, it'll be longer.