It's been ten years, and Beast Boy and Raven are officially together and nothing could tear them apart. Except when a mad man from 100 years into the future decides to take revenge on the Titans by torturing them in the most unthinkable way. And how would Beast Boy react when Raven visions him dying in her arms? How would Raven take it? Please read and review to find out! MAJOR BBxR

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Chapter 1: Gotta Go Back In Time

The year was 2115 in Jump City . It was a dark cold night; the snow glistened through out the midnight air as it fell over the large metal business buildings. Every thing was quiet, nothing but the whistling of the cold wind could be heard as civilians slept the night away.

Until, a sudden explosion formed on the west side of the city. The explosion shook the town to where lights started flickering on awakening citizens of all sorts. The explosion must have come from those secret laboratories that were stationed there. Several small buildings topped with smoke pillars that breathed out deadly chemical gases each day covered the small spot of land that the city government set aside for scientific purposes. But all the laboratory buildings seemed undisturbed; it seemed that the explosion did not come from here after all. Except one very small laboratory stood out among the forest of smoke pillars, this is where the explosion had come from. This building was hard to believe that it could hold such advanced technology to create that kind of power.

This small laboratory belonged to a minor tech company called "HGX Inc." The lab seemed to be smoldering lightened smoke and ash from its single smoke pillar that sat firmly on the roof top. Something big was happening within, as lights from within the building were flickering on and off and off and on. No one knew what HGX Inc. invented, produced, or how it gets its funding; let alone what the name stood for.

Inside, there was an office on the end of a long metal hallway with half windows letting in little moonlight. This light was the only source of light in that hallway. A scientist could easily trip through here just trying to reach the office door. But one scientist logically enough had made it through and the office door opened.

"Sir, it is almost complete, we shall begin the first phase of testing," said the scientist. He walked into a wooden office instead of a metal one like the hallway. Many dimmed lights surrounded the room as a young man stood looking out into the city from behind a curtained window. He was slim with slicked back hair, and he wore a dark navy business suit. Not looking away from the view of the night outside, he spoke.

"Excellent, proceed, I shall join you shortly," said the young man.

"Yes, Dr. Garvitz," nodded the scientist. He turned to leave to do as told, but the office door opened again and another man came through. This man was short, wore glasses, and wore a black business suit. He was quite old for his height, but kept a neutral face, "Once testing is complete, we will move to the next level and I shall take back what is rightfully mine,"

The short man moved closer to the middle of the room. The young man known as Dr. Garvitz didn't acknowledge him; in fact, he didn't keep his eyes off of the night sky outside the window. This was until the short man got his attention with his façade cough. Dr. Garvitz turned.

"Ah, Mr. Maxell, good night, yes?" he cooed. Mr. Maxell stood still as his cold voice shivered down his spine, but he still kept his neutral face.

"Yes, sir, it is," he said.

"How is the flux capacitor working?" asked Dr. Garvitz.

"It is fluxing, sir," said Mr. Maxell. Dr. Garvitz smirked at his attempted humor.

"I would expect that from our Chief Experimentalist," said Dr. Garvitz.

"Yes, sir, but we would be able to do more with it and be able to travel through time without the risk of aging if we only had the clock of eternity your father had promised us ten years ago," said Mr. Maxell.

"Don't you think I am already aware of this situation?" growled Dr. Garvitz turning his head with a jerk.

"Forgive me, sir, I know how sensitive the subject is," Mr. Maxell took a step back. Dr. Garvitz walked behind his desk and sat down in his office chair facing away from Mr. Maxell.

"You are forgiven, Mr. Maxell. I should blame my father for not returning, and running this company into the grounds, but I should also respect him in the matter of starting this company. After all, it was him who failed in his mission and left the Warp suit out in the open for my great grandfather to discover it in his museum," he said drumming his finger tips.

"Sir? How did you figure--?"

"I've been doing quite a bit of research," said Dr. Garvitz turning the desk lamp on to reveal a series of newspaper clippings of pictures and articles, not to mention, history archives and encyclopedia's and more snapshots from the old broken down newspaper facility near by cluttered his desk, "I do have to choose a date to travel to, once the new and improved Warp suit is ready for use, I'll finally take back the clock of eternity and will have complete control over the space time continuum."

Mr. Maxell pondered on his words. He admired Dr. Garvitz for his commitment and dedication, but he feared he would be "over cocky" in himself. He started questioning his plan.

"Are you sure this will succeed as planned, doctor?" asked Mr. Maxell. Dr. Garvitz felt like he was being mocked.

"Do not question me, Mr. Maxell, I know perfectly well what I am doing," he said, "I have done nothing but committed my life to following my family's footsteps in this research for time travel," he turned only halfway in his chair to only slightly face Mr. Maxell, "ever since that day my father time traveled back a hundred and ten years to find the missing clock of eternity, never returned and drove this company to the ground, I've done nothing but try to find the answer to time travel and put this so called "cooperation" back on top." Mr. Maxell stayed silent, "and nothing is going to stand in my way. So, I will travel back in time and retrieve the clock, and everything will go according to plan," there was a deadly silence in the air.

"Sir, what date did you confirm?" asked Mr. Maxell still holding his neutral expression but held an interest in this conversation.

"As I have said before, I had to do a bit of research, and you very well know what the cause of my father's failure in his mission was, do you not?" cooed Dr. Garvitz. Mr. Maxell thought of the situation. He wasn't sure.

"No, sir, not at all," Dr. Garvitz's lips curled into a thin smile. He turned completely to face his desk of piled research. The desk lamp revealed more of his face. He had a thin beard running down from the bottom tip of his lip down to the tip of his chin. He had dark cold eyes. He reached down to one of the newspaper clippings and pulled out a snapshot. He turned it around to show Mr. Maxell as he moved in closer to get a better look.

It was a picture of what look like five teenagers, three boys, two girls. The masked boy with spiked black hair stood in front holding a villain by his collar, another one could be confused with an android, for his whole body and half of his face was metallic armor, he stood in the back and flashed up a thumb and a smile at the picture. The last boy wasn't like the others; he had green skin with jade short hair. He stood next to the human android smiling widely for the camera. Next to him, was a pale girl, who wore a dark blue cloak and had her hood up, she kept a neutral face in the picture, but you could see a smile behind the shadow of her hood as she looked on. And last was a tall girl, who didn't seem to be from this world. She had long red hair, tall, and very perky as she smiled and waved. Dr. Garvitz slid the picture back into a file folder.

"The Teen Titans," he frowned as he said, "are the reason for my father's failure in his mission,"

Mr. Maxell suddenly realized what all the newspaper clippings and encyclopedias were all about. Every single picture had one or all the Titans in each frame with a written article beneath.

"I have chosen to travel back a hundred years into the past, to the year 2015," he said, "ten years after my father's last encounter, I'm going to the past not only take back the clock of eternity, but to take revenge on the Teen Titans for their interference,"

This is the "over-cocky" side of Dr. Garvitz coming out, that Mr. Maxell started to fear.

"But, sir is it…necessary?" Mr. Maxell asked with curiosity.

"Why, yes, it is, Mr. Maxell," said Dr. Garvitz with a sudden annoyance in his voice, "it is absolutely necessary, for the Titans will not interfere again in the future,"

Mr. Maxell nodded in return. He returned his attention back at the heavily piled research on the desk, and something struck his mind.

"Sir? Forgive my curiosity, but why ten years? Why can you not go back directly after your father's disappearance? What does a ten year difference do with the plan?" he asked. Dr. Garvitz smirked.

"It makes all the difference, Mr. Maxell, because it is in this era that they are the most weak, this is the era where I will be able to hit them so hard they will not be able to mend themselves back together," he said. He took out an old newspaper from one of the file envelopes and looked down at it the picture and article.

"How so, sir?" said Mr. Maxell. Dr. Garvitz studied the paper thoroughly, it seemed like he was reading some of the article. An evil smile slipped across his face. He once or twice would chuckle. Mr. Maxell was wondering what he was thinking, he began to fear his thinking, he was having second thoughts on his question. But Dr. Garvitz looked up at him and smiled widely.

"In this era, four of the Titans have been spoken for," he said in a soft, calm, and confident voice. He suddenly slapped the newspaper down in front of Mr. Maxell. It was a news article that made the front page of the paper.

The title simply stated "The Titan Tower of Love" in bold letters across the top. Underneath there were two major photographs along with a long article. One photograph had two Titans in it, the one they called "Starfire" and the other "Robin." Starfire was in a long white gown, while Robin was in a black tuxedo. Both were holding each other very tightly staring deep into one another's eyes smiling as the shot was taken.

Further down the article was the second photograph. This one also had two of the other Titans in it, the one's they call "Beast Boy" and "Raven." Beast Boy was also in a tuxedo like Robin, while Raven was in a white dress rather than a big white gown like Starfire's.Beast Boy was holding Raven's left hand close tothemand both held each other closely as they leaned ontoone another as if they were dependant on each other. They were looking down at her wedding band that wrapped around her finger and both smiled when the shot was taken.

Mr. Maxell still did not understand what Dr. Garvitz was coming from. What did these four Titans being married have to do with getting revenge on them? Wouldn't it just be easier to back in time and just destroy them all at once? Especially with their advanced future technology, would it not be more simple?

"Sir, forgive me, but what do these two couples being married have to do with getting revenge on the Titans? Would it not be simpler to travel back in time and destroy them all in one single blow?" he asked hoping he would not start anything. Too late, Dr. Garvitz's expression changed completely from confident to annoyance and anger. He stood up from his office chair.

"Fool!" he shouted, "Do you not see it? I want the Titans to suffer! And what could be a better way of torture than to destroy the one they cherished the most and let their broken hearts eat their insides until there is nothing left of them?"

Mr. Maxell looked on and continued to listen.

"This is how I want to attack; this is how I want revenge. And with the Titans completely out of the picture, I will finally be able to retrieve the clock of eternity and I will finally have total control over the space time continuum,"

Mr. Maxell smiled at his plan. Even though it seemed too easy, but he decided not to press on. Suddenly, the office door swung open revealing a rather rounded scientist, who was bald and wore thick glasses. Dr. Garvitz and Mr. Maxell noticed him immediately.

"Dr. Garvitz, the tests were all a complete success, we can now proceed to suit you up for your first flight through time," he said opening the door inviting the gentlemen to exit the room.

"Wonderful, we shall go then, Prof. Beck," said Dr. Garvitz as he passed Mr. Maxell and left out into the cold hallway. Mr. Maxell followed and Prof. Beck shut the door behind him.

They headed down the long dark hallway. All was silent; nothing could be heard except for the quiet tapping of leather shoes slowly walking down the tiled floor. A few windows on one side of the hallway was the only source of light. They reached the other end in front of a large steel door. Professor Beck pressed a few coded numbers on the key pad next to the door. The sound of beeping buttons and a sudden hiss from the air pressure being released from the sides echoed through the hall.

Through the steel was a massive technology lab, full of inventors, mechanics, and scientists studying, building, or inventing new and improved machinery that hasn't been seen by the public yet. The three gentlemen walked across the steel balcony that overlooked the whole lab. Scientists and others acknowledged Dr. Garvitz with good luck as they all knew where he was headed.

They reached the other side in front of another steel door, the only difference was they key pad was much more complex and the door had a metal plate screwed to the door that read "TOP SECRET" in bright bold red letters. This time, Dr. Garvitz passed the key code and the door slowly opened relieving some locked up air pressure. They stepped inside and the door closed again. Inside the room was nothing but a clear cylinder chamber that seemed to contain some sort of armored suit.

"And you have tested all its new defense systems?" asked Dr. Garvitz not turning to acknowledge the others.

"Yes, sir, all defenses are working as designed," said Prof. Beck.

"And the regulator?"

"Set to the date as ordered,"

"What of the new thermo blasters?"

"We have modified the two blasters on the shoulder blades of the Warp suit in which you have complete control of their destruction. First level being as weak as a simple fire of a pistol; the last level can be as destructive as a nuclear explosion,"

"Excellent," smiled Dr. Garvitz, "let us begin,"

The lights flickered on; the suit of armor was revealed. The suit was a shiny metal chrome. The aerodynamic design of the suit was clean and smooth. A round circular dial was placed in the chest area of the suit. Around the rim of the dial had small numbers dating every five years from the past, present, and future. But that's not all the suit had; on the shoulder blades two chrome blasters gleamed in the florescent lights. Wires were coming in and out through the suit giving off an electric discharge as the clear chamber split open.

One of the scientists that were in the secret lab to begin with headed towards the computer and the wires that connected the suit disconnected. Dr. Garvitz had left the room earlier, and returned not in his blue business attire but in a black jump suit. He walked up on to the platform to the suit of chrome armor and two assisting scientists followed behind him. They took the chest armor and snapped it across his torso. They placed a pair of chromed boots in front of him and he slipped his bony feet inside. One of the scientists handed him the spherical chrome helmet. Dr. Garvitz placed it firmly around his head. He slipped on the utility gloves and the scientists backed away as he stepped back into the chamber.

"Are you sure that this new Warp suit is ready for use?" asked Mr. Maxell. Prof. Beck turned around to answer.

"The test experiment analysis confirmed it so, we are confident it will work as planned," the chamber began to close and sealing Dr. Garvitz inside.

"What about the nuclear reaction from the sudden pull from the worm hole when he opens it?"

"The new designed chrome exterior gives the protection he needs to travel through time without getting the side effect of radiation. Plus, the regulator would help regulate the sudden pull when he opens the worm hole," said Prof. Beck. He turned around back to Dr. Garvitz giving him a nod of confirmation saying that everything is ready. Dr. Garvitz returned the nod and twisted the regulator and pressed it firmly in the middle.

The regulator began to glow first, then suit turned into a bright white light, soon the light engulfed the entire laboratory. Another loud explosion echoed through out the lab and into the night. All the scientists and Mr. Maxell shielded their eyes as the light flashed once more and suddenly faded. They all looked up at the chamber to find the young Dr. Garvitz had disappeared from the chamber.

"Well? Did it work?" asked Mr. Maxell. Prof. Beck went over to the computer and started scanning for disconnections or any other problems.

"The nuclear energy has been dispersed; it's all up to him. He's now in the past,"

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